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Aidez moi svp! Il sera en cohabitation avec Windows. Donc fais une sauvegarde de tout ton ordinateur. Certains comme Adobe Premiere ou des logiciels demandant de la puissance pourraient ne pas fonctionner aussi bien que sur un vrai Mac. Tuto Mac OS X sur un pc. Ou meme mieux une solution? Merci d avance. Carte graphique asus GeForce Processeur core 2 quad q Je suis en train de faire un nouveau tutoriel plus complet avec Mavericks.

Site web. Expect some rough edges, though. Comment by rizwan ahmed Post reply. Comment by Ondrej Post reply. Comment by Futile Post reply. Awesome app, thanks. Or allow for more granular scheduling Hourly would be nice. Mainly being able to run it from the tray would be good, cause its a pain to find and run the app and then click the profile each time. Reply by Futile Post reply. Ended up building my own Tray App.

If anyone wants Comment by androiduser Post reply. Comment by agiel ungle Post reply. Comment by Yodamin Post reply. Hi, Love the software. Easy to setup and understand.

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Worked great for mirroring the TB drives we hold our data on. I mirror root drive to root drive. I get this every-time a sync completes. BIN' is denied. I looked for a way to turn this off. However, the exclude areas are greyed out when I enable mirroring. Thank You, J. Comment by tony Post reply. Someone please confirm if this tool can backup an open file i.

Reply by tony Post reply. Could you add the ability to auto sync more frequently, e. In rest is an excelent program. Comment by Maximus Post reply.

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Would be even better, if it could be scheduled to run the last thing of the day. That way a person could walk away, and have it sync files and when completed , log out of Windows and shut down the computer automatically. Keep up the good work. Comment by Sam Post reply. Comment by jan Post reply. Comment by syncf Post reply.

Comment by Fireborne Post reply. Can you wildcard the name of the backup media? I have a different flash drive for each day of the week flash-Mon, Flash-Tues, etc Comment by Joe Post reply. I am only just starting to test the program. Looks nice and useful. It will be a great enhancement to the program if there is a setting to password protect the destination or backup folder, especially on a USB or an external drive.

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Just use a truecrypt volume on your USB drive as the backup destination. That will likely be more secure than anything the author could easily add to this software. Comment by Amirreza Post reply. Hi, thanks for your comment! This feature is already available, there is a group field in the settings window. Then you can use the command line to sync a full group : Let me know if you manage. Reply by Gilbert Post reply.

Why is this group-sync-option not included in the gui? Would be a great extension of the usuability of the program. Can we expect an update implementing this? Comment by Dmir Post reply. Fantastic program. Have been using it for years. Simple and very reliable. Love the program but I wish it had an option to "Clean Up" destination side first, then run. Because my backups sometimes have so much to do that there isn't enough space on the destination drive unless I manually delete files first. This would be best in the right click menu under preview and run.

Comment by Adel Post reply. Thanks for this great software. I've been using this for months now. No problems found. Easily customizable. Simple and especially does what it's supposed to do better than the expensive software out there! Comment by Bill Merritt Post reply. Comment by Ashok Post reply. Thanks for making such a wonderful software.

It really helpful. Keep doing the great job. Comment by Clonezilla Post reply. It is for files. Use tools that operates with partitions. Clonezilla is one of that tools. Comment by WolfWare Post reply. One simple missing detail Thx, WW. Comment by Gilles Boudreau Post reply.

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Awesome tool. Really useful. It'll make it Perfect! Comment by Phil Post reply. C'est LE logiciel qui manquait. Un grand Merci! Comment by Joebo Post reply. Create Synchronicity is a great application; it does what it needs to without issue. I just have one complaint.

When checking the 'show all icons and notifications' box in the Windows taskbar options, so Windows doesn't hide application icons on me, I get like 25 minutes of notification popups for all the backups that had occurred overnight, every morning. It would be great to have an option to turn notifications off.

