Slow startup on my mac

Why is my Mac Running Slow?

Generally the more free space on your hard disk the faster your computer will run. The more free space you have, the easier it is for OS X to tweak your disk performance. Get rid of them — move them somewhere else. When your computer first turns on some applications are automatically loaded — drivers and little add-ons.

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This is a list of all the applications that are set to open when you first boot OS-X. There may be some that you do not need anymore.

1. You've got too many startup items

Do a google search to find out what they do first. I had 12 and I paired it down to these 6 which I wanted to keep. This article will help you work out if you have enough memory. Any extra app will use system resources.

10 ways to solve slow startup in macOS Mojave on the Apple Mac

There are some other tricks out there but these are the main ones. Not sure which startup items are not necessary. That sounds risky as I am coming from Windows machines exclusively since the time of Windows 3. Once it's on, everything works ok. My older OS was never like this, just a few minutes from the on button to the desktop.

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  • 2. Startup disk is getting full;
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  • Apple sent me some troubleshooting steps, but none seem relevant.. Posted on Sep 21, PM. Page content loaded.


    Sep 21, PM. You may need to first click on the Padlock on the lower left corner, and enter your Admin password, before you can see if your boot disk is selected. It's odd.

    How to Fix a Mac not Booting up (Part I)

    So it's a bigger mystery as it's intermittent Sep 22, PM. How to fix slow shutdown and startup times. Question: Q: mac slow to start up More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate.

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    1. Your hard drive is getting full

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