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If you are looking for an app which packs almost all the functionality of Informant while not burning a hole in your pocket, try out SmartDay. The app has a menubar icon for quick access. The UI is also very clean and looks good. One unique feature of this app is that it lets you link information which belongs together. For example, you can link your grocery list to the shopping event on your calendar. The app gets most of its features right, however, there are a number of problems here and there. The one which bugs me the most is sync.

At times, I have found this app to be unbelievably slow in syncing my events. The UI although clean is a little bit hard to navigate. Also, many times the app just froze on me.

Sleek and packed with features. The optimal calendar for Mac users.

But, that might be because the app has still not been updated for High Sierra, which I am running on my Mac. If you take a little bit time to figure this app out, you can use it as a cheaper alternative to Informant. However, it takes a different approach to do that. Instead of showing the whole calendar, the app only shows the upcoming events. Each event is placed inside its own square enclosure. You can colour code the events to mark their priority. The events are shown on a dynamic timeline, with each event moving closer towards the end as their due date approaches.

If you have too many events, your desktop will start looking cluttered. But, since the idea is pretty unique, you can check the app out by using its trial version.

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Mine Time If you are looking for a free alternative to the above apps, Mine Time is your best bet. It supports all the major accounts including Google, Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange. It has a beautiful UI which is easy to navigate.

Beyond Google Calendar and Apple Calendar: The best apps for managing your schedule

However, since this app is still in development you can use the preview version there are a lot of missing features. I hope the devs will add these features when they release the full version. Kin Calendar Remember the Sunrise Calendar, it used to be one of the best calendar apps until it was bought by Microsoft and discontinued later. Kin calendar boasts itself to be as good as that. Along with bringing all the usual features, it will also bring integration with various third party apps such as Wunderlist, and todoist.

However, this app is still in beta and I have still not received an invitation to check out the app even after registering for it a few weeks back. I have mentioned this app just so that you guys should keep it on your radar. If it is anything as good as Sunrise, it will be worth the wait.

However, you will also need a good calendar app to get the most out of this tool. So, do you utilise your calendar and which calendar app will you be using on your Mac? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below. LOG IN. Recover your password. Related Articles. However, LG has now charted a plan for its triumphant return with the new "W" I am talking about OnePlus which was dominating this space but then However, I really admire As[ If one has a due date and time, it shows amidst your events at that time.

In the full app window, the reminders show in both the sidebar and the full calendar view. Apple has made an attempt to have Reminders be the default to-do list of the casual computer user. Unfortunately, they fell short making the experience fluid. However, Fantastical makes up where they lack. With Fantastical 2, the experience of adding, viewing, and interacting with reminders makes it feel as if Reminders is a natural extension of the calendar.

Fantastical has a fantastic sorry … you knew it was coming! Today widget. None of the other contenders offer that functionality. Basically, Fantastical makes working with your calendar and your reminders an experience. By far! Although not essential to the experience on macOS, any desktop application that has counterparts on iOS or Android extends the overall experience. However, the same smart design touches that make Fantastical the preferred option on macOS also give it the edge with the iOS versions.

Read more about that here. Free Productivity Guide: Download our simple guide to productivity to help you improve your workflows and be more focused with your time and attention. Get it here. Probably the most feature complete option we considered, BusyCal is the best choice for those who value function over form. It certainly gives you all the features you could want. Where it lacks for yours truly is the aesthetics: it looks and feels a little like corporate software.

Today, BusyCal is greatly improved, even to the point where it competes feature-by-feature with Fantastical. A good example is the menubar functionality. It even uses Fantastical-like language processing. One consideration a review of this type requires is how to approach Outlook. Do you compare the calendar function only?

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For this review, it did not. If an all-in-one approach is your preference, then Outlook is certainly a potential good fit for you. But, when considering calendar-specific features on their own, Fantastical is a much better overall experience than what the calendar portion of Outlook has to offer. Another issue to weigh is the cost.

Is Outlook good enough to overcome the larger price tag? If fitting in with Exchange is a must have or if you already subscribe to Office , then Outlook merits serious consideration. For anyone else, the other options are all a better fit. For the most casual user, it can certainly fit the bill. Where does it lack compared to Fantastical? Well, it does not have a menubar option.

As mentioned under ease of use, this is a must have for yours truly. The oddest part of Calendar is its lack of integration with other iCloud items. Want to interact with your Reminders in your calendar app? Then Calendar is not for you. Same for the Calendar Today widget. Because Apple separates Reminders into its own app, you cannot see these tasks even if they are time-based in the view of your day.

What’s The Best Calendar App for the Mac?

BusyCal comes close feature-wise, but is lacking the grace of a more well-designed application. At first glance, it looks very similar to Apple Calendar. It has your sidebar with calendar listings, main window with multiple view options , and it also includes Apple Reminders support as well. It does add one unique feature that I have fallen in love with: it includes a ten-day weather forecast.

10 Best Calendar Apps For Mac You Can Use

BusyCal does support natural language input through its quick entry box. Apple Calendar works in much the same way here.

The menu bar application supports it as well. Elsewhere, BusyCal offers many of the same features as Fantastical: time travel support and calendar sets. Outlook can only sync Exchange and Google Calendars. If you live in the enterprise email world, you might love Outlook. If that is the case for you, Outlook Calendars might be the best fit.

For a lot of people, what they end up using on iOS will dictate their macOS choice and vice versa.

4 of the Best Calendar Apps for Mac - Make Tech Easier

Fantastical is a beautiful app and would be an excellent choice for anyone. Overall, if I had to pick just one, BusyCal feels right at home on macOS while adding some much-needed features to the calendar experience. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:. October 7, Bradley Chambers - Oct. Another great feature of version 2.