Comment by Leif Johansen denamrk Post reply. Today the program crash and comes with an error message for Microsoft. I removed the program and reinstall from the zip file with the same disappointing result. You might need to re-install the. Net framework, version 3. Could you try that? Comment by Rene Post reply. Comment by Torsten Post reply. Hello, I'm very interessted in your sync software. Are there any plans to develop a MAC Version? Kind regards, Torsten. Comment by Long Post reply. I also want to develop it with more features.

Could you send me software source code? Goodluck to me! Comment by Michael Dam Post reply. Great product!!! Today when "The Cloud" is on and you both have a desktop, Laptop and an Ipad, the need for Synchronicity is even more in demand. Only point is that your scheduling can only sync once a day Could the scheduling please be extended??

Comment by Roland Post reply. Very great software, if possible, you can add more features like: - Automatically syncing after a few time such as: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc I think if you want you can win! Good luck and successful! Hi Long, thanks for your message! Reply by Long Post reply. This will make your software more wonderful! And more, i have found some of errors like: wrong word "Succeded" or "Succeeded" in log file.

If you have time, i suggest the new feature: Send email to Admin at the specific time about data backup processing. I have used very many softwares but your software is best! I am sorry because using free program that requires so much! Good for life, many thanks! Comment by Pippo Post reply. Comment by MakesOwnWeather Post reply. Best and greatest of them all! Simple to use and understand. Works better than a clock made by God if that is possible. Saved so much hassle dealing with other complicated replicators like the Synology Data Replicator and others.

Does the whole job and all it's variations. Comment by Oleg Post reply. I really have such long paths in some places. Reply by Bruno Post reply. I really have such long paths in some places" I confirm, this is a problem for me too. Please can you improve the posibility to access files whose path name exceeds characters. Comment by Dick Post reply. Great tool! Just what I needed. I install this for family and friends that don't have measures yet to automatically backup their documents and photo's, using the option to startup and schedule.

Simply to use and reliable! I just tried the software, and it seems to be what I was looking for. Now, unfortunately, I am worried about losing the synced USB stick. Do you have any thoughts about using your software with on-the-fly encryption such as truecrypt seems to offer? Could this work? Would you advise against it? Comment by Chris Post reply. Commented on wrong program! Thought I was on "Bvckup" page! Reply by NotChris Post reply. Reply by typhoo Post reply. Comment by Juan Luis Palma Post reply. Excuse my bad english Please port this great app to linux, is the best.

Thanks for our great work. Comment by ToolmakerSteve Post reply. Very handy, thx. Would like an option to ignore don't delete new top level sub-folder added to right side destination. For now I use "Incremental", but that means I don't get deletions of obsolete files in the other folders.

Comment by captenbk Post reply. Love the simplicity of the program, but it seems to sometimes recopy files already in my destination "right side". I use this to sync various local drives to network drives properly mapped in Windows. It does work, just seems to recopy some of the files when syncing instead of skipping them and just deleting files not in destination and copying new files. Perhaps I'm just doing something wrong. Comment by Samuel Post reply.

When doing incremental backing up, does CS overwrite old versions of the files or does it keep older versions, so that one can roll back changes? From my small test it appears that the former is true -- i. CS's "incremental" backup really just updates the full backup each time. Is that right? Comment by Michael Post reply. I believe I have found a bug in the program's behavior.

Here is an example. I check my entire "Users" folder under Windows 7 to back up all users data and automatically back up all data from any new users that are created in the future. I leave every subfolder checked. I then go under one user's folder and un-check his "Videos" folder because he uses it for scratch files which are too big and don't need to be backed-up. Un-checking this folder causes newly created users folders NOT to be backed-up, regardless that the base "Users" folder is checked!

I have tried other examples, too. Any time you un-check a folder, if any new folders are created one directory level above, they will not be backed-up, even if the base folder is checked! How can I work around this? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you so much! Comment by Pier Post reply.

Comment by George Post reply. Comment by Gilberto Post reply. Reply by Create Software Post reply. Comment by Dave Post reply. Good little program. Ideal for creating thumb drives of my music library for the car. Would be nice to see it have the ability to add the Label of the thumb drive to the project and verify the thumb drive by label. Works well with out though at times I'm an idiot so I'm thinking of how to "Dave" proof it! Hi Dave! Comment by Mark Post reply. Hi, it would be good if there was a way to exclude folders in the exclude list.

