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Perhaps integrate it such that you could treat a. We'll definitely look into this Question : Will there be any improvements to network utilisation and transfer speed. Historically it has been necessary to throttle backup speed over network to minimise issues with individual agents. Answer : Lots of reliability improvements on agent communication issues Question : Is there any kind of local client cache in case a user accidentally deletes or corrupts a file they created while on the road?

DPM creates a local snapshot as well Answer : Ready for prime time production. Answer : We recommend to keep the install and backup on different disks Question : in DPM , there is no UI for deleting recovery points, and i need to write powershell scripts. Haven't been able to fix it. Answer : Can you post the details to our newsgroup. This should just wrok Question : Does the product use previos versions IE if I go into the data store can I see the last 14 copies of the file Answer : Integrated with both on clients.

Question : My current client requires DMZ backups to be performed across firewalls. Does the dev team plan on using a specific ports for backup communications? Currently some of the communication is random. Answer : There are two data flows in DPM. Data flow is over TCP directly and that is on a specific port. Question : Can I protect a server in a different domain?

Answer : yes Question : Why the delay on single item recovery with exchange????? However E14 allows you to configure "archive" mailbox that saves your deleted items and you can recover from them. Answer : No reboots ; Question : I really like the workgroup protection feature too:- Answer : Thanks! Question : any improvement for restoring mailboxes or mailbox level items?

Question : are the cleint backup works with SIS? Answer : Yes Question : My Question disappeared somehow. I would like to know which version of eseutil. Answer : That's not there in DPM Question : sql log stay in drive in separate map if volumes out of space on dpm? Answer : Unclear Question. Can you elaborate the scenario? Question : Woohoo! Backing up workgroup servers!!!

I love you guys! Answer : bi-directional communication is needed between DPM and workgroup machine. Question : Is there a special list of supported Tape Libraries? Answer : Supported Question : On a server if you protects the volumes and shares does it dedupe or would all of that data be duplicated? Answer : We would not dedplicate across different Replica volumes Question : my Questions seems to be missed, is it possible to do a full BareMetalRestore for a CLIENT not server , by example a business machine that has specific customized software that breaks down and needs to be replaced Answer : No BareMetal backups for clients.

Answer : Seamless Question : Are you going to make the ppt downloadable please? You could share it here using LM capabilities aka Handouts. Answer : you can print to pdf and that opens a browser which allows you to save the ppt Question : does DPM truncate SQL logs automatically? So with SQL? Answer : Successful backups truncate logs. Should work without issues on clients. Question : in dpm , sometimes i assigned too much space for replica volume and recovery point volume. There is no way to adjust this volume other than re-creating the backup in dpm Can i change the size of recovery point volume and replica volume in dpm ?

Answer : yes. I'm haivng trouble understanding that the differences will be Answer : No changes planned. I am running beta for some time now and I am impressed very much. Keep the good work guys! Answer: the experience will be more seamless. THanks Question : Regarding dmz backup. Virtualize them on hyper-v and just do host level vm backups. That would work, right? Question: If upgrading from DPM to , can it "convert" the numerous individual dynamic disk volumes to the new collocation volumes?

Answer: Will need a stop protection with retain data followed by reprotection with co-location. Question : Is i possible to protect workgroup clients? Answer : Co-Location does this. Question : So no brick level restore for mailboxes Answer : Not in DPM On our roadmap. Answer : No interop issues.

Answer : For non-domain machines, DPM supports files, sql, exchange, hyper-v.. Question : How is communication with a workgroup based computer secured? Answer : No, a volume can go only to a single protection group Question : We have 4 TB of data on the same volume and the weekend is not sufficient time for backing 4 TB to tape.

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I have attempted to create 2 protection groups to the same volume and DPM does not allow for more than one protection group per volume. How come DPM does not support more than one protection group to the same volume? Answer : Data changes on every volume is tracked by one file system filter and hence the behavior Question : jason was using server r2 for the OS to deploy the dpm right?

Answer : Correct Question : can we see any of the reporting features? Answer : not sure if Jason's planning to demo them Question : could the files in DPM be backup in another backup program Question : Will a primary DPM server be able to backup its own system state? Question : Does the client backup of large files like Outlook.

Answer : yes, DPM finds the different blocks in the file and transfers only the ones that don't match Question : If I configure automatic adding of SQl databases, will DPM also automatically remove protection of databse if will be deleted. I noticed in beta that I had to manually remove protection of deleted databases?

Answer : Same behavior. The reason is that if the DB is temporarily down, we dont want to delete it from protection. Question : Is there going to be a demo of Cluster Share Volumes? Answer : Not in this webcast. Question : How much WAN bandwidth would i need to protect a simple file server? Is is as efficient as using DFS-R? Answer : FoxPro DBs are not supported natively. Question : Can I back up to disk and long-term tape, and still do secondary protection as well?

Answer : Newsgroup Answer : Supported! Will it only be Win2k8 R2? Answer : No, it would need to be in a trusted domain Question : Have the reporting functions been enhanced in relative to ? Answer : Not planned for today for time constraints However you should try out the new Recovery SLA report that we have added. It gives you a good report on backup success that you can mail to your management team Question : Is SharePoint item level recovery possible from a 2nd DPM server?

Except being x64 only, of course Answer : Nope. Same and depends on scale of data you want to protect. Is this resolved in DPM ? Also you can't select specific files through DPM, will this be resolved? Answer : Can you please expand on your Question? Question : Is there or will there be a list of supported and or tested tape libraries? I know this is not supported in the beta. Answer : no. Question : Do you have on your future DPM roadmap file-based backup functionality in addition to the VSS-based backups so that we could customize backups of specific folders on file servers along with the volume-level backup?

