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Copy & Paste acting up on Mac? Here's how to fix it - Blog - MacKeeper™

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Fix a Stuck Clipboard on Mac!

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How to Copy and Paste on a Mac Using a Keyboard Shortcut

March 6, at am. Copying and pasting are considered to be the most routinely performed actions in your Mac computer. In fact, any Mac user will perform copying and pasting at least a couple of times every day. Whenever copy and past not working on Mac, it becomes a real frustration. Typing long sentences multiple times instead of simply copying them can be a time consuming and bothersome task. Practically, solving this issue is exceptionally easier than you think. In some cases, copy and paste function can function again simply with a restart.

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As a result of a restart, clipboard daemons will be forced to launch again. But, in certain cases, restarting may not be the best solution. For instance, restarting your Mac to fix the copy paste issue during an online conversation is not a good idea. Likewise, there are plenty of other occasions in which you cannot apply restarting as a solution.

You can address a large number of issues related to Mac simply through Activity Monitor. Then, open Activity Monitor from Applications and select Utility.

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You can search it through the Spotlight search window. Now, you should go to the respective pboard process and click on X button located in the toolbar. You should then click on the Force Quit button. As the last step, you should close the Activity monitor. This terminal can facilitate you to quit the malfunctioning processes. In fact, it can be solved with three easy steps. Press enter to complete the mission.

Seems like I remember this being a problem with Word for Mac not sure though. Have you tried with Pages?

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It is probably because my version is so old, but I had no problem until I downloaded Mojave. Thanks Reuben.

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I'm experiencing the same issue since upgrading to MacOS In my case, the issue is not limited to Microsoft products, as it happens for TextEdit as well as Word and PowerPoint. Go to your settings, and allow Logos full control of your OS under Accessibility. This resolved the issue for me. Myke Harbuck Lead Pastor, www.