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This is by far, one of the best and easiest ways to ensure connectivity amongst the computers on the network. But a network infrastructure and at least one file server are required, making this a no-go for a small team or mobile workers. Install both applications and reboot the node. I found it to be consistent, stable and had no trouble with files of varying sizes. Yet I cannot say I've had the same amount of luck in As of this writing, there is a patch available that is supposed to offer better compatibility with Lion and Mountain Lion installations, although, I have yet to try it out myself.

I will post a follow-up in the comments section, hopefully within the next few days after having installed the patch to determine its performance. However, it goes without saying, try this on a non-production system first to see if it suits your needs. This paid version offers full-support for Also included with your paid license is professional support directly from the company itself and its hosted user support forums. Tuxera NTFS is a full-fledged application that does not rely on add-on functionality or patches such as its free open source cousin above.

All this comes at a cost in the form of a per-computer licensing scheme, though volume-licensing discounts are provided depending on the quantity being purchased.

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Paragon Software offers a similar commercial offering as it offers support for Professional support is also included in the cost of the purchase of a per-computer license, though the entry-level cost is slightly lower than Tuxera's app. The beauty of all these choices is that they can be mixed and matched to provide the best solution for any given scenario in your environment.

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Taking into account that you probably have a lot of friends with NTFS volumes, who can visit you and bring you something interesting there, you actually have no choice except as try to make NTFS working. But first, in case you want to make your own research, or you are looking for a solution that just works out of the box, and you are ready to pay for it, you can give a try to Paragon NTFS for Max OS X 9. Just install and get everything ready: both read and write modes, auto-mount, and also NTFS formatting in Disk Utility, disk checking, etc.

This free solution requires some efforts. Not so much, of course.

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Well, if you are going to make your own research, it can be lots of efforts, since the situation with NTFS-3G is not very clear now. But if you are just about a ready, copy-n-install solution, it will be easy, and requires only these two or three steps:. I also tried to install later version from MacPorts, but it does not work too: mounts something that stills unreadable.

NTFS-free for Mac OS X 10.8

Now, when you have installed two binary packages, you can restart Mac OS X and try to attach the drive. It should work. This is not a big problem, because everything works fine. Only annoying message box is a problem. So the third, optional step is to address this issue. And voila! And Unix-based system is a big problem when they work as desktop OS earlier I thought that on Linux-based system because of community-driven and crowd-based development concept.

This solution has some problems too.

Read / Write NTFS External Hard Disk In Mac Mountain Lion - Super User

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NTFS Write support on OS X 10.8.4 Mountain Lion

Troubleshooting information in case MacOS Please follow this procedure to correct the problem: Open Finder. Open Applications. Select System Preferences. Under the General tab, you will see a heading that says Allow applications downloaded from.