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Does anyone wish that combat arms could be for the Mac cuz i know i want it to because i have had a mac for years and have never been able to get those game that i just really want to get. Does anyone know how i can contact nexon so i can address this problem to them. I mean a lot of people have macs and the number of people that would use combat arms would increase tremendously.

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If you agree leave a post. Not only does a very, very slim market share use macs, but the number of mac users in Korea where the game was made is even more miniscule. Nexon would laugh in your face at the suggestion. If you have an Intel Mac you can run boot camp. If you have a Powerpc you can run Mac OS only and also are very limited in your games. Even at the Macgamestore you have to check the requirements because many of the new games require an Intelmac.

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Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. But ya I agree that they should have it universal to PC and Mac. Not sure how to contact nexon though. If you like FPS games it is really fun!!!! I have been playing for about a month now and i am still having fun I just wish my friends with a mac could play So if you have a fairly new Mac and can run windows you can play pc games.

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Scheduled Maintenance Combat Arms: Reloaded will go down for it's scheduled maintenance on Approximate time for this maintenance is 4 hours. Please log out before the start of the maintenance to avoid any loss on your account. Rangers, Login everyday this week and get this amazing rewards. Thank you for the continuous support for Combat Arms: Reloaded. Is this game worth playing now? I've never played since the olden days of this game but everyone is saying that it's not very good anymore and it's full of hackers, should i try it? View artwork. You can see it in the title.

I don't understand So does that mean that something went wrong? I have to get myself one of this bikini girls :D. View screenshots. View videos. Combat Arms: Reloaded "First Steps". I play this game since nearly 9 years and now with the Steam release I am happy to see again new player joining us. And since we have now again a global chat, I see also often questions arising of new players. So I prepared this small guide and hope it View all guides.

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Skid Row Trash. Can't change my name.

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Can't change my name and I used "HACK" because that's my real name but everyone kicks me because they think I am a hacker. T0ms csgoempire. Starting CA: Reloaded. Combat Arms is a free to play fast paced fps game. If you will start new you should find true equipment for you.

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Some guys say pay to win but i dont think. You can get better guns with some cases but you can buy this cases with in game money too.

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So this No one has rated this review as helpful yet. RIP Combat Arms For those who are wondering the old combat arms is dead.