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There will still, however, be both bit and bit versions of it. Funnel charts are useful when you want to display values at multiple stages in a process. A funnel chart can show the number of sales prospects at every stage of a sales process, for example, with prospects at the top for the first stage, qualified prospects underneath it for the second stage, and so on, until you get to the final stage, closed sales.

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Generally, the values in funnel charts decrease with each stage, so the bars in the chart look like a funnel. Funnel charts, available in Excel , let you display values at multiple stages in a process. Click any image in this story to enlarge it. Map charts are useful as well, and probably have wider applicability for most people. They let you compare data across different geographical regions, such as countries, regions, states, counties or postal codes.

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You only need to refer to the range and specify a delimiter, and Excel does the rest. Get more details about them all from Microsoft. The only significant new feature Word gets in Office is the Translator pane, useful for those who need to work in multiple languages. To translate words or phrases with it, you select them, then right-click your selection and choose Translate from the menu that appears.

Note that Translator is part of what Microsoft calls Intelligent Services, the artificial intelligence behind such Office features as Smart Lookup and Researcher. Click Turn On.

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That happens once. After that, the Translator pane appears. The top of the pane shows your selection, and the bottom shows the translation. The top pane attempts to identify the original language. If it does misidentify the language, though, just select the right language. After that, in the bottom of the pane select the language you want to translate to. The translation appears.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 - Review

To insert it somewhere into the document, move your cursor to the spot where you want it to appear, and click Insert at the bottom of the pane. You can also copy and paste any part of the translation into the document or another document. The Translator pane appears. The translated document opens in a new Word window, which you can then save or copy portions of.

Beyond the Translator pane, there are a few other small additions to Word , including a black theme, speech-to-text capabilities and accessibility improvements. But the changes are generally slim pickings. Morph is a simple-to-use tool that makes it easy to create animated transitions between slides.

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That solves a long-term, nagging PowerPoint problem: Its Animations tab, while packed with plenty of power, is tough to use. And creating animations with it can be quite time-consuming. Morph lets you show motion in transitions and inside slides, but without having to resort to using the Animations tab. To do it, you duplicate an existing slide, and then make changes to the duplicate slide, such as shrinking an element or elements in it, growing them, moving them to new locations or rotating them.

Then when you apply Morph to the slide, PowerPoint automatically creates an animated transition between the slides. Zoom creates a kind of visual table of contents for your presentation that lets you quickly zoom from one section to another. A new slide is created with thumbnails of those slides. Most everyone who creates presentations will find Morph and Zoom useful. Because of them, PowerPoint is the Office application most improved in Office The only significant change to Outlook is what Microsoft calls the Focused Inbox.

Focused inbox uses artificial intelligence to figure out which messages are most important to you and puts them into a Focused tab. The rest get put into an Other tab. You can manually move messages from one folder to the other and tell Focused Inbox to automatically filter them in that way in the future.

The Focused tab should have the most important messages, and the Other tab should have less-important messages. So Outlook users have something to be pleased about in Office Although neither of these is a must-have, they can cut down the time it takes to create and edit documents. Designer suggests new slide designs for you as you create a presentation, based on graphics you add to slides. This is totally unacceptable - it makes it impossible to even scroll through documents. Apple tech support just shrug they can't say if it will be rectified with no emulation , Leopard doesn't help and we can't change from Endnote because all our PhD references are in there.

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