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Sure you can update the RAM, but not without taking it apart. And there's no way to upgrade the storage.

The New Apple Mac Mini 2018 Is Described As Awesome But Is It A Good Pro Tools Machine?

Intel's NUC machines are more innovative in those departments. Apple made a conscious decision to pigeonhole the Mac mini. During my hands-on with it yesterday, the demos were of the Mac mini as part of a server farm or running as a MacBook Pro companion rather than a cheap home Mac.

But without discreet graphics it still stops short of what most pros need. Radeon or even Iris Plus graphics? The Mac mini update leaves the Mac Pro as the longest-in-the-tooth Mac, having been stagnant since its launch other than a modest speed bump here and there. A lot is riding on the redesign and while I was once confident that the extra time Apple is taking means it is tweaking, fine-tuning, and refining the design, the Mac mini makes me skeptical. The specs are almost secondary to the Mac Pro update—it needs to deliver a completely new experience to make pro users happy. What if Apple merely tweaks the case and adds a few Thunderbolt 3 ports?

There was a time when Apple would blow us away with new Mac updates and set the trend for the whole industry. You can usually find him with his nose buried in a screen. The best way to yell at him is on Twitter. Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever.

Why the new Mac mini makes me concerned about the upcoming Mac Pro | Macworld

Grab highly rated Bluetooth speakers for cheap in Amazon's one-day Prime Quite a lot, 90C temperature and obiously its fans running to its maximum power. Still with those parameters, the computer behaves very good. It is quad core i7. I dont really understand too much about this. But my question is: Is that mac mini server more powerful than my Macbook pro 2. If it is, I might go for that one. But What I didnt lke is the 2. Aug 22, AM. Don't get caught up in the CPU speed vs.

Today's best Apple Mac mini (2018) deals

More cores is going to be better, especially when the speeds are so close. EDIT: My math does not reflect actual performance comparisons, but I included it to quantify what you'd buy vs. Aug 22, PM. Ok, I think the right choice is the mac mini server. But to end up the discussion and not go any further. This are the specs between the closest options. In overall, which one is the most powerful. But, between those? Theres not a huge difference in price, and I would like to get the best option and dont regret in the future.

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A virtual quad core. Not as fast as a real quad core but damned close enough to make significant speed difference, I used my 2.

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  • I only measured the transcoding time on Handbrake giving the Windows coding a break. On the Mini, using Activity Monitor, I could see 4 streams being worked on -2 real; 2 virtual. I know those streams were no where near as powerful as a true quad core but they did cut down the transcode time by almost half compared to my C2D Mini. From what I'm reading on the web an iMac would have been faster.

    BUT not signicantly so. Bottom Line: For once, the Minis do not have to kneel to any iMac for speed or capability. As they say, its close enough for government work!. For me, I have all the peripherals, and prefer being able to add or drop what I want to the mix as technology demands blu-ray drive, bigger monitor, decent speakers. Can't easily do that with an iMac. That's why I will always prefer a flexibility of a now viable Mini. Aug 25, AM. Hello Buddy. I cannot speak for logic but i can speak for protools. Protools is the industry standard DAW digital audio workstation. I would only ever consider it for mixing and making music first and foremost above all other DAW softwares.

    Protools in its current 32bit state only utilizes 3. Im not sure if logic utilizes more RAM than that or not but protools currently does not. I would get the mac mini server version with quad core. Reason being: you will be able to move you studio and get any sized external monitor you want and wont have to be married to a 21 or 27" imac screen every time you need to hit the road.

    The only way your DAW when running protools uses more than the previously spoken about 3. Something like a addictive drums or BFD drums are sameple libraries and virtual instruments and their samples are pulled up in RAM while the CPU is processing the sounds. These would utilize the extra RAM aboce the 3. NOTE: the i7 mac mini server is not a 2. IF you do decide to get the mac mini server with quad core, you will have to purchase a snow leopard retail installer disc.

    Install snow leopard to an external harddrive as your boot volume. Back up the external hard drive boot volume using time machine on a separate or partitioned pard of this external drive and then restore that backup back on to your new mac mini thats currently loaded with lion. You will get errors everytime you try, you must "fool: the mac and "force" it to revert to an earlier OS such as snow leopard.

    Why the new Mac mini makes me concerned about the upcoming Mac Pro

    You will get errors all day and all night. Trust me from experience. When you do you get your DAW set up on the mac mini. Its nice because you can partition the other drive to run lion still if you want and then you can use the 2nd drive that has lion installed on it as your record version and it will run Waaaay better than any USB external drive or firewire drive.

    This is very convenient compared to the imacs but can take days to set up. Time machine and the the snow leoopard retail version Disc is key though. I use a mac mini server my self and have dealt with this for months including expensive technical phone calls for support. I have a lion OSX set up on my mac mini and a 60GB partition set up on the second hard drive running snow leopard. Protools projects are saved to the Lion hard drive when booting form the snow leopard side. Jul 26, AM. Question: Q: Is it worth it to buy a mac mini? More Less.

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    User profile for user: idAvIdce idAvIdce. Audio Speciality level out of ten: 0. Question: Q: Question: Q: Is it worth it to buy a mac mini? Hi, I will be as much brief as possible. Any help will be appreciated based on my needs.