For example I have a profile to backup my VS project but don't need the Bin sub-folders backed up. Hi Mark! Comment by Jorge Post reply. Thanks for this wonderful piece of Soft. It really gives me peace of mind for sync purposes. Just wonder: could its windows remember the position where I moved them to? It is cumbersome having to set them around every time I open each. Comment by Kida Post reply. Wonderful program. Only thing that currently bugs me is using "Discard after:2" and "Replicate Empty Directories:False".

This still creates the entire directory structure in the mirror directory; even if that directory had no modified files in the last 2 days. Would be super helpful if empty folders in the mirror are deleted during the 'clean-up' process when "Replicate Empty Directories:False" is set to false. Hi Kida, Well spotted, that was a bug.

It should be fixed in the latest development builds Latest builds. Comment by Roman Post reply. You can do the directories synchronized by date. For example. Selected folder, but not later than Reply by mithun Post reply. Comment by Olly Post reply. Brilliant programme! I have searched for ages to find a programme like this. Love the fact that this programme gives you tray notifications which is just what I wanted unlike other software that left me in the dark about my backups.

One of the best sync software I have used, Nothing but praise for this programme! I have recommended it to so many people. Thanks so much! Comment by Shahrukh Post reply. Geoffrey requested "It would be nice to be able to include files that have changed within, say, the last x days in the backup procedure, i.

That was just what I needed, except I need to be able to specify "Ignore files last modified earlier than yyyy-mm-dd" i. The reason is that I do disk clones every 3 months or so and want to use Synchronicity to do daily incremental backups since the last disk clone. Great sync software, simple interface, very fast,seams reliable, free.

Comment by Genevieve Post reply. Thank you so much for the fantastic software. It's so kind of you to share it with everyone. Love it! Comment by Vineeth Reddy Post reply.

Thank you for your efforts. Comment by Bogdan Post reply. This tool corresponds with software bible best practice: simple clear idea, robust tool, performs tasks corresponding with its concept very well and makes no other unnecessary tasks. I am very satisfied! Thanks for great tool, which helps me so much! Comment by Harvey Post reply. The best tool out there for keeping two drives in sync, easy to use but powerful. Comment by Prakash Kumar Jain Post reply. A good tool to take backup.

I had earlier tried the Seagate software that comes with the portable harddrive but it was not working as good as CS. Comment by Takku Post reply. Thanks for a nifty utility! Looks great and works great! Just a tip for others who may have a similar setup: I had initial problems syncing from my Vista PC to my Linux server over Samba, as CS was pretty aggressive in selecting a lot of files for backing up that hadn't been modified.

I unchecked the exact timing checkbox, allowing for a few second variation in timestamps and voila, problem solved. Great product, thanks! Comment by K. Lenover Post reply. Comment by sultan Post reply. Error: the application failed to initialize properly Hi sultan, the portable version is portable in the sense that it stores profiles in the program folder, but it still requires the. Net framework to run. An incorrectly installed, or uninstalled,.

Net framework is certainly the cause of the error you are seeing. Comment by TechPreps Post reply. Been using Create Synchronicity for a while now to backup multiple desktop computers in my house to one network backup drive. I have had absolutely no problems with it at all. Thanks for a great product. I even discussed using it in today's episode of my podcast.

I don't want to be a "spammer" here so if you're interested in my podcast episode, it can be found at the domain in my email. Thanks again! Thanks a lot! For other readers, the podcast is here. I've also tweeted about it. Comment by vsg Post reply. There is a bug. It does not work correctly when file names have a dot at the end. Please, fix it. Comment by Marco77 Post reply. Hello guys, Regarding your statement below "normally, Create Synchronicity doesn't follow symbolic links.

Comment by Rix Post reply. Very good app - thank you. I have some observations as follows: Show question 1 CS ignores my TrueCrypt files because their attributes never change. This could be obviated by having an checkbox option under Settings to "always overwrite" 2 I currently have 7 profiles. I get the dropdown irrespective of whether I right-click or left-click. As a result the dropdown obscures the settings panel at the bottom.

