Line graph in excel for mac 2011

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For example, the data might be contained in column "A. Type a new column heading in a blank column to indicate the frequency limits that you want. For example, if you want to show a frequency distribution for every 10 units you would need to define that for Excel. The Frequency function refers to this limit as the "Bin Array.

How to Make an Excel Chart in Office 2011 for Mac

After you type in the formula, but before you press "Enter" the cell will be highlighted with a bold outline. Hold your mouse pointer over the lower, right corner of the cell so that it turns into a black cross. Click and drag downward to copy the formula until the last number shows the maximum limit for your frequency distribution. For example, if you are using a percentage scale, you would want to end at " Enter a column heading for the next column over and label it as "Frequency Distribution.

In this example it would be the cells in column "A.

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How to create a line chart in Excel 2011 Mac

See disclaimer. Step 1 Launch Excel, open your spreadsheet, and then select your chart. Select the "Chart Layout" tab, and then click the "Legend" button in the Labels group.