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PC World. Retrieved August 2, The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved February 24, Apple Inc. Retrieved March 14, March 15, Retrieved March 17, Apple Support. Retrieved October 29, December 9, Retrieved July 19, December 4, Retrieved August 23, January 19, Retrieved March 30, June 17, Choose the version of Windows that the product key unlocks Windows 10 Education and click Next.

Read and accept the license terms, and click Next.

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Click Format. To confirm that you wish to format the partition, click OK. To continue, click Next.

Set the default operating system

The installer will copy Windows files and install any features and updates required. Step 7: Configure Windows 10 After Windows restarts, you'll need to do some configuration. Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana, will help guide you through this process.

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If you are wearing headphones, remove them while your computer is restarting. Until you can install the Boot Camp support software, you may not be able to control the volume of Cortana with the volume keys on your computer.

Use your Apple Keyboard in Windows with Boot Camp

Step 8: Create your Windows administrator account Note:. The Windows administrator account you create should not be an account you use for general use of this computer. Step 9: Install support software Once Windows has started may take some time , the Boot Camp installer will walk you through installing Apple's support software. To begin the process, click Next.

How to Page Up & Page Down on Mac Keyboards

Read and accept the license agreement, and click Install. All the Apple-specific software you need to run Windows efficiently on your computer will be installed. When the installer finishes, click Finish. To restart the computer, click Yes. When the computer restarts, click the trackpad or press any key to display the login field. Log in with the password you created earlier in the configuration process. Step Configure Windows Wi-Fi settings To connect to a wireless network, in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen, click the Wi-Fi icon.

If you are off campus, connect to the wireless network you expect to use in your location. If you are on campus: Eduroam: To connect, select eduroam from the list of available wireless networks, and enter your full IU email address for example, johndoe iu.

Restart in macOS

If you connect to eduroam at an institution other than an IU campus, you'll need to use the IU VPN to access some resources such as remote desktop, library resources, and department drives. For troubleshooting tips, see Troubleshoot your eduroam connection. Step Configure the default boot operating system You have the option to boot to either Windows or macOS when starting your Mac. To shut down your Mac while you're in Windows, from the Start menu, click the Power button, and then click Shutdown.

Where are the Home, End, Page Up, & Page Down Keys on a Mac Keyboard?

To boot into macOS, with the power off, press and hold the Option key and power on your Mac. Hold the Option key until you see two hard disk icons and a Wi-Fi network selector. Boot into macOS by clicking Macintosh HD you'll select the default boot operating system momentarily. From the Startup Disk control panel, click the Apple menu.

Click System Preferences , and then Startup Disk. To unlock the settings, click the Lock icon, and then type your administrator passphrase.

Mac vs Windows Boot Camp: Game Performance

To select the default boot operating system, click the disk that correlates to the operating system you would like to select. If you would like to boot into the selected operating system now, click Restart. This Option key feature is available either when booting from a powered-off state or if you're rebooting from Windows. How Windows 8 Works. How do I upgrade the version of Android on my tablet? Do tablets have a crash screen like other computers? Prev NEXT.