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Make Sure Monitors Have Their Own Spaces

The penalty comes just a day after British Airways was hit with an even bigger fine for a similar transgression. Posted 1 day ago — By Trevor Mogg. Computing Apple isn't done with MacBook Pros for Of course, there are apps out there that make the process of applying panoramic wallpapers easy but most of them are paid.

But you can still do it for free; all you have to do is download panoramic wallpapers that are already cut out for individual screens. You can do that with Wallpaperfusion or dualmonitorbackgrounds. Once you have your cut out wallpapers downloaded, select that folder from the sidebar and choose the relevant images for each screen. And now we come to a grave problem with the Mac that only amplifies itself when you add more displays.

Window management.

Windows has great window management had to live up to the name, I guess , where everything is tight and snaps into place. Wait — actually, you can. Thanks to an awesome free app called BetterTouchTool. Just click and drag any window to the left or right edge to make it take up half the screen. Moreover, you can go to the corners to allot your window to the relevant quarter of the screen. Finally, dragging a window up to the menu bar expands the window on the current screen not to be confused with the fullscreen mode. But fear not, because alternatives exist and they are discussed below.

As I said above, BetterTouchTool lets you map specific actions to trackpad, keyboard and mouse shortcuts. And BetterTouchTool has an amazing library of window management actions.

Dual Screen Desktop on Mac!

You know where this is going. But thanks to some pre-configured shortcuts, I am able