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Seems that the preservation is better in Microsoft PowerPoint or Every one can easily becomes experts without the help document. Hope they can improve the compatibility in the future. I recommend it. Will review that later. Error: Please make sure the Twitter account is public. Northbee is still young. Northbee World.

You can drag and drop your PDF document into the program interface or you can click on the "Add" button to browse for and upload your PDF file. The PDF file will be displayed in the program, along with its file size and number of pages. On the right side of the PDF file click on the "Format" button to select an output format. Choose "PowerPoint Presentation. Next, specify the page range to convert.

You can now click on "Convert" to begin the conversion process. Skip and Download Skip and Download. If it doesn't, please click Skip and Download Skip and Download. Start your free trial! Try PDFelement Free. By clicking the button, I agree to the privacy policy and to hear about offers or services. Skip and Download. Many people are aware that the best tool for creating presentations is PowerPoint. I must make from the beginning if any change of document. This is a powerful tool that will save time and money. I am an Educator and aim to use the software for my teaching and planning.

Life would be much easier :- - Atif Hussain , Cairo, Egypt. I will take my notes more easily during the lectures when I can write directly into their handouts - yeahhhh PDF to Word As the PDF is the universal file type for easy transfer of documents to any machine. If u have a converter then it makes it easier to edit the PPT on another machine later.

I like the feature of being able to convert just the pages requiring editing. It will be great to be able to move around and animate items within a PDF file so they present at the time I need them rather than all as one page. A brilliant resource - I should have had it years ago and saved years off my life cropping, partial deleting, and covering sections with blank boxes. Convert docs for my non-profit - want to generate some cool presentations on healing for folks who are struggling with diseases - I want to try and encourage people with docs I have collected on healing.

I want to convert PDF documents into power point format. I have not used this software till now but i am really looking forward to use it. I would use it for class presentations to my high school students. The editing potential is an excellent feature to ensure understanding at local level of complex information! I am a pastor at a small church Some of the materials i have are already in that format which greatly takes time to transfer one line at a time.

To some extent, the presentation will be converted back to PDF which will come in very useful in packaging the presentation. To convert larger graphic based PDF's to power point presentation without altering it's structure. Also, I like the features like 3 methods of batch processing, text,graphic conversion tool etc - S. Rajagopalan , Kolkata, India. I would like to convert them to PowerPoint for presentations. Thank you and best regards.

I like the preservation of hyperlinks. I am a part-time teacher without a full-time job. I need all the help I can get since I get no departmental support for curricular development. I've acquired many PDF sources of info to use in training and most needs to be retyped into PowerPoint.

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I use PowerPoint for everything. One problem with the software is that you are unable to lock down the presentations for changes. I'm a research nurse and as such I deal with lots of PSF files such as researches, images and graphs. In preparation of presentations for medical conventions, I frequently need to show excerpts from the professional literature, and copying an image from the published PDF comes out unclear.

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I also need to be able to edit in order to emphasize a particular phrase. Preserving the original layout is essential to showing that the original published manuscript is being used. My the courseware my teachers sent me is in PDF, but I wanna quote some of the slides for my own presentations. The feature I like most about this application is that it supports batch conversion which saves me lots of trouble to wait for the task ahead to finish and start a new one. Creating presentations and graphs.

We create editable PPT presentation. I am involved in environmental training for elected officials. I have training programs that I converted to PDF files and I'd like to edit to update the training programs. I don't have the original files, they were lost when my computer got a virus and my hard drive was reformatted. The ability to convert these PDF files back into a document that I can manipulate would be heaven sent for me.

I put so much work into them and I realize how much time it would take for me to start over and re-create the presentation. The time and labor that this would save is phenomenal. Amazing opportunity to convert a PDF file into a PowerPoint presentation without re-inventing the wheel again! AND still have the security of passwords. Love the technology and extra freed up time!

For teaching purposes many researches and text books are available in PDF format which is not suitable for presentations this software will make life easier - Ghada , Alexandria, Egypt. Finally a 5-in-1 PDF utility. No more mix ups with different app's! And I'm a fan of Indezine! As a public speaker, it would save alot of precious time to type and prepare PowerPoint presentations.

If this software is capable of saving time in the conversion, it will be awesome. I am a student who does lot of presentations in the college. I have to do a lot of unique presentations for which this will be of a great help to me feature: guys common, the whole idea is exciting - Ashwin , Chennai, India.

Plan to convert many of my original files to PowerPoint version and distribute! The best part is I can make my presentations dynamic by being able to add flash or gif content to the PPT's. To take a pleasure to look in PowrPoint Show. I am a Scout Leader and train many new Leaders annually. Utilizing new technology will enable me to train these volunteers better and they in turn will be better equipped to train youth members to become better citizens. Your new technology will promote new citizenship skills.

