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Go figure. Would be happy to! What brushes do you currently have? Great review! Definitely go full size or none at all! Fabulous review!!

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I have a travel set too and the quaility is quite disappointing. I regretted it the instant I bought it. Can you try and return it? Jess said she was able to return product even though she had already used it, maybe the same can be said for products like brushes? I would give it a go if you can, because yep! Good luck! I have my money ready to go out and buy the eye brushes set tomorrow. Well, that adv. But yours is def more detailed n helpful! The only good thing about this set was the lovely zipper bag with animal print and SE..

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But I still didnt check the original one so I used more the for finer lines. Thanks for sharing! Wow thank YOU for sharing! Oh wow, I am so so glad I found your review! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Overall Travel size brushes are not the same in quality as the Full Sized Brushes.

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Fibre used for travel size brushes are generally rougher, and not as soft as Full Sized. Not worth it! Like this: Like Loading The difference about the top is the text, the fake ones are a lot thicker.

FAKE MAC 187 Stippling brush!

Also around the black plastic inside there is a line, quite obv line. Theyre fake. Also the plastic is not good quality. The sticker is darker, black even, and the text is lighter than the real one. You could say its white. The Name of the eyeshadow should match the name on the box, also watch out for people who rip the sticker off, because sometimes they glue the bottom bit that opens.

And then you could think that the item is real but used. Also the names on the fakes are usually Prismique and the finish is Lustre, though that doesnt even exist. The real one should have the name and finish. Sometimes they have a print and the most likely print is this one, with the 'barbie' head. This was taken from the barbie collection When open its even more obv its fake. The black plastic part around the blusher is tilting upwards when the real one goes down. The plastic can be very shiny tooSometimes you may find that the blusher lifts up to reveal a brush and mirror.

The back of the blusher will have a sticker though it will be a lot darker than an authentic one and the text will be a lot brighter. Normally the text says Powder Blush then thats fake. It should have the name of the blusher that matches the name on the box.

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They arent easy to tell if their fake because the real pigments dont have much detail to copy from. Though sometimes you can tell, The thickness of the plastic, it is thicker all the way round And the text is thicker Some sellers do some work and name every pigment On the website it might be that exact name thats real, match the colour but really its all just a show and the item isnt real. ALSO what you must remember is size!!! Sometimes it might be authentic! But at the price theyre selling it, it might only be a sample size of the pigment!

The fake pigments wont have the name on the bottom it will have a number, also the lid isnt flat inside, its very strange, its like a lid with a small hole that opens. Dark pinks, Dark reds, browns etc. Dark colours, and you can tell theyre fake cause the shape of the lipstick is different.

Real mac lipsticks have a more rounded lipstick, same for the packaging. The Plastic is shaped different.

Pics of : How To Tell Fake Mac Makeup Brushes

Real ones have a round pointyish top. Also the text is faaar too large and is thicker. Dont suddenly believe the seller if they say its authentic, cause they'd would say anything to sell their items. These were claimed to be authentic: But theyre soo not authentic. Look at the bottom, there are closed packages and the mac sign is right in the middle, theyre fake cause mac dont do them. Also again the shape of the packaging is not round enough. For the lipsticks themselves another thing you need to look at is the quality, Look at the lipsticks around the number You can see the streaks in them, thats fake.

I hope that helped!!! Here are some other images of fake makeup!! Nars is becoming more and more popular!! I hope this helped!! Some of these pics are very familiar to me, many have been posted here before and the brushes I'm pretty sure belong to Risser please correct me if I'm wrong!

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This is so helpful. Especially NARS. I have a question about the 5th picture. I thought MAc eyeshadows are 1. The authentic one is showing 1. Thank you so much.