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Could I please suggest you make the pulldown active on right-click only? Left-click could be used just to select the profile and hence view the settings. Thank you for a great program and for giving us the opportunity to offer feedback. Hi Rix, Show answer Thanks for your comments! There are two possibilities as of now: 1st, use the checksum mode, where Create Synchronicity checks files for changes byte per byte instead of relying on file times and sizes.

You can read more about this on the help page, on manual ; please let me know if you need help with this. My point when designing Create Synchronicity was to make sure that anyone could use the app, possibly relying on a more experienced friend to do the initial configuration. In my testing, it appeared that some people didn't notice the buttons that appeared at the bottom of the window when you left-clicked that's how I originally designed the app , and didn't think to left-click.

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You can however expand the window and thus see the settings even when left-clicking, or simply press Escape when the menu is shown, and navigate with the arrow keys. I can't reproduce this problem on my test machine. Could you send me a screenshot? Meanwhile, pressing Ctrl-L will change way profiles are listed, this could help. Sorry for the trouble! If not, I'll add that info in the information panel. Thanks a lot for your feedback, it really helps! And thanks for your nice comments. Comment by Rudy Post reply. The best back-up software I found to date.

Could it be faster? It copies backups my files again even if they have not changed, for example iso and TrueCrypt files. If it would store the content list on the NAS also then a simple compare would suffice and much time is saved. Comment by Hans Post reply. Comment by NightOwl Post reply. Excellent software: works fast, safe and reliable. Simply the best sync-program! Thank you so much, Your program is the only free one that I have found that syncs my files correctly and gives me notifications in the taskbar.

Comment by aeroporos Post reply. Your software is great! I use CS on my net cafe to synchronize my games on server with clients. I have a question. I check my speed on lan with Lan speed test program and on reed and on copy have mbps speed and with CS go only 10 mbps. Can you tellme why i have low speed with CS to fix it. This difference is generally related to the units in which speed are expressed.

Comment by Jeff Post reply. Hi, I am using this software for about 6 months now. It backups my home shared disk with all the family files. Runs every night. Comment by Philippe Samson Post reply. Have been using CS for the backups of the files of an animation short project I'm doing and I really like it. Show question I would like the addition of a feature I think is missing if there's already a way to do it with CS please tell me. I can synchronise the files in one single folder but sometimes it's usefull and more safe to keep past versions of files, in case one of them turn corrupt for example in the case of big 3d scenes turning messy, or big digital painting photoshop files, etc.

Before using CS, I usually just copy-pasted my big project folder in my external drive in separated dated folder. Now, whit CS, I just change the destination folder from time to time; either way I end up wasting a lot of space, because the majority of the content in the project's folder and subfolders doesn't change and the same files get backuped multiples times. I was thinking maybe something ressembling some kind of mix between a incremental synchronisation and a version control would be nice. Comment by Philip Post reply.

The program is simple and works impeccably; but I'd like the opportunity to click on the 'Done' bar and see which files have been created, deleted or modified. Hi, thanks for your suggestion! Could you open a feature request? Comment by TJ Geezer Post reply. A great convenience - makes a daily update of crucial files painless and handles both multiple directories in a job and multiple jobs. I looked for something that could do what this program does for a long time.

I would not be without it. Comment by Slobodan Dijakovic Post reply. Hi sweated developer, I very much appreciate your work, finely done, useful and user friendly. Hi Slobodan, Thanks for your suggestions! Profiles groups are coming in the next release 6. Comment by Prince B Post reply. The program is incredibly lightweight too.

Comment by G Cintron Post reply. Hi there, this program is awesome but I am having some errors I am not sure if they even matter all that much. Ailleurs sur le web. Fou non, avoir les moyens oui. Un iPod Classic quoi. Vip Mac iPad iPhone Watch. Sur iGen et WatchG. Choix Borne AirPort original soucoupe volante. Apple Cinema Display Mighty Mouse. Magic Mouse. Magic Trackpad. Smart Cover pour iPad.