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I can't eject while its installing, Wineskin says, so I can never go beyond the first disc. So how can I install this? I have AnytoISO, if that might help. Also for patching this game if ever it is installed, how will I patch it? Will I wineskin the patches too? But its stuck on the loading start screen. Help please! Should I redo installation? I'm using wine ver. I have the latest one too as of posting this forum topic. If making ISOs doesn't work For the starting up issue.. If its graphical issues, its sometimes helpful to try in Wineskin.

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There are also a lot of DirectX registry entires that can be play around with I'm not really familiar with creating custom exe's, or winetricks. If it would be possible, maybe a full explanation please? I'm a relative newbie here, so I apologize haha.

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How do you create a virtual desktop? Winetricks help?

BFME2 HD 1.09 - Mordor Skirmish - I Will Break Him!

How do you use it? Or how to change the Direct X? Create exe? Graphics are ok i think. In Wineskin you can set a virtual desktop in the normal Screen Settings location in Wineskin. A virtual desktop is basically a single window that the game will see as its monitor, and think its in fullscreen, but its really in a Window. Make sure you also select to Decorate windows in the same area if you want that window to be movable. Winetricks is a quick way to get things done. You do not use it for anything at all unless it actually has something you need.

Like many games Fonts will be messed up and installing CoreFonts with Winetricks can fix that You read through the list to see what each option does, then you can select that option to run if its something you need.

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You do not change DirectX. DirectX support is already built in. Sometimes you just need a dll or two from MS DirectX and not the whole thing A custom exe launcher is just another app launcher to run a different exe in the same wrapper, instead of the main exe. This is mainly used like if some game has a setup. Tried making custom EXE's, even doubling the one for the main game, and one for internet explorer Can't really put my finger on what is wrong, or what's needed.

Do I need to reinstall? Gecko somehow ceases to install every time it reaches halfway in the downloader I really do not know If you research around the web, and mainly in the AppDB and find out what other people have done with Wine to get it to work I'm not sure what the exe launchers were going to do for you, they are just ways to launch different exe files quickly.

First, upgrade your graphics card drivers. If you have more than one graphics card in your computer then test running the game on each card. First, right click the game's shortcut. While online the game says to update. Check these for BfME 2. Virtual Disk Drive Windows 10 can mount disks to a virtual drive. We do not recommend Daemon Tools Lite. If you use Daemon Tools Lite do not update this specific version if the old version runs on your computer.

If you wish to play these version you will need to mount a mini-image to a virtual disk drive. Secondly you will need one of these mini-images. Alternatively, you can use an alternative game. Auto-defeat: You are defeated 3 minutes into the game. This is part of the game's anti-piracy. To fix it:. Compatibility If you have mods that install into the game's installation folder please uninstall them and remove leftover files before reinstalling the game.

More Help Check our Forums. Edited Auto-defeat section. You are also welcome to make use of my archives of official files:. Doesn't work either, the guy above said the other one which needs permission. Posted 12 April - PM. For if a question be in itself incongruous and begs for uncalled-for answers, it holds, sometimes, besides embarrassing the proposer, the disadvantage to seduce the unguarded listener into giving absurd answers, and we are presented with the ridiculous spectacle of one as the ancients said milking the he-goat, and the other holding a sieve beneath.

Posted 17 April - AM. Posted 17 April - PM. Posted 25 April - PM. Posted 28 April - PM. It's free if you have a valid key and it works without a disc or image and also without the Origin Client running. All you need is to download through Origin and then authenticate at first start with your Origin account details. I was honestly unaware of this being a thing! We'll look into this, thanks for notifying us.

I know for a fact it was on Origin because there's a copy in my library. No parent should have to bury their child - King Theoden. I have RotWK on Origin. I never install it there because it is pointless when you can just get it from here, no?

LotR: BFME II Stuck

You have to contact Origin support and give them your CD-Key. They will then add it to your library. The problem is you still need to install BFME2 from disc. I've been asking them about the basegame too but it seems there never was an Origin version of that. However, if more people would ask about it maybe they'd consider making one.

T3A:Online - The Return of BFME Multiplayer

I've already told them that people would be interested, maybe even for a small price. I think the reason for not showing it on Origin anymore is that, as far as I know, EA doesn't have the LotR rights anymore. However they still seem to be allowed to distribute RotWK or else you couldn't have it in your library in a digital format.

For my part, I'd love to be able to install and play without disc or images.

Well, you don't have to do the hassle of downloading a DVD image and mounting it every time you play. As far as I'm concerned, if a publisher has made it impossible to give them money for their game through their own actions or inaction , then there's nothing wrong with just taking it.

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

I mean, what's the alternative? Give some jackass on ebay or amazon some insane amount of money, none of which will ever go to the game's publisher or developer, for a used copy that might not even work? Fudge that. The way I see it Yeah, no thanks. Doesn't hurt anybody except amazon and ebay gougers if you pirate it.

And I don't think anybody believes that they deserve that money. Exactly this. The only difference between a game that's not available to purchase and abandonware is a stubborn publisher who would rather not let anyone play the game than make money. I was more referring to cheap ebay auctions that you might find, but there's a bigger issue here. If the rights have been removed completely, would the game still activate online?