How to zoom your screen out on a mac

Whether you're looking for a way to zoom in on a specific area, or would like your entire screen content to be enlarged, read on to learn how these features work. Typically the feature will be called Zoom In along with a corresponding feature called Zoom Out.

How to zoom in (out) on Mac OS X

This will increase the size of everything within that window. You'll also notice, next to the menu commands, symbols that show you how to do right from the keyboard. At the bottom of the menu, select Show View Options. This will open a pop-up menu with an option to increase text size.

Increase the number next to text size.

How To Zoom In Your Mac Screen

The default is 12 and you can increase up to 16 points. There are other options you can increase, such as the size of icons. If you need more assistance than just the text being a little bigger, you might need to delve into the Mac's accessibility settings. This enables you to increase the contents of the screen to a bigger scale, as if a magnifying glass was placed over the screen.

If you want instant access to your magnifier when working on your PC, choose from these options to ensure the zoom feature is instantly accessible:. Here you can set the size of apps and text, which can be very helpful if you're connecting a laptop to a second monitor. You also have the ability to quickly Zoom your web pages while surfing the Internet. Zoom will benefit users who require the contents of the screen to appear larger.

Mac tip: How to zoom the entire display

Zoom may also be turned on in the Universal Access panel of System Preferences:. Alternatively, click on the System Preferences icon in the dock. Check the radio button labeled O n in the Zoom section Figure 1. If desired, click on the Options Figure 1.

Apple quietly updates Macs to remove Zoom webcam exploit

Check the On radio button circled above to enable Zoom. By default, OS X does not give any indication that Zoom has been enabled. If the option to Show Universal Access status in the menu bar is enabled in the Universal Access system preferences, a marquee will appear next to the Universal Access icon in the menu bar stating that Zoom is on Figure 2. Note: The scroll-wheel modifier specified in the Zoom options will continue to function even if Zoom is turned off. Zoom has several options that may prove useful, including setting rapid zoom, configuring how the screen will follow the mouse, and what modifier key to use with the scroll-wheel to manipulate the zoom level Figure 3.

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