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I like the design and features very much, although a scorecard would be great. But I do not understand the SW update process. You cannot update the firmware and it does not show which courses are already loaded. I am not so optimistic. On the igolf website it lacks to say which date the latest map has. So everytime you need to update before playing. If a course has multiple loops you need to load them one by one. Why not you favorite or at least the course in one update. Also the buttons are easily pressed, so you unwillingly skip to the next hole a lot.

Piece of junk, sorry I wasted my money.

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Device is connected, it tells me so, it also charges but nothing else. Guess what, left a message, they also have my e-mail address from yesterday, and no one gets back to me. I cannot recommend this product to anyone, and I will actively discourage my friends and family from purchasing their junk in the future. Guess I should have gone with Garmin in the first place, at least last time I used them and had an issue with my car sat nav, their tech support got me up and running in under an hour, AND called back when they said they would.

Golf Galaxy - Bushnell neo+ GPS Watch

I bought this watch yesterday and used it for one round at my local course. I found it to be awesome! I have used laser range finders for years and it was always kind of a pain to take it out of the case and shoot the hazard or pin. Yesterday I just walked up to the ball and I had all the yardages I needed. I am not that good of a golfer that I need yardages to more than a couple of hazards.

I found it to be quite accurate as I was comparing it to yardage markers on the course. It also has a feature that measures my shot distance which is really helpful since I have new irons and I am trying to figure them out. I do agree that the website is flawed. I could not connect to update the watch. Thats not a big deal to me, hopefully they will fix it soon. I bought the Bushnell Neo XS about three weeks ago and have played 3 rounds with it on three different courses.

All were recognized easily. It has a hell of a battery life, but I too have had trouble trying to get igolf. Can the pre-loaded course info really never be updated?

Single Course download: neo+ and neo-x Watch

No ability to update firmware? It comes pre-loaded and ready to use. Did you experience a specific error on a particular course?

Ask me again in a year if I like it. My concern is that when I charge it and play a round, I then shut it off. I week later if I go to play another round, the batteries is no longer charged. I love the watch, but hate the interface. Bushnell was quick to correct a flaw with my local course, but trying to set this thing up on a Mac is near impossible.

I give up and will use without updates. Really poor of these guys. The watch comes with a dark or light background. The lighter background is much easier to see. You cannot change from one to the other. Bushnell does not mention this on their website, but a technician told me. Obviously so they could sell the older versions first. Leaving info out as Bushnell did is misleading. I am very disappointed in their integrity.

Hi has anybody else had the problem with seeing the background on the black watch? I agree with Rob. A brand like Bushnell , i would expect more.


Not played a round of golf with the watch but as it stands I am not impressed. I love my Neo XS for golf, and the main reason I chose it over Garmin or any other brand is because it includes an odometer. I love this feature so I can use if for walking and biking as well as golf. However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to re-set the odometer each time I want to exercise.

Any help???? I am considering buying the Bushnell neoxs golf watch. Thank you George. I hope they fix this. I could not find anywhere to check for a firmware update. I have not used it on a course yet, and I certainly hope it performs better than the worthless PC interface! Does anyone know what you have to do to change the battery on this watch and also if the strap breaks can it be changed. If they choose not to replace it I will never purchase anything with their name on it again.

In my information search I looked through tons of info about what I should be looking for in terms of discovering yardage on the course. What I discovered is that the best distance measuring devices are those that balance giving you the numbers you need without really getting in the way. Worn around your wrist, this device is always there when you need information and yet you can easily forget about it when not looking for a yardage. If you are used to wearing a watch in other walks of life, wearing this product on the course will quickly become second nature.

Check out our contests! Win A Trip to the Foundry with Evolve Contest: The Ben Hogan Experience. Contest: Srixon Z Driver. Click on each picture for larger image. James Miles James is a staff writer for The Hackers Paradise along with being a professional educator. You may also like. Introducing Majesty Golf June 28, June 25, Turfmaster February 14, - am Great review James, glad to hear the accuracy known to the Bushnell name has carried forward into this device.

DawgDaddy February 14, - am Another great review Jman, I am really starting to think one of these Bushnell GPS Watches would be the perfect compliment for my laser rangefinder. Nebgolfer February 14, - am Great review, James. O'Carroll February 14, - am Thanks for the review James. Ryan Hawk February 14, - am Big fan of previous versions and glad to see continued improvements. Great job James. GregDan February 14, - am Great review James.

Cookie February 14, - am Fantastic review here James and not surprised in the least how much you enjoy this.

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Such a fantastic unit that is very affordable and extremely helpful on the course. IceyShanks February 14, - am Excellent review James, looks like a great little device. War Eagle February 14, - am Great review, James. Cannot wait to get my hands on one of these! Smallville February 14, - am I much prefer an actual handheld size unit that I attach to the cart!

My Neo-x has lessened my pondering and improved my round average. I also own a Garmin, but never use it because my Neo-X is better in a number of ways. Simon March 21, - pm Having read a number of reviews now on the Neo XS it is somewhat frustrating that while all say that the watch is light, none say what the weight actually is or what the dimensions of the display are in plan or thickness.

THoff April 25, - pm I do not wear a watch on or off the course and found other range finders to be too much work to be practical. Charles Morgan May 6, - am I have a Neo that I purchased several years ago and it has worked fine, but is wearing out! Q: Why do I need a membership? A: You are provided a free membership to Bushnell.

Note - You are not required to log into bushnell. You will always have access to the courses on your device and new courses from bushnell. Legacy A: To perform a full sync connect your device to the computer, log in to bushnell. Select the "Sync Device" button and all front, center, back and custom point data will be updated on your device. The full sync should only take a few minutes depending on how many files need to be updated.

Q: How do I locate and manually download a golf course from bushnell. Log into your bushnell. Select your course from the list of possible matches below the search bar, clicking on the name of the course in the list. Once the detailed information about the course loads to the screen, make sure your device is plugged in to your computer via the provided USB cable.

Q: Can I use a Mac? A: Bushnell. Other free internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for Mac can be used instead of Safari to avoid these problems if they occur. Legacy A: After locating a golf course at bushnell. This information is pre-loaded.

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This information is not pre-loaded. Go to the location selected and press OK button. Once the point has registered, highlight the save button and press OK. Repeat for other points if desired. A: There are a few reasons the GPS will display A: The files downloaded from Bushnell. Repair Services Canadian Repair Services.

Please contact the nearest subsidiary office that serves your area for shipping information. These serial numbers are used to ensure you are purchasing the unit from an authorized dealer. If you are unable to locate this sticker or if the serial number has been obscured, the product may not be authentic counterfeit or it may not have been purchased through an authorized dealer. In either case, Bushnell will not honor warranties on these products. You should return the unit to the seller for a refund, and purchase your rangefinder from an alternate location.

GPS Troubleshooting

Q: What are the iGolf abbreviations for hazards? EOF- End of Fairway. A: To perform a full sync connect your device to the computer, log in to bushnell. A: After locating a golf course at bushnell. Product Manual.