Convert powerpoint to video with animations mac

PowerPoint for Mac has added some new features, one of which enables users to save PowerPoint as Movie directly.

Requirements for saving in a video format

In the past, the presentation can only be viewed on the same PowerPoint version due to the incompatibility between different PowerPoint versions and operating systems. Now, by saving PowerPoint as movie, you can view PowerPoint presentation anywhere as you want.

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Step 2: In the pop up window, type in the file name and select a destination folder for the output movie. If the animation effects are indispensable in your movie, check out Moyea PPT to Video Converter , which can convert PowerPoint to various video formats with all PowerPoint effects, and choose QuickTime movie as output video format.

Office 2008 for Mac For Dummies

The only problem is that the converter works on Windows operating system. You can batch convert PowerPoint to movie using this converter and video parameters can be edited to guarantee best quality, like Codec, Bit Rate, Video Size, Frame Rate, etc.

Powerful but easy to use, in 3 steps you can convert PowerPoint to QuickTime movie. But I can't find any video formats in the Export menu.

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Anirudh M Anirudh M 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. I believe patrix has the answer. Looking at the "About Powerpoint" window, mine says Version Disabling and Enabling the license helped me link the License properly. Works fine now. Upvoted the answer - I was aware that the O version was slightly different than the version, but I didn't know that a simple tweak of a plist would be the factor.

How to Save a PowerPoint as a Video? (Step by step guide for all ppt versions and mac)

Great work! I'm adding this to my notes for future reference! Thank you guys!

Answering your own question is not only allowed, but explicitly encouraged. Yes, I do have a Office subscription: i. This issue is so weird. What a weird thing to lock behind a subscription. For anyone who doesn't have Office , consider just using Quicktime Player to record the screen.

Top 7 Methods to Convert Powerpoint to Video on Mac

Not quite as painless, but still a fairly quick process vs buying a subscription. Yes, that's a better option.

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