To make PowerPoint presentations for students and staff members. The fact that it is reliable and trustworthy is its best feature. I do a lot of leadership training seminars for young leaders from Austria and Eastern Europe. I like to include articles, quotes, and statistics in my presentations from time to time.

This tool looks to be ideal for building these items right into my presentations. To trasform PDF presentations you find on the web and easily transform them and re adapt. I will use it for presentations related to tourism. I use a lot of data in tables and graphs. I have made many presentations in past and they are with me in PDF format. There is no good software currently available with me which can help me convert those PDFs into editable PPTs, so that I can continue my previous work.

The feature that I like the most is that it produces editable and dynamic PPT presentations with several clicks not just PPT presentations with each slide as a picture. I want to use the software for developing Power Point Presentations for charity! We want to help the unfortunate humans in the cordilleras to become a better life and medical supply - Arthur , Baguio City, Philippines. As a trainee educator, there are numerous resources, individuals have placed freely on internet for teaching purposes, that are currnetly not accessable in PowerPoint form. Any copyright or references to reproduced material is always acknowledged.

In my line of study and work I have often need to use PDF content in a more accessible and friendly manner in order to convey to my students the meaning, the message. Copying line by line the content and then making it an attractive and clear PPT is not always an easy task. Thus, this software will make my work much easier and for my students much more attractive. I hope to win one of these 30 copies and I am convinced that I will put it to a good use. Thank you. So in presentation situations I can introduce documents, excerpts etc into the presentation where in the past it was difficult and time consuming to get PDF information onto PowerPoint slides.

I change many PDFs to PowerPoints for my lessons and those are always filled with diagrams and graphs so maintaining the original layout is very important - Diana , Singapore, Singapore. So i ll use this Any Biz soft PDF to Power Point Converter to convert the slides through which i am teaching to the students and send them for their prepration of the exams.

So i think i need the most of this software. I am working in education , using a new interactiv method : developed by Fun Science Spain. Durin the activities with gimnasiums we use diferent presentations also and the most useful and with the biggest impact are the PPT formats. So , if y win the free package y will use it in that purpose - Angela Ionescu , Timisoara, Romania. I will us it to convert the PDF's i recieve to create presentations to my team, for my friends and to share the files with others. The most annoying thing i find is when i am send a PDF and cannot do anythign with it, screen printing just does not cut the mustard.

This will help me present a mountain of information I already have stored as PDF! I have lot of presentation activities. The PDF from the net can be used in the power point using the tool.

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Becasue this is wonderful product and save time in convertion. I got to see this first.. I am damn excited about this new thing. Converting documents into slides to then adapt my slides mainly for health and safety i. The easiness will enhance the quality of my education. It's juicy and easy to use.

Transforms all my documents to presentations - the best way to save time and patience. Excellent, economical and easy to use software which will save lot of time in making presentation using PDF information. I can also save the slide designs that are already in the PDF file. Rosa Laguna, Philippines. I think the software is awesome and will help me to do my daily task Since so much is in PDF nowdays, any shortcut method of transferring to and ediiting in power point is brillent. Perhaps one feature over another will appeal to different people yet I just love the whole lot.

Having the product endorsed by Indezine who knows all there is about power point is the deal breaker over any other product out there - and gawd knows there are a few. In my office - which is an educational resource centre - Geetha , Bangalore, India. Another tool in the arsenal, PowerPoint on it's own is clunky and bloaty but adding lot's of plug in's makes it a real treat and give you the wherewithall for stunning and creative PowerPoints.

I will use for my presentations in college where sometimes i need info from a certain a PDF but of course when i print screen to put it in my PowerPoint the resolution sucks!! The Feature that I Like the most in AnyBizSoft PDF to PowerPoint Converter is that its interface is user friendly, and a beginner can readily and easily accomplish the jobs that he wants to be done, unlike the case with other solutions available in the market today.

I am a student of BSSe and many time I have to present some topic infront of my class. So, I will use this product to help me in this manner espcially. I like the ability to do just one page of the file. I prepare PowerPoints for use in worship services. These are often PDFs, so need "editing" to be able to be presented in church. I intend to use this software to prepare materials for my chemistry classes. I need some tools for the "Perfect" presentation and it's very important for my career.

Better ideas requires better instruments For my office work as i am working in ministry. Image conversion is my fav. I would use to impress my peers on my presentations - Chandrasekar R , Bangalore, India.

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To explore more on electronic presentation the effect and its unique presentation - Palarion, Jeaneth S. As a teacher, we have many PDF files that we use in instruction, but I have no way to work with them in PowerPoint, which I use all day in the classroom, other than to display them as a graphic. This software will prove invaluable in allowing me to not only show the PDF files, but also to work with them in PowerPoint. I look forward to using it soon. I have too many PDF format articles that needs to be converted into PowerPoint, it will be of great help for me to have it than to retype it all over again and will make my work a lot more easier.