Answer : One volume Answer : Configurable how many DBs go to a single volume. Default Question : 1. You cant backup the same folders across protection groups. Is this going to change? You can't select specific files to backup only folders, will this change? Answer : Nope. Remains same. Question : When backing up straight to Tape, if doing an incremental of full backup it would take the same time AND amount of tape on both cases. Seems like DPM in both cases incremental and full took an entire snapshot to backup up. Is this changing with DMP ?

Answer : that should not be the case, can you share more details? Question : What is the minimum bandwith between two site? More details after RTM. Question : We have Windows clients on air cards. Question : can reports database be backed up and restored? Answer : No. Thanks for the Feedback.

Is it too late for this to be considered? Answer : Thanks for the feedback. Will pass it to the feature team for consideration. How easy is that? Answer : Yes you can do. The steps are same as it was in V2.

You can do it in two ways: 1 Syncing back the data over the wire can take considerable time if its a WAN and data is huge. Question : How does licensing work for the secondary server?

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Do you need licenses for each of the servers being protected on the first server, or just one for the DPM server itself? Answer : You need a single server license for the secondary Dpm server and an enterprise agent license to backup the primary DPM Question : can you specify a windows when files are NOT backup every 15 minutes Answer : We are looking into this. Question : No need for response If disk was an option, it would work even better!

Answer : Thanks Question : can long term backups be done to disk based units instead of tape streamers? There were some really interesting Questions but cannot read them all since I am also following Jason : Answer : Yes Question : if i want daily and weekly offsite tapes, can i stop DPM writing to tape on Sat and Sun?

Answer : Yes Question : so we have 2 sites, if we just want to use eachother other site as the offsite backups for the other and save maybe 3 years, because of the limited replicas available to save, we would only be able to take a backup once ever few days on the "secondary" right?

Answer : Over a long term we reccomend using tapes. However if you dont have tapes in your environment, then you can use virtual tape libraries that convert disk drives to tape. This way you can store data upto 3 years or more on disk itself. Question : For the single item recovery when using Hyper-v backing up the virtual host , does that include single items of Exchange, db etc or only files? Anything different from the client's perspective?

Answer : Yes, there's a lot more for clients in DPM including end user recovery. Question : Excellent work on DPM! Lots of good work going on GREAT webcast! Answer : Thanks! Question : Any plan to support vcb VMware Data Recovery in vsphere to support backup of Vmware host Answer : Not in the plan Question : Is pricing for server and clients going to be close to todays prices?

Answer : Will be public at RTM. Don't expect too many changes. Will a primary DPM server be able to backup its own system state? May be worth clarifying that it is not supported as an explicit workload, however that the whole server can be backed up and could effectively restore TMG. My experience is that the SQL logs are not worth backing up though. Answer : Thanks for sharing!

Question : can a tape be marked as free without the need of manually delete the recovery points on it by powershell? Answer : Same behavior as DPM Question : What do you mean Yes, I asked Why? Question : Very good additions and fixes from DPM Answer : thanks! Question : Excellet webcast and great job DPM!

Question : Is a secondary DPM node a necessity. We have 2 data centre rooms and another smaller off site we would aim to store our DPM server in. Answer : secondary DPM is not a neccesity. Its optional in case you want to prevent against disasters on the DPM Server itself. Answer : Depends on the load you are backing up Great responses to the Questions. Much appreciated. Keep on the good work.

Answer : Block level tracking of changes. Block level changes on recovery points. Question : He just said we won't be able to take advantage of colocation if we upgrade from to I thought if I unprotect then reprotect, it would work. Which is true? Answer : Product Group Question : great to see that dpm can do so much that was missing in Question : Great presentation.

Fantastic job. Answer : Look forward to hearing from you Question : If I upgrade from dpm to dpm Can I use co-location for new protection groups created after the upgrade? Question : This is crazy, I can't believe that I'm going to be able to implement this many features. I've been backing up Outlook with hugh archive PST files and this is going to take this backup to hardly nothing.

Thanks, Rob Answer : Thanks! Question : If I upgrade from dpm to dpm Answer : Stop protection with retain data. Followed by reprotect with colocation turned on. Question : Very Exited for the new release. Great job DPM team.

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Question : Back to reporting, our SOX auditors have been very underwhelmed by what we have available to us. Is that one report the only new report? Answer : Currently yes. We will like to hear back if you need any specific reports. Or even looking at any changes in the current ones.

Question : What was the problem with the co-location and running out of space that was corrected by going to non-colocated? Answer : Lack of co-location needed too many volumes which put the system under stress! You will loose some features of Exchange in this mode. To fix this issue, you need to remove the legacy tag in Exchange by running the command below in step 3 in Exchange Management Shell. Here, I am going to describe how to run the command from a client computer. If you are running from the Exchange Server box, then go directly to step 2.

Note: Please note that installing Exchange Management Tools requires some steps to follow. If you are not familiar with the installation, I recommend you read this great article from MSExchange. It gives all the steps that will help you out with the installation.

For Systems Administrators and IT Helpdesks, PSTools are great utilities they can make use of to locally or remotely manage their systems desktops and servers. Here are tools included in the PsTools suite, which are downloadable as a package. You will then following prompt when the server meets all the requiremts.

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