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Why not simply embed the picture in the Main Document? Cheers Version: Processor: Intel Hi, I have used Includepicture in mail merge before on Window machines and it has worked a treat. Thanks a million John. I will have a look at that later today nd let you know how I get on. Ta, K. Hi There Okay, it is still not all the way there.

Below is the exact code I am using now. Any reason why it should not be working? Best, Kieran.

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Jim Gordon MVP. Hi Kieran: Are you remembering to "Update Fields" in the merge documents after you merge? Cheers Hi There Okay, it is still not all the way there.

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Hi John, Thanks for your help. Sadly, it is still not working. Have updated fields yes, but to no avail. I am going to concede defeat for the moment and trick about with it over time. I will post the answer when it comes. Thanks again for your help. Hi Kieran, I had the same trouble a few weeks ago, and found it very frustrating that dynamically merging in pictures from the filesystem worked perfectly well on my Windows machine with an older version of Word and not on my Mac with the latest version of Word.

Type in the full path single slashes or colons both work. For some reason, dragging and dropping these fields makes Mac Word realise that they're live and dynamic. Otherwise if you type it in, Mac Word just keeps them static and literal. I'm a new Mac user for only the last 2 months Good luck, Chetan Tolia.

Hi, Slight correction to the instructions above. Insert Placeholders" 5. You should now see the actual filename of the first record e. This is normal 7. Continue with the Complete Merge and it should work. Hi Chetan: Very nice instructions! It is so good to see other users putting a bit of expertise back into this forum. You can't "type" these either side of the fence It's reassuring that this can be done on a Mac. My question for you all is this: Are you all just wanting to put the file path for your image directly into Word?

Have any of you tried placing the file path for different images within a spreadsheet, and then using the spreadsheet as the mail merge data source for variables that might include text,such as names and email addresses, but also links to various images? Before you start make sure you have your Excel spreadsheet ready.

Now open up Microsoft Word and click on the Merge tab. Next, click on the Start Mail Merge button and select Labels. Now it's time for you to select the Label Vendor. I have the labels so I am going to scroll down and select that. You should find the label number that's appropriate for your labels, it's usually on the box.

When you find your label number, select it and click OK. You might get the following message. What this means is that if you typed something in this document and you did not save it, it will be lost.

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If you do not want that, hit Cancel , save the document and then repeat the steps from If you have a blank screen behind this message then go ahead and click OK to continue. Browse to the location where your Address List file is and select it.

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I have mine on the Desktop. I will click on it once, and then select Open. In this window, select the sheet you have your list on. Mine is on the first sheet as this is all I have there. If you didn't do anything special in Excel, your address list should be on the first sheet as well. Also notice the check box next to First row of data contains column headers. You should have that checked if your columns have headers such as: First name, Last name, Address, etc.

If you don't have the column headers, I would recommend going back to the excel file and adding them in. It's going to make your life a lot easier while going through the merge. When ready, click the OK button.

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Once you click OK you will see the following document. It may look a bit scary but don't worry, all is good. Since you are creating address labels, you will have two choices here. The first choice is to click on the Address Block button on the ribbon.

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This option will automatically select all your columns and create an address for you. The address looks good, but notice that we are missing the state. It's not listed here but when we check back in our Excel document, it's there. Well this is ok, we can fix it. Go ahead and click on the Match Fields button.

Now in the left column find State and in that row click on the arrow pointing down, then select your header name for the State column. Mine is called State, so I will select that and click OK. Now we see that the state is showing and the address looks good. Go ahead and click the OK button. If you decide to print your labels now, you will only get that first address in the first label. To do that you need to click on Update Labels option on the ribbon.

Once you click on that button, all labels will update. And you are almost done!

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Make sure All is selected and click OK. TA DA!!! Now all you need to do is print your labels. Another Way to Merge with Word and Excel 1. Another way to do the merge is to pick the fields manually. To do that you will need to select the Insert Merge Field option on the ribbon and select one field at a time.