I volinteer on history commmittee at my church and we do a lot of presentinations with PowerPoint and Adobe also, this would be a great tool to have because we can convert a lot of documents to PowerPoint, we are doing it the old fashion way of copy and paste methoid. It can help me to convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentations which allow me to easily do presentations with a last minute PDF file that is given to me.

It also allow me to select any pages from a PDF file to convert. Really very convenient. Want to try it, I use a lot of PowerPoint presentations. And share those PPT's with friends. They share their PPT's with others, and on-and-on it goes. Let me be the one to get this free deal, you never know, my friends might just purchase your products? May your day be a blessing.

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As a college instructor at a public institution, I feel the economic pinch every day. There is pressure to increase class size without sacrificing the quality of education. A tool allowing me to transform PDFs of high quality journal articles into slides to support my class lectures would make new resources available to my students -- a true investment in our future! I am a math teacher and PDF Converter will assist me in making more interesting PowerPoints using tables, graphs and charts.

I teach 6th grade so I am always looking at ways to encourage my kids to stay focused. I also believe it will make my PPT implementation of numbers and figures alot easier to be created in a slideshow. It is something I could definitely use daily in my classroom. I also think I will be able to make more interactive PowerPoints to be use in my classroom. This will help me convert my professor's slides to use in my own powepoints. Right now it is too hard to copy the material he provides since all his PDF slides are copy protected.

Save me from this extra typing.. I plan on using at work. The ease of converting 1 document into the other would greatly help my development of lessons and lesson plans. Much of the data I find from professional journals is in a read-only PDF format, so software that would help diminish this would help me provide quality nursing instruction to the future nurses I teach. AnyBizSoft is user friendly and highly recommended by my peers.

I like the fact that the software retains the formatting and layout found in the original PDF. Try to get that data for use in a presentation or meeting displays and you're in for a challenge. I tried the trial version of AnyBizSoft and am completely hooked! Very easy to use and maintains resolution and detail of all PDF's I've tried which is a big problem trying to get PDF data through other means I'd buy my copy right now, but instead figure I'd try to win one first through Indezine!

To do exactly what the software was made for.

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That would be so helpful! I have lecture notes and modules in PDF that I have prepared for my students. With my busy schedule, I cannot prepare PowerPoint presentations in time for my lecture. With this software, it will be of great help with less time and effort. Felipe , Quezon City, Philippines. I get PDF files via e-mail all the time with information that needs to be added to PowerPoint presentations. Having an AnyBizSoft PDF convert would save me hours and hours for time by eliminating the "redo's", especially charts and graphs.

The convert would allow me the flexibility to up-date any information and eliminate information not needed for the PowerPoint presentation. In today's busy office environment, one doesn't have the extra time to learn new software, so having a product that is easy to use and even easier to learn is critical. The flexibility to convert only the pages needed for the presentation at hand is an awesome option. This is a great time-saver and allows me access to only the information I need without all the extras often included in a PDF file. Where has this product been all my life?

I'm a high school teacher and I think this software will be amazing for me in terms of time-saving to having to make a PPT from a PDF easily and readily before a lesson.

Anybizsoft PDF To PowerPoint Converter For Mac License Key For Free

I'm a blogger and like to re-purpose my content as articles and PDFs and videos. I love the fact that the images, graphics and tables will be preserved. I am a high school technology teacher and this piece of software would be a huge addition to my coursework. Much of my paperwork that I demonstrate to my students could be placed in a PowerPoint and enhanced to make it more interesting. I am an instructor at a local seminary. It sounds like it will be a big help in using Old Testament Charts and Tables in class. I was looking for such software and only a few days back one of my colleagues suggested this particular software and by luck today I am entering for a giveaway contest I just pray that I get it..

This would be great for web based training for which the original PowerPoint version was lost. I will use it for PowerPoint presentations in my family history classes. I call PDF, "Pretty, darn, fine" copies. I like taking clean, crisp, "pretty, darn, fine" copies into my presentations. It might seem silly, but PDF copies are easier for many of my students to read as they are in their sixties, seventies, and eighties.

This is perhaps very seamless and easier to use than other programs including Adobe. I am an English teacher. Many useful classroom resources come in PDF format but need some degree of adaptation for the classroom or to maximize their usefulness to the students. I've been teeching, researching, and writing for a long time now and but have never founda really good way to convert files. This will be a great tool to use in my personal work.

Thanks for making it possible! I have to create. PDF files often, but many times I need the data also in a presentation for teachers. This tool would be about the greatest program I could get, especially if I won it! PDF to PowerPoint What a great idea and a sound program that carries the job to completioin perfectly! Use in Power Point presentations. I am a school nurse and plan to use the PowerPoint Converter to assist me in health teaching at the middle-high school level. I'm know the students appreciate visual presentations of information as a way of helping them understand content as opposed to lectures.

