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Any other suggestions? Upgrades and new copies are available both as a download and physical discs. And yes, Software MacKiev ships everywhere in the world, including Canada. Good morning. Will the free update be available to those of us with subs to Ancestry. Will we receive notification if this is automatically updated. My current version on Mac 3 says Family Tree Maker 3 I bought FTM Mac 3 when it became available but never get it to load.

Consequently, I still use Mac 2. What should I do to take advantage of the update? I have 2 computers, both Windows XP. I cannot afford a new computer. Will I be supported or no? If no, I will not be able to sync after Oh well, perhaps I am too old to continue in a world of increasing complexity with everyone trying to get their hands in my pockets. Croaking begins to look like a more attractive option. Nice start guys. They will provide information on when it begins to roll out, but it is looking like Friday, March 4th.

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Dalsow, I am afraid you are out of luck with your Win XP, as Microsoft does not long support it and your two computers are vulnerable to attack. I do not know how this new FTM upgrade will work on your computers but I would be more concerned about having your data compromised at this point in time. Check out this link provided so you can read about it:. For the rest of contributors I have nothing to say but good luck as I only use Legacy genealogical software, as it is a much superior program than FTM was or ever will be.

I have FTMv. Unless I am wrong about this, then let me know, moderator. Older versions do not apply to this upgraded version of FTM In that case, you do not have to re-enter all your data.

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And all those with older versions get a discounted update. Note that your free or discounted update of FTM is not related to your subscription at Ancestry. What about if you have an older version of Family Tree Maker? I think mine is from , maybe , not sure? I just saw this today when I went to Ancestry. Reading over it it looks like there is a lot for me to do. Will the updated version of FTM for Windows be automatically sent to when ready on March 1st 3 days ago.

Thank you in advance for responding to my questions. Software MacKiev: What about platform changes? Am I eligible for the free upgrade or do I need to repurchase? Teresa Skaggs, the same thing happened to me last night. I spent a while on customer support and they ended up sending me info to uninstall and reinstall FTM and fix the problem. Check it out, it worked for me! Are my previously-entered records in automatically transferred to or do I have to manually re-enter records from ?????

Is anyone else having this same issue? This is not exactly the right update for posting my question, but the Feb 19th Update is so far removed now, few, if any will see and respond. This has been going on for a couple of days with my connection in the US and renders the site virtually unusable. Elhura, the exact same thing has been happening to me over the last few days!

Find a grave is also acting very slow, timing out, and weird with strange noises. Both sites are causing my rather new computer to crash for the first time. I wonder what is going on. It seemed to start when I changed my color on ancestry. As for security, I depend on Norton Internet Security. After all, our computers are still functional. I am ancient and do not appreciate built-in obsolescence. It should be against the law.

Which the original Ancestry did well. Dalsow, sorry but that is the way these software companies, like MS, stay in business. They now have Win 10 and if you have Win 7 or 8 you could upgrade the OS for free; however, I have lot of old programs that will not work under Win You can always upgrade your OS but do not have to buy new computers but it will cost you. That is how they make money. Also, do not count on Norton Anti-virus to check on everything on your computer, as it is not that full-proof. You also need to update drivers and such that supported software will give you.

Frankly, sorry to say but you are treading on thin ice.

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I use the paid version exclusively and it runs circles around FTM. There are many free videos on the site to get you started and think about joining the Facebook group, Legacy also where there are many people who will answer your questions. Thanks for your reply. The serious problems I encountered finally ended on their own over the weekend. Interestingly, they, too, started once I explored the color changes, which may or may not be a coincidence.

Another real concern I had in the days preceding the problem was with the viewing or downloading of Find-a-Grave via an Ancestry Hint. I am using Avast Virus Protection. Have since had a computer clean up just to be safe, but the erratic and slow behavior had corrected by then — and of, course, had only been occurring with Ancestry and not other programs on my computer.

