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Click it.

You may receive an error message when you sort a range that contains merged cells in Excel

In this new window, you choose how the data is sorted. Click Ok and return to the previous window. The previous window will show you three columns; Row, Sort On, and Order. Under each column is a dropdown. Open the Order dropdown and select how you want to sort the data in the selected row.

This will not change the default sorting criteria in Excel.

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You will have to repeat the entire process each time you want to sort data in rows. The filters are neat because you can change them and update the sorted data on the fly.

Additionally, the filter feature lets you sort the data according to its value and not predetermined criteria like alphabetical order or numeric order. Home MS Office. Get daily tips in your inbox.

Related Reading. In the Copy Colors From menu, select the name of the document containing the palette you want to copy. The AutoFormat feature for tables lets you add shaded lines, but if you delete a row or sort your table, you end up with a patchwork of shaded and plain cells.

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This method uses the MOD function, which calculates whether a cell is in an even- or odd-numbered row and shades only the even rows. With this method, you can add or delete rows, and copy and paste cells, with impunity.

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Use two-condition formatting to create alternate rows of different colors inset. By using two-condition formatting, you can create tables with stripes of alternating colors. Click on the Format button; under the Patterns tab, select a color for the background, and click on OK.

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How to sort alphabetically in Excel with formulas

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Force a line break in a cell Ever have a string of text spill out of one cell into the next? Replace standard colors You can immediately add clarity or visual interest to a spreadsheet using colored text or cells.

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