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Keep up the good work! Have a house full of philips hue and i have used similar apps on iPhone like hue disco, but they require the microphone on your phone. When you receive calls your light show is interrupted. This app lets me play music and sync my lights through my mac. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

Mar 16, Version 1. Information Seller Nicolas Anjoran. Size 8. Category Entertainment. Compatibility OS X Languages English, French.

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Price Free. Our number one app is iConnectHue! This is one of the more costly apps that people are going to find today, especially if they are interested in getting all of the features that come with the iConnectHue. However, as the name suggests, this is very much the sort of app that is going to allow people to interface with their lights more effectively than the majority of others available today.

People can control individual lights, groups of lights, and other arrangements of lights in a way that would be difficult otherwise.

You might find it distracting

Read our full user iConnectHue app Review here. This is an app that will allow people to get some of the coolest lighting effects that anyone could ever expect. These are subtle lighting effects that will manage to evoke the feeling of a place. Some of them will be reminiscent of a desert and some of them will be reminiscent of seasons like autumn or winter. One way or another, people will be able to change the emotional character of their rooms effectively.

This app works with both Hue and Lifx bulbs allowing you to combine and operate them both. The app comes with built in ready to use scenes and settings, some are free and some are premium.

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From the desert colors of its Albuquerque program, to the warm orange and yellows of its Autumn Leaves setting, the OnSwitch app transports you to a different place. Included is a setting for Christmas lights, and other holiday theme colors are on the way.

Download for iOS or Android. Stunning light visuals and scenes to suit every mood, browse and select beautiful light scenes, there are 50 dynamic light animations from 6 different moods, these are Relaxing, Sleeping, Romantic, Party, Working, Winter. The app is free to download as a trial for 7 days, then with an in-app purchase you can continue to use.

The Huemote is one of the easiest apps that people can use in order to really manage their Phillips Hue lights. They can alter the brightness of the lights and the colors of the lights very easily using the Phillips Hue lights, making it a clear contender for the best 10 Apps for the Philips Hue. Not only is this app a convenient remote control.

It also gives users voice control over their Philips Hue Lights system. Few smart lamp apps could ever be as efficient as the Lightbow app.

Philips Hue Entertainment sounds awesome. Here's why it isn't

People can control groups of bulbs or individual bulbs, which will give people that much more of an influence over the lighting in their environment. Easily the most comprehensive app for the Philips Hue Lights, it is also the most expensive. The Hue Disco app is one of the many apps that is capable of getting the lights and the music in sync, which is going to allow people to have an even more energetic party.

This app is simular to Ambify, but it is a little more convenient. Just set it up next to your stereo speakers and soon your Philips Hue Lights will fill your room with a mirage of dancing lights. However, people can adjust the sensors and the settings more easily with theHue Disco app than they can with other apps, which should allow people to prevent their guests from getting sensory overload more effectively.

The Huey app is good for a very different type of party. People can use an app like this during a gaming party or a movie party. The Huey app can be used to position the lighting correctly, so the screens are illuminated or else get all of the lighting that they need to be as cool as possible.

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There is no longer any need to to fill your home with the same unimaginative lights while you watch your favorite movies, or play you most exciting video games. The Philips Hue Lighting system is capable of matching the colors on your screen with simular colors that it then projects on to the walls. As the tension mounts on the screen, the ambient light reflected around you will enhance the experience.

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  4. Of course, this is more complicated than the Huey app, and will take time to set up, but if your creative juices are flowing, give it a try. People will cycle their lights all the time in order to get all sorts of cool lighting effects during a party. However, those cycles are sometimes beyond their control in a way that can be fixed with the right app. The Scintillator is just the sort of app that can allow people to get control over those cycles, which can enable people to truly get the lighting effects that they want.

    Hue Hello is one of the highest ranked free Philip Hue apps available. It has 8 basic presets, meaning it does all the work for the user, has different adjustments for each room that a user has smartlights installed, and gives you a way to create groups of lights. This Philips Hue app is free but does have adverts and a few limitations unless your pay for it, but is quite a bit more complex than Hue Hello. It is very highly rated, and is one of the most used Philips Hue apps. Of its many advantages, a few are that it has support for the temperature sensor, movement sensor, and this Philip Hue app allows the user to set a lot of rules, conditions and actions to their own liking.

    This offering for Philips Hue app users has one intention: to help the user relax and de-stress. It certainly does that with 12 different preset offerings. One downside is that it is a newer Philips Hue app, so it only works on newer androids that were created after July Once a user is more comforter with their Hue Lighting system, this is an absolute must to have in Philips Hue apps.

    This helps the user to manage and control all groups, sets trigger events like alarms or motion sensors, and can help the user create rooms, scenes and transitions. This app is known for its ready-to-custom lava lamp scenes.

    How to Control Your Philips Hue Lights from Your Mac

    This Philip Hue app falls into the relaxation category for many users. Settings include light drizzle and heavy rain pours down. If someone is looking for more excitement, tornado alley and hurricane mayhem are some other options. An inexpensive way for user to get their daily zen, fall asleep, or even imagine themselves inside of. Both this app and Hue Thunder have great ratings, a comparable amount of users, and each has different effects to make it its own app.

    What apps do you use and recommend? Have we missed any off our list? Let us know below. My personal favourite is iConnectHue, it is very powerful, up-to-date and always being improved. If you want to create more complex settings, or buttons, scenes and animations then this app is certainly worth checking out. For music then HueDisco is great, some great settings and easy to use. There are lots of apps for Philips Hue but these are our top 10 and some great choice that are worth downloading.

    Wish to share an app? Mike is the founder of Hue Home Lighting, a huge Hue fan with far too many lights, covering home and garden. A smart home gadget addict and also enjoys the odd bit of DIY. The app incorporates many features which you would normally need multiple other applications for, not limited to:. No microphone required. There is also a free trial! Awesome thanks for the support! There are so many new additions but bloggers seem to neglect that things and apps have moved forward with Hue.

    Hopefully that gets changed in the future, I will be downloading it when possible. I would guess that is the 1 reason you were not included on their list. I was looking for a hue app to program my Hue tap switching saw your app mentioned in an article but it was for Windows. I decided to see if the App Store had it and thankfully, they did!

    I now love my Tap switch because of the toggle features you brought to it. I can use one switch to toggle brightness levels of a current scene, another to toggle as many scenes as I want. My only complaint is that it only works in portrait mode on an iPad.

    ‎iLightShow for Philips Hue on the Mac App Store

    I still gave it a 5 star review on the App Store. Awesome news — glad its worked out for you, Thanks for the review on the App Store as well. We need to get the app out there! I must agree with the people of Hue Dynamic. Although their app is very user friendly, it allows to bring Philips Hue to its full power.