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As an added bonus, there's also a version of AirParrot that runs on Windows. Have an Apple TV but no Macs at home? You can still stream non-iTunes content to your living room. Or, you can show off a PowerPoint presentation from your Windows laptop to the Apple TV in the conference room at the office. Instead of mirroring your Mac's display, you can extend the desktop, using an HDTV as a second monitor.

You can also choose to show a single window from a specific app, which is centered on the screen—great for hiding all the extra things you might have going on in other apps while giving a presentation or demo, for instance. AirParrot's preferences include the ability to adjust the video quality and frame rate to optimize performance for your particular Mac. Other preferences let you hide the mouse cursor, limit streaming to p output, or stretch app windows to fill proportions.

Audio output can also be enabled or disabled separately from video streaming, unlike AirPlay Mirroring. However, it requires downloading and installing an extra audio driver to function.

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It's not a huge deal, really, but the driver installation did require a restart. AirParrot offers significantly more flexibility and wider compatibility than AirPlay Mirroring. But the differences highlight a philosophical distinction between the "Apple way" of doing things and what users might otherwise want.

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  8. As we noted earlier, AirPlay Mirroring is dead simple to use. Aside from optionally changing the resolution, there's basically no configuration or control involved. You turn it on, it works, and you turn it off when you're done. The hardware-based QuickSync compression makes streaming smooth at high frame rates, and has very little lag.

    Specific hardware is required to give the end-user this optimized experience, though, so Apple limits the feature to those machines. AirParrot, on the other hand, enables a much wider variety of hardware to stream to an Apple TV. But the experience on lesser hardware isn't as straightforward or as smooth. There's more noticeable latency, the frame rate may be choppy or inconsistent, or you may have to settle for more highly compressed output. AirParrot's real-time scaling relies on significant CPU power, too, which can cause your machine's fans to make a lot of noise or other apps to slow down.

    AirParrot's developers note that setting your Mac to the native resolution of your Apple TV either x or x can significantly reduce CPU usage, as can limiting the frame rate or reducing video quality. But doing so still requires user intervention. Effectively, Apple trades higher or more recent hardware requirements for a simpler, smoother user experience.

    AirParrot trades complexity and CPU utilization for more features and wider compatibility.

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    If you have a compatible machine and are already running Mountain Lion, AirPlay Mirroring will probably satisfy your needs. Just be prepared to tweak your settings to suit your Mac's capabilities.

    Calm down, 10.8's AirPlay restrictions are technical - not planned obsolescence

    You must login or create an account to comment. Bonus points for using the Remote app on your iPhone to control the playlist. AirParrot offers a number of options to optimize performance for your particular Mac. I'd like a single solution that can a extend the desktop AirPlay can't and b use the capabilities "QuickSync" of my late model Mac AirParrot can't.

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    Chris Foresman Chris is an Associate Writer at Ars Technica, where he has spent the last five years writing about Apple, smartphones, digital photography, and patent litigation, among other topics. Airparrot can mirror any specific application on your desktop without any screen cluttering or other issues. Another interesting feature that airparrot brings to your mac os x installed computer is desktop extension possibility.

    Now you can add more space to your desktop by creating a virtual monitor and extend your desktop to your TV without any wires. There is no restriction on the version when you use this app. Airparrot can let you share your mac screen with any apple tv version. You will see exactly whats on your desktop that makes it totally easy for you to use the Mac OS X on a bigger television. Airparrot is compatible for OS X You may download airparrot trial version before purchasing the actual software for 9.

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    It is laggy. I have tried watching videos from my Mac which were p to my p tv using my ATV3 which is also p and yet the video quality being displayed from my AirParrot is no more than …i.

    I have adjusted the setting any which way on AirParrot and my options are limited. I can force p but make the video jumpy.

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    I can increase frame rate at the cost of video quality. I dont want it to seem like I dont appreciate the product. It is a means to an end. It does what it is intended to do.