Download google drive for your mac

It feels like a foreign hard drive that is out there in the cloud and you happen to have access to it from your computer. Each have their advantage, and I use both. Another big point of difference is that Google Drive requires an active internet connection.

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Last week our internet was down, and I went to access a file in my Google Drive, and I could see it, but not access it without a web connection. Dropbox syncs the 2 folders completely, so they are available offline as well. We use Google Drive to share documents across our organisation. I use dropbox to share files that I am working on across my own personal computers. I find it really useful to have this distinction in my head. Files that I want to share with other people — Google Drive. Files that I want to share with myself — Dropbox. To use Google Drive you must be part of an organisation.

Google Drive syncing is through some software called G-suite. This is free to non-profit organisations but if you are a commercial organisation you will need to subscribe to it. Open Backup and Sync.

Save, sync and access file on Google Drive from your Mac

If you see a warning that "Backup and Sync is an application downloaded from the Internet," click Open. Sign in with your Google Account username and password. Choose your sync settings and click Next. If you see a window asking if you want to allow the program to make changes on your computer, click Yes. Start Backup and Sync. Problems with signing in to Backup and Sync If you have trouble signing in to Backup and Sync, make sure you have the following turned on in Internet Explorer: Cookies Javascript Firewall and proxy settings for your network.

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Choose what to sync to Google Drive You can sync some or all your files and folders on your computer to Google Drive. On your computer, click Backup and Sync. Click More Preferences. At the right, click the folders you want to sync.

Install Google Drive on Mac Desktop

To add a folder not on the list, click Choose folder. Add the folder you want to sync. Click OK. Choose what to sync from Google Drive You can sync files and folders in Google Drive to your computer for offline use. At the left, click Google Drive. Click Sync My Drive to this computer. At the left, click your computer's name. Click Change.

How to Download a Google Drive Folder on PC or Mac: 4 Steps

Move the folder to where you want it. Reopen Backup and Sync. Find the folder and click Open.

Choose to not sync certain file types You can choose to not sync certain file types on your computer. At the right, click Change. Click Advanced settings. Enter the file type extension you don't want to sync. Choose how items are deleted Choose how Backup and Sync deletes files When you delete a file from your computer, you can choose what happens on drive.