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Many thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas or hints on this.

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I believe it should just work the same with non Playstation branded controllers. I've actually tried this and other procedures with 2 different ps3 controllers and neither of them pair. One of them causes the popup to enter the other does not.

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Does this still work for you on Yosemite No joy for me either on The controller shows in the Bluetooth menu bar dropdown, it's bolded and has a child menu with one option: "Disconnect". That would lead one to think it's paired, but it's not. It's not discoverable through the Bluetooth Settings panel. On After step 3, I turn the controller on. No need to manually scan, as the device is already paired. There is no prompt to connect. No access code. The controller works right away in Steam. Its show as connected in menu bar, but controller red lights never stop to flash and the controller doesn't work.

Seems like it fails to work since OS X I didn't have time to look into it yet sorry. If anyone has a solution please share and I'll edit my post! I have the same experience as john-kurkowski - after following these exact instructions the controller is paired automatically with no codes.

Doesn't even appear in the Bluetooth list but works in games. OS X Yosemite Confirmed that the PS3 controller works both wirelessly via BT bluetooth and wired. As reported above for Follow all the steps, the control is paired in Yosemite. When connected by cable, appears on OpenEmu but no buttons respond. When using Bluetooth, even if connected to the drop-down menu it does not even appear in OpenEmu.

Someone went through it and managed to solve? Just trying this now on I'm using the controller to play games via OpenEmu. When that app closes, for some reason it stops the lights from blinking. So now whenever I pair the controller, I just open and then close OpenEmu and the blinking lights go away.

For this to work, the controller must be powered on and connected via bluetooth to your Mac before you open OpenEmu, and the controller must have been previously configured to be used in OpenEmu's control options. Will report back if this technique works or not. Echoing multiple controller problems, for some strange reason I'm able to have 4 paired in the Bluetooth list but only 2 of them connected at one time. At one point I swear I had 3 connected but I think it was a fluke. Hey yo.

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Just thought I'd pop this in here, because I had a lot of trouble with this, but it is now solved. Even updated to Sierra. No joy. However, the original control I bought was not an authentic Sony Control, which came with a USB cord, and it was only when I swapped that cord on a whim, is that it worked in but a second. Might be unique to my situation, but I tried everything else. May help.

It looks like nobody talks about rumble issue. I can get my PS3 controller used in Sierra I got something! I did so many things in my High Sierra Macbook Pro that is difficult to say why is working. The bad imitation won't even apear on the bluetooth list, it's virtually impossible to connect. The good imitation can be used. It will connect but will blink all the time and the bt will say is not connected, but I can play Alien Isolation! However, I have to keep it wired or it will turn off automatically.

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Maybe with some third-part software will work properly. Also, I must say the bluetooth control of macOS High Sierra is the same crap of all predecessors systems. All I had to do was plug it in to give it some power. Unplug it.

How To Connect RockCandy Controller To PS3

Turn on bluetooth, and it connected by itself. I had it working through usb already. When I started up steam, and hit the PS button, steam would switch into full screen mode. I figured more simplified steps on how to do this. I have two wireless NES30 game controllers. I am able to link both of them via bluetooth, and they worked correctly with OpenEmu. Now when I try and edit the controllers in OpenEmu they malfunction during my edit and erase all of the functions.

Any trouble shooting for this? I have the same problem related above. When I try to edit the controllers, the left side control on SNES controller doesn't work and I can't configure correctly. I've tried everything that I've seen listed on multiple threads, but I can't seem to get my PS3 controller to work properly with OpenEmu. I have 2 controllers.

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They both work fine with Steam. When I try to connect them to OpenEmu, it will recognize them and allow me to select either the wired connection or the bluetooth. However, the only button that works is the home button for the config setup. And this happens for both of my controllers. Any idea why this would happen or any ideas on how to fix it?

It's bizarre that it works fine on Steam but not OpenEmu. Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 1 Stars Forks Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP.