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MAC Lipsticks: 15 of the Best

Customers were also interested in. Womens Mascaras. Womens Foundations. Womens Concealers. Womens MAC Foundations. View More. The highly pigmented powder applies evenly and blends well. Can be used wet or dry. Available in a wide variety of textures and View Product. Description: Fashionably false in look, but honestly real, this mascara's key benefits of volume and curl are matched by a dramatically exaggerated end look. The unique edge: The ultra-thickening formula in combination with the plush-'em-up action of its unique double-lush brush MAC Mineralize Blush. Description: Baked minerals refined into a powder formula provide an exceptionally sheer application.

Lightweight formula glides onto skin to achieve luminous colour that builds lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage. Veils and enhances the cheekbones with a pearlized shimmer. Description: Visit the MAC counter at your local Belk store for a free day supply of foundation personalized to your individual formula and shade. A combination of powders creates an optical blurring effect that virtually diminishes imperfections and fine lines, for MAC Mineralize Skinfinish.

A luxurious, slow-baked, velvety soft, domed face powder Description: A luxurious, slow-baked, velvety soft, domed face powder with a radiant finish. And it's not just the colour, they seem to just sit on top of the lips and not properly adhere to the lips. But, all the brighter colours look so great, they make my face look brighter, they suit me so well. And they apply so evenly, sink in nicely and stay put for hours. The quality is quite good and the packaging is simple and easy to use. I get the sleek packaging but it's annoying how you can't tell what colour is inside.

I can see why you would love Mac lipsticks if you found the right colour, but I have had so many fails because I hate trying the testers. I know this is a weird complaint, but with other brands I can swatch the colour on my hand and know whether it will suit me or not but not with Mac lipsticks. It's also annoying how it's still so marked up in Australia, even though all the other big beauty brands have matched prices.

I own a few of these lipsticks. They are amazing. They are all very pigmented, long lasting and gentle on my lips. My favourite one is 'velvet teddy', which on me is a browny nude, and it is in the matte formula. I would recommend buying the gift sets which come out at Christmas time with several small sizes in various colours so you can try a few. Truthfully I'm not sure which of these I have exactly, but it's a very dark red and I love it.

It is reasonably soft and applies pretty effortlessly.

19 Best Mac Lipsticks Of All Time | 12222 Updated Review

The pigment is perfect and I find that it is very long-lasting. I find that my lips dry out a little when wearing this, but I've certainly tried other lipsticks that do much worse. All-in-all these are a good choice if you're prepared to spend a little more than your typical lipstick from the chemist or supermarket. Its basically my lip colour but better, this is the best every day option I have ever come across. Before buying these shades, I had never tried a M. C lipstick before and now I will always buy M.

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Everyone recommended that I tried 'Velvet Teddy', however the shade didn't suit my skin tone as I am quite pale. I tried 'Faux' and loved it as it was similar to my natural lip colour so it looked quite natural and flattering on my skin tone. It had a pink tone to it and I wanted more of a nude shade so I went back to find similar nude shades! I use 'modesty' more than 'Blankety' as it is a darker shade and suits my light skin tone better.

The best luck I've had is with mauvey and brown tones but with MAC I swatched a lot: velvet teddy, twig, sin, russian red etc. Velvet teddy is a holy grail for most but I found it too pink on me. I found that consistently no matter the different lighting, chili was what I wanted. It's a deep brickish red which I find more wearable than the loud ruby woo. I bought the mini size from Mecca and I'm very happy with it.

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It's matte but not very drying, it stays on and the shade is quite flattering. I was recommended Mac lipsticks last year by a male-up artists and so far these are my favourite lipsticks ever. I love using the shades Syrup and Modesty.

This goes on quite thick and is long lasting to keep your lips looking fab all day. The packaging is standard Mac, black, sleek, and easy to open The colour range is excellent The lipstick itself goes on beautifully, but can tend towards a little dry. I've been a long-time user a MAC lipsticks but have never gotten around to writing a review on them. They are one of the few that don't dry out my lips, sink into my lip lines or cause them to flake.

Velvet Teddy is my nude but better lip colour, I have warm toned skin and this shade show up as a warm nude brown with a romantic hint of pink that livens things up a bit. It works better for me when I am paler, as its summer and I'm getting darker, it's a little too light for me, but it's a great shade for my winter skin. This is one of the few moisturising matte lipsticks that feels light on the lips. It also has good staying power, but a lipliner is definately needed to keep it looking on point. For years i have heard how amazing MAC lippies are but i could never justify the price.

Now I've finally bought a few and they are so worth the price! I have the shades Velvet teddy and blankety. Velvet teddy which is a deep tone beige colour and blankety is a light mauve nude colour. The formula is super creamy and rich and it leaves a perfect matte finish. They also have amazing lasting power! I enjoy the formula of Mac, it's not slippery, but has a thicker consistency that you feel grips on to the lips plus a little bonus is this cream sheen formula feels slightly hydrating.

The colour was lovely and a perfect every day nude. I also have to mention the classic mac lipstick fragrance which is not too strong but puts a smile on your face when you do notice it. I currently have two Mac lipsticks in the shades "modesty", from the cremesheen range, and "Hot Tahiti", from the "lustre" range. Both are extremely creamy and easy to apply and both have a beautiful fragrance vanilla-ish? Modesty is a beautiful nude that has a slightly brownish tinge and Hot Tahiti is a warm almost burnt reddish shade which somehow I can't quite seem to put my finger on.

I've seen it described as a reddish berry colour although I personally don't see the berry part. Hot Tahiti is somewhat sheer but definitely buildable. In fact when I got it I was drawn to its sheerness but as I have kept using it I've found myself wanting to build up the colour so I like that it's versatile like that. Modesty is well-pigmented but doesn't have a matte finish. It has a creamy and slightly shiny finish but looks beautiful on and both shades feel hydrating and wear nicely on the lips.

Both also are long lasting shades and only need reapplying after eating. Both come housed in the typical metal twist tube with the signature bullet shaped black plastic lid which has the MAC lettering in silver at the base of the lid. I love the look of MAC lipsticks as well as the quality and definitely hope to add to my collection as soon as I use up some of my other lipsticks. Very happy with these lipsticks, especially because Modesty was free on International Lipstick Day, and Hot Tahiti has been a favourite of mine for years and somehow I still have a fair bit left after so much use!

I love my Mac lipsticks, the soft neutral Matt which is my daily favourite in Velvet Teddy through to the creamy satin and lustre shades which give my evenings out a touch of panache. I love it when I look up after lunch and I still have my colour intact. Once you purchase your first you will want to add to your collection.

I have one in every bag as well as my makeup drawer. Pure Love. It was a little bit hard to decide which shade to buy when I going to buy in the store.

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Whenever I use this I receive compliments. It matches my skin, the shade is well pigmented and it long lasting. Now ive finally bought a few and they are so worth the price! Velvet Teddy is easily the most versatile and long lasting nude lipstick shade I have ever used. I find that this shade almost all skin types as quite a few of my friends used the same colour. The formula is very smooth and goes on easily lasting hours without the need for regular touch ups. For best results I like to exfoliant my lips first to remove old skin build up and use a nude lip liner to keep the lipstick there all night.

Definitely my go to nude! One of the best brands of lipstick I have used. Teddy is my absolute go to on most occasions. It is one of those colours that you can wear to work and you can wear out! The colour is long lasting and doesn't need apply every 20 minutes! I have been using MAC Honeylove since the beginning of time! This is a bold statement for a product, it essentially provides me with a signature look, without even having to dress up!

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