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While your company might want all updates disabled, Not updating Flash and Java leaves you vulnerable to security threats. Rather than run old software, I would completely remove. You don't have to have either Flash or Java. Jul 7, PM in response to dianeoforegon In response to dianeoforegon.

I always have then up and running. I'm responsible for my security. Jul 8, PM in response to disguise In response to disguise.

The ugly side of the latest Java updates | Computerworld

That worked!!! Thank you so much!!!!

But I think you had a typo in your script I cannot believe that it worked!!!!!!!!!!! You are a genius!!!!! We are completely on top of security threats, but thank you for the advice!!! We update Java and Flash manually the day the updates are released. We just don't want our computers checking for updates all day every day, or our employees running the updates themselves, because once they restart their computers, they simply go back to the way they were when we last froze them using Deep Freeze.

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What is Java?

Oct 7, AM in response to macfay In response to macfay. To do that, I have to logon to the Business Portal, but there is a critical step that must be done - authentication using AUSkey, another form of digital ID. BUT, guess what? Before any of that happens, Java has to be installed! So, the ATO requires me to install a vulnerable system on my mac before I can proceed with my civic duty.

That's ridiculous!

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You shouldn't have to interact with vulnerable tools just to follow the rules. Hopefully, they change that to use more modern methods so you don't have to deal with Java anymore. I just tried to update it as recommended, and it told me it was downloading the update, then that it was extracting the update, then the little window closed and I was back where I started! These commands will remove just the browser plugin and the preferences panel, it will leave the Java runtime in your system. Another great how-to article. But why fill it with other lies that take away from it's awesomeness?

Just write your great how-to instructions, and leave it at that. And it cost them hundreds of dollars for each instance. Keep up the good advice secure everything you hold dear all the time and stop it with the bad you don't even need anti-virus because you bought brand "x". Alex, Flash Player is also a potential security risk but it's not as bad as Java.

There's more content on the Web that uses Flash than Java these days, so I suggest enabling click-to-play so that Flash only runs when you explicitly allow it. That's the best blend of convenience and security.

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Why oh why do people continue to promote the fallacy that Mac's are "rock solid when it comes to security"? Do you read anything other than your own BS? I am not a Mac basher. I am a Security professional and this delusional approach to Mac security must stop. I've seen it happen in the real world, and it isn't pretty. But it's easier to believe the lie. That's a good reason to have Java still installed! You can still benefit from disabling the plug-in in your browsers, though. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Something Disappeared From Your Mac?

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How to disable Java on your Mac

Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. And just to make Java run properly I have to select "run in unsafe mode" in Safari Preferences. We tried to use the com. But it's still want to update checkbox marked.

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HI Maik, I have worked directly with JAMF support on this, they were unable to resolve the issue and ultimately closed the ticket without a solution, I do know that they were trying to solve it with scripting without success. I wish I had better news but for now it looks like there is no way to disable the auto update checkbox. Just tried the script Jared mentioned, confirmed working Previously, the script was unchecking the "Check for Updates" option and removing the Launch Agent that checks for updates periodically.

However, if you were still on an older version of the plugin, it would prompt to update when you opened a Java app. If you've been using the previous version of the script, I'd suggest grabbing this updated version and testing, then using that. For Java 8, i just did a fresh install of java and then ran composer to pull out the autoupdate file after turning auto updates off