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Chapman Chapman, Lydia, W. Ezra Chapman, year unreadable on transcription Charter, Caroline, A. Albert Aborn Charter, Ruth , d.

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Samuel Charter Charter, Samuel , d. Baker, Harriet L. Moore" Charter, Sanford , d. Ruth Charter Chatfield, Edward , d. Submin Clark Clark, Ma , d. William Clark Clark, Submit , d. Joseph Clark Clark, William , d. Clark Cogswell, Elizabeth , d. Joshua Cogswell Converse, Darius , d.

Hannah Converse Converse, Hanna , d. Darius Converse Cook, Sarah , d. Thankful Cook, Daughter of Mr. Thankful Cook Cooley, Eliza, Ely , b. Charles I. Cooley, Daughter of Charles I. Cooley Cortney, Emily , d. Joseph C. Cortney Courtney, Henry , d. Samuel Crandall Crandall, Jarvis , d. Jarvis Crandall Crandall, Samuel , d. Eunice Cravath Cross, Polly , d. Talmon Cross Cross, Talmon , d. Polly Cross Danforth, John, W. William H. Danforth, son of Wm. Danforth Danforth, Sarah, J. Danforth Danforth, William, W.

Danforth Davis, Shubael , d. Keziah Delano Delano, Bethiah, W. Keziah Delano Dimock, Lydia , d. Shubal Dimock Dimock, Mary , d.

Skungamaug Cemetery - Tolland County, Connecticut

Dimock Doane, Ebenezer , d. Eunicia T. Doane Doane, Eunicia, T. Ebenezer Doane Doane, Julia , d. Swallow Drake, Adaline, M. Drake Drake, George, L. Drake enlisted in Co. A 16 Regt Conn. July 14, Was killed Dec. Aged 19 yrs. Lurena P. Eaton Drake, Levi, Col. Mary G. Drake Drake, Lucy, E. Drake, Martha, S. Drake Drake, Mary, G. Levia Drake Drake, Sabra, S. Drake Eaton, Aaron , d. Eaton Eaton, Austin , d. Sarah Eaton Eaton, Charlotte, M.

Hiram Anderson Eaton, Delford , d. Sarah Eaton, son of Mr. Sarah Eaton Eaton, Edwin , b. Phebe Eaton, son of Mr. Phebe Eaton Eaton, Eliza, A.

George Eaton Eaton, Elliott, M. Eaton Eaton, George , d. Eliza A. Eaton Eaton, Horace , d. Sarah Eaton Eaton, Jeduthan , d.

Sarah Eaton, daughter of Mr. Sarah Eaton Eaton, John , d. Seth C. Eaton Eaton, Lizzie, L. Eaton Eaton, Lurena, P. Lester H. Drake Eaton, Lydia , d. Jeduthan Eaton Eaton, Phebe, C.

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Sheldon Eaton Eaton, Philena, A. Aaron Eaton Eaton, Seth, C. William Eldredge, This monument is erected to teh memory of Eldredge, William , d. Elizabeth Eldredge, ".. Nelson Eno Eno, Nelson , b. Harriet L. Eno Faxon, Rhoda , d. Esther Fish Fish, Esther , d. Charles Fish Fish, Martha , b. Sally Jewett Gilbert, Abigail, C. Merit Gilbert Gilbert, Merit , d.

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Aurelia Gilbert Gilbert, Phebe, Ann , d. Merit Gilbert Gray, Abial , d. Orren O. Green Griggs, Mary , d. Ichabod Griggs Grover, Aner , b. Mercy Ann Hungerford Grover, Asenath , d. Oliver Grover Grover, Charles, H. Grover, Emily , d. Lucinda Grover Grover, John , d. Horatio Grover Grover, Norman , d. Asenath Grover Grover, Peggy , d. Daniel Grover 2nd Grover, Phebe , d. John Grover Gutterson, Clarence, J. Elizabeth P. Shirley, probably still alive at time of Eno survey Gutterson, Harry, S. Rosetta Hale, Co. Hale, Frederic, R. Jonathan Clark Hale, Rosetta , d.

Baker Hale Hansen, Anne, J. Hansen Hansen, Carl, T. Engeborg M. Jorgensen, "born in Mogeltonder, Denmark" Hansen, Diderik , b. Harwood, Matilda , d. Lewis Harwood Hatch, Abigail , d. Abner Hatch Hatch, Abner , d. Abigail Hatch Hatch, Jenna , d. Heman Hatch Hatch, Manarva , b.

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Eunice Hatch Samuel Hawkins Hinckley, Ichabod, Capt. William Holman Holman, William , d. Anne Holman Holman, William, Duran , d. Deliverance Howard Howard, Deliverance , d. Benjamin Howard Howard, Dilana , d. Joseph Howard Howard, Hezekiah , d. Priscilla Howard, son of Mr.

Priscilla Howard Howard, Joseph , b. Stephen Howard Howard, Priscilla , d. Thomas Howard Howard, Samuel , d. Priscilla Howard Howard, Samuel, D. Harvey and Mrs. Sarah Howard, son of Mr. Sarah Howard Howard, Stephen , d. Edwin C. Sparrow, probably still alive at time of Eno survey Howes, Prince , d.

Elisha Arnold Hungerford, Mercy, Ann , b. Aner Grover, possibly still alive at time of Eno survey Isham, Abigail , d. Gurdon Isham Isham, Gurdon , d. Abigail Isham Isham, Harriett, A. Jonathan Jennings Jewett, Sally , d. Lewis Gary Johnson, Annie, M. John Johnson, born in Denmark Johnson, H. Randolph Johnson Johnson, Jasper, G. They are natural and common inhabitants of the soil and ambient waters such as lakes and rivers.

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There are nearly 2, public drinking water systems in Connecticut. Water regulations establish maximum contaminant levels, treatment techniques, and monitoring and reporting requirements to ensure that water systems provide safe water to their customers. Violation information for each water system includes whether it has followed established monitoring and reporting schedules, complied with mandated treatment techniques, violated any Maximum Contaminant Levels MCLs , or communicated vital information to their customers.

If a drinking water system does not resolve a violation after it has been identified, the Department of Health must initiate enforcement. Some enforcement actions include reminder letters, warning letters, notices of violation, field visits, and phone calls. Francis Asbury Loomis Bridgeport is in Fairfield county, not Tolland county. This would have been in the late 's to e Re: Tolland Co. I have Could Joseph be Albert's brother? I think Albert was born in and died in in Forestville, Ct. Had one son Richard b. At the time of the U.

Census was living in Bridgeport, Tolland , CT. He was known to my gra Tolland Co. Elizabeth Foster also b Stafford They had a son Jonus b Jan 1, He was in the war of and died in the service I believe that the town of eastbury was once part of your area. I have a source that states that Ezekiel skinner who lived in eastbury left a will when he died in Could someone direct me to how Brown of Coventry, CT.

Gideon's parents were George W. Brown and Ursula Harrington