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All the duplicates that seem to get generated in Logic don't appear there. I have done some testing and have a much clearer idea of what's happening, but it seems that I can't. I suppose I'll make a new post, but I hope to see you there.. Thanks again for your help. I did like you suggested.

The only thing that happened is that Logic auto detected the Komplete Kontrol A49, like it would when you plug it in the first time.

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I suspect some of the inactive greyed out duplicates that are generating the "Error Initializing Core Midi" errors, and I found that after deactivating these "old" versions and keeping the new ones to set to "On" the devices will function normally once I restart Logic. However as you can probably imagine this problem keeps repeating itself with every reboot..

The System installs a Generic device, that's normal. Feb 12, PM.

I did run a normal system update when I got prompted by my Mac about a week ago. Before that I updated everything I could when I got it in December. I did install the Monologue driver at a later point somewhere in January perhaps but the problems didn't start exactly when I installed it. Just to eliminate it as a factor though I uninstalled the driver using Korg's uninstaller.

This is what happened: until I uninstalled the driver I would get the CoreMidi error every startup this only started in the last couple of days. I just uninstalled it and rebooted my system a couple of times to test. I'm no longer getting the CoreMidi Error or haven't yet but the duplicate midi inputs are still getting generated. Feb 13, AM.

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Thanks again for all the effort you are putting in. It's hard to convey on the internet, but it's really appreciated. Everything is as up to date as I can get it. The Native Instruments controllers have their own software basically sound libraries that you can also run as a plugin in your DAW. On the NI forum we've been going over this as well there are a lot of similarities with the steps you are proposing.

So at least we've determined that it isn't unique to my system. I'm hoping we can still figure out why the duplicates get generated if only to prevent it from causing issues in the future and how to purge the MIDI inputs list in logic. Somehow it doesn't feel like a good idea to have hundreds or thousands of midi inputs accumulating in that list.. My current assessment is that both issues might be unrelated: I likely got the CoreMidi Errors from the Korg Minilogue drivers which caused all midi devices to become inactive. While looking for the issue I stumbled upon the MIDI input duplicates and assumed both issues were connected since I haven't really working with the Minilogue when these problems started occurring.

I also understand what you're saying about being careful with the updates, but somehow, in my mind I thought the Pro series were designed exactly to accommodate these types of "heavy" usage and integration. I always felt that the Mac OS was better with driver integration etc. Feb 13, PM. Apple used to be more concerned with this when "Pro" requirements were a priority, unfortunately that hasn't been the case for a while.

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Logic users have pretty much been demoted to auxiliary Beta testers. Some might think that's a bit harsh but it keeps getting proven over and over again. Logic is still excellent software but it's difficult to keep it current with each new OS release.


Hope this helps some of you. Find all posts by ronwasserman. Re: Solution if Maschine etc. Native Instruments and Avid are working together to resolve this compatibility issue. Native Instruments is currently conducting further systematic compatibility and performance tests with the release version of Yosemite, and will provide new information as it becomes available. Originally Posted by musicman Originally Posted by ronwasserman. Just thought I'd offer the solution while NI and Avid try to figure it out. Yeah - if we wait for that we'll be seeing PT12 first.

Apple broke it, Apple should fix it. Not Avid's fault. Let's ease off the Avid bashing for a second shall we, and instead concentrate on a toy phone manufacturer who it seems is actively seeking to destroy Avid. Find all posts by 8dB. I have PT 10 with Yosemite, but mainly use I have 10 for a reason, however it's not often I use it so I just took the file mentioned above and put it in a holding folder.

Reboot and Maschine2 works now with If I need 10 back to save a project compatible like I did recently I'll just plonk the file back into the HAL folder. If you only have 10 then my solution is not for you.

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Adding: PT 10 working with Yosemite but I get that graphic problem of plugins not showing until you hover over them. Kind of late to the dance here, but this is my experience: Removing the Avid CoreAudio driver and completely uninstalling Controller Editor 1. R2 - Mac OS X for Device Updater 1.

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