PowerPoint presentations improve student and adult cognitive, affective, and psychomotor skills. Presentations enhance learning and can and should be used in combination with other teaching methods to increase the student's interest, participation in the learning process, and to meet the learning objectives.

PDF to PowerPoint Converter is a powerful PDF converter software

Louis, USA. I download PDFs many types of documents as part of my job as a curriculum manager, and the ability convert them into editable PowerPoint presentations will be extremely useful. I work a lot with PDF files and presentations. Since I convert all of my web based files to PDF for delivery this product might be what I am looking for to convert my deliverable products to a presentation form for different applications. I currently use screenshots to capture PDF data for presentations but they are large and cumbersome. We are a HealthCare Organization that uses blended learning techniques to train our employees.

PowerPoint is our preferred Software of choice however we must spend countless hours re-creating documents. Using AnyBizSoft saves us both time and money. AnyBizSoft's ability to capture images, graphes, embedded objects is amazing and to covert it right into PowerPoint, well we can't keep from smiling. We figure it has saved us thousands of dollars not to mention our headaches have gone away.

There is no other software like it on the planet. Thanks AnyBizSoft. I use PowerPoint a lot during our worship at church, and it would be nice to be able to include some PDF files! I am planning to use AnyBizSoft for my job. I am a teacher in a Bible School so it would be helpful to prepare my lectures and a precious tool for my sermon in PPT. I would like to use it for preparing my presentations and this will save lot of time. PowerPoint sermon preparation. Editable type input. To create PPT for use in the classroom setting. Petersburg, USA. I work with PDF files for our Christian school.

I am learning more and more about power point and being able to edit and use forms would be nice. I would just like the to have the ability to quickly convert PDF files to full-editable PowerPoint presentations. I'm a teacher and i feel this would benefit greatly for me! I use PowerPoint a lot and think this could be a useful tool.

I tell them I need to re-create if from scratch and they just freak out. So this option of converting back to PowrPoint is a time-saving feature for me and my clients. To convert files from Government website- Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to make PowerPoint presentations that are taylored to the needs of staff in the Northeast centers of Genesis Health Care Corporation. This is s fabulous product unlike any other I know. It will make the job of preparing presentations much easier and faster. I hope I am selected to receive one of these free copies. I am a Paramedic Educator and prepare education sessions every 60 days for hundreds of Paramedics to keep up with the latest changes and updates in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine.

Often these changes are published in PDF format and converting them into a clear PowerPoint can be a challenge. Having this program would make this process easier and also enhance their learning which benifits tens of thousands of patients that we care for every year. To WOW the audience and make my Points stand out!

These will be used for many things like professional presentations, reports, documentation to presentation and more. I like the feature that allows it to convert to and from many formats from PowerPoint up to , and from PDF 1 to 1. Lopez , Pasay City, Philipppines. Use it at our church to enhance the worship experience. In my searches for good education related PowerPoint presentations, I sometimes find great material that is in a form my teachers can't manipulate.

This would make more and sometimes better material available to our students. Learning in this digital age is so different than the past and new methods have to be employed by teachers entrenched in the old ways. Conversion to new teaching and learning styles is difficult for many older teachers and I'd like to remove as many impediments as possible.

Still I have not seen the software. But it looks very valueable. This would make life much easier. Lew , Calgary, Alberta. If this works it is a God-send. So many time I have to recreat slides that were sent in PDF format because the sender does not have the originals or in a couple of case did not keep the original files. This program could give me back some unreplaceable hours.

My favorite feature is the versatility. As a pastor of a church I use power points every week. This would be an awesome help for me.

One-click converting

My plan is to take PDF files which are forms we use in Vocational Rehabilitation and create power point presentations explaining the forms graphically and easily so as to achieve greater compliance by our Counselors and Provider employment specialists. We help persons with disabilities become employed. It would be very helpful to have an easy way to convert information to PowerPoint to use in teaching classes at the church.

It is so time consuming to convert text to presentations. We receive many brochures from our clients that we could turn around and use as a sales presentation when we're planning on the account renewal. The multiple conversion modes are a real time saver - and being able to convert just partial PDFs, easily make it a time saver. Sometimes people will bring a PDF as part of a lesson.

Hopefully this product would allow me to customize or even incorporate the content from the PDF into the entire presentation. The fact that links and animations would be preserved is a time saving. I'm a professional PowerPoint designer and I love anything that can same me time. I work with educators and this would be a great resources to assist them with their presentations in the classroom.

Also, it would be nice to have resources to share with others that would make what they do on a daily basis easier! Thanks for the opportunity!