I called Ancestry and received no explanation for the problems except the usual to clean my cache and cookies. Hope yours has cleared by now, as well, and will stay that way. I am still encountering one issue that is also new within the last week. Only upon return, will the narrative entered on Facts then appear. Sandra Tucker. Ditto to all.

The Comments should do the same. Currently only an alert for the number of comments appears when viewing your own tree and not others. The numerical alert should be there for the Gallery and for Comments and should extend to ALL trees, not just your own. How right you are that one usually does not look if an alert is not there. I also agree that the name of the tree and tree owner should be clearly shown on any printed version of Facts or Lifestory. Appearing in the heavily-inked banner when viewing, the banner was removed in printing and the name of the tree and tree owner became lost.

In my opinion, the sources should also be printed, but, as you said, moved to their original space under family members. This would free the page of clutter and add more space for the narrative lines to spread out.

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At present, the narrative blocks are short and choppy in print, making for an unattractive and less readable page. And as for the color options to which I will not be tempted to return, they seem only to be variations of the same palette repeated in different ways. None are as viewable for me as the current Pebble.

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Why could the tried and true colors of Old Ancestry not have been one of the options? While the effort on the part of Ancestry is appreciated, the final result seems to have been a waste of time. Am I missing something? Elhura, Vince. I have the same problem, adding info where Vince described.

You can go on gallery, another person or refresh. It all takes a lot longer and more work to do things now. You can sign up for the beta testing programme if you want to see updates of the software before they go on general release. You can sign up here. Vince and emam. Until now the added detail that I type in there has always immediately saved upon clicking the SAVE button. Now, it seldom does so and requires not only clicking on SAVE, but to then move away from the page and come back again before you can actually view the additions.

Family Tree Maker Latest version Do you want to know if you are related to European royalty, to the kings and queens of a bygone age, or if your ancestors were peasants, paupers, warriors or victims? The Family Tree Maker software could help you find the answers to all of your questions. Family Tree Maker was created by ancestry. For years they have been reuniting people with their pasts, helping them discover everything they wanted to know about there they came from and how they came to be. Family Tree Maker can help you learn the history of you family, the software contains billions and billions of records from tens of millions of families.

There is a very good chance that lurking somewhere within his software, is a detailed history of your family tree, which you can use to create a picture of what life was like for your ancestors. Users who downloaded Family Tree Maker also downloaded: We are happy to recommend you programs like Family Tree Maker that other users liked. Software similar to Family Tree Maker:. Avoirdupois Weight Measure Converter. They have posted articles online and you are supposed to figure out the solution to your problems from reading the articles.

If the answer to your question is not there, you are stuck. They do not respond to emails to their support center. I find this very disappointing and do not recommend their software due to lack of tech support. I purchased and paid for 5reemakee thumb drive two months ago. Revived an invite to participate in their trials. The same with the download, glitches and crashing? The synching not working anymore with the previous products having been cancelled and no longer receiving what we had paid for. Never mind the hard work put into compiling trees? Surely this is in breach of consumer law? They will sell you a license agreement and less than 30 days later it will be no good.

Save yourself a lot of money and frustration and just use ancestry. Just say no. After upgrading, I got an error message during the first sync. So just say NO to upgrading. Today is December 14, and the last post to this thread was August 5, Now I am more confused than ever. Never shared on-line, just on my harrdrive.

If anyone remembers the hype the electronic world was suppose to crash when the clock changed to January 1, Since that time I put everything away in boxes and just did updates with pen on the printed version. Fastforward to current date I am retired, have brand new computer win10 , was going to buy FTM and start from scratch and re-enter 40 years of boxes of data. I just want to organize all my stuff on the new PC, print it into little booklets and mail it to various family members.

Also been a paid ancestry. Somewhere and somehow all my sources got scrambled! Source citations are attached to wrong facts on wrong people and some citations themselves are interleaved with other Source Titles. Source usage reports are incomplete and do not include all sources in the system. When entering a new source to a fact, FTM will randomly attach it to some other person and fact in the database. I have reported the problem to Ancestry who punted me to Mackiev and been working with them for months to try and resolve.

Mackiev recently gave me a download for their 3. After deleting all my source citations approx. I just had to relink the media in RM I must say though, the user-interface of RootsMagic is not very atheistically pleasing to me and the fonts are difficult to read. This is probably because it is a Windows program running under an software interpreter on the MAC. RootsMagic has been promising a native MAC version for a couple of years now, and are not providing an ETA on when that might be available. Now I plan on also documenting my sources inline within the Notes field for each person and not rely on a program to maintain them based on this experience.

I am still using FTM , although I purchased the upgrade back in the day. For example, my name and those of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. In other words, the names transferred, but not the relationships. Every name was now a stand alone name, unconnected to any other name in the database. FTM could not figure out how to correct the problem, so I have just continued using my version.

I am concerned that I may encounter the same problem with the version. If I download the version at the Mackiev link you have provided, will I still be able to access my version if the version has the same problem? Hi, I am a grandmother, doing genealogy on my Family Tree Maker. I started a while back, and have Family Tree Maker I continued to add generations to my tree and have now come to verified records back to s, last three generations verified by the Tanguay Collection.

My problem is I went to view my descendant tree and found that my programme only goes to 7 generations and I have 10 generations inputted into my family box. Does anyone have any solution, other than getting another version?? I find this programme very easy to navigate, added notes, and it is only for family use. Hoping someone can help. For sure, you will always need to backup what you have to a format that can always be accessed, whether all printed, saved to a good quality GEDCOM file see other comments made on this thread about GEDOM , etc.

It is also important to realize that as technology changes, like new Windows Operating Systems, drivers, etc, that your OLD program, also may come to a useable end life and stop working. That said, I am not sure exactly what your other comments are relating to. Are you referring to your online Ancestry tree not showing 7 generations, or your local tree that is being shown with your FTM ? Your online Ancestry tree should be the same as you are expecting it to be, unless your local tree database has somehow eliminated the online version through a destructive sync. Hopefully having old backups would be able to restore your tree, both local and online.

I would recommend working with someone on a local level to help you with this so they can better understand your issue. The importance of backing up your data and staying very flexible with programs you are using can not be overstated. Companies and Programs come and go, as we have seen happen with the FTM program. Thanks for your comments. I do not have an online Family Tree Maker and I am choosing not to hook up with them. They may update my info with a programme that extends past 7 generations I am not sure about that but then they will have all of my information and control what I have put in, would they not??

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I do have hard copies of everything an age thing, I guess from when I went to Ottawa over 15 years ago and photocopied everything I could. Or is that a question anyone with computer knowledge would even ask?? Thank you for your input. Most areas will have them, though some may be only very small libraries. Still someone could still help you with several issues that you bring up. If you are syncing to Ancestry. It is YOUR tree to modify and do with it what you want.

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It is an annual fee based service though. If you are syncing with FamilySearch, it is free, but realize that it is a collaborative tree,so others can add, edit, or delete information. That is why it is important to maintain a separate local database on your machine, in case someone deletes pieces of information on the online tree, you still have your information.

However you probably will need some local help to export the information you have to a GEDCOM, and then import it to a newer program as above. Look in phone book for an LDS church and ask where they have a family history library. Someone should be able to help you there. Again, thank you for your comments and help. I had intended to go to my local Church of Latter Day Saints, where they do have a computer room and put in my information again, minus the last years which I consider private.

I assumed one would cut and paste my material but leave my tree intact. I will still go that route as I will definitely have a backup and would rather my info go to FamilySearch than Ancestry. I spent time on the internet reading about RootsMagic and AncestralQuest and both appear to have their followers, so I am asking you which one do you think more closely resembles the Family Tree Maker Format? Complexity is not my strong suit, so I am not looking for a lot of bells and whistles.

Also, when I checked the free RootsMagic it read as only going back 7 generations. I have a computer person coming to my home tomorrow evening to do what you suggested, as the transfer is beyond my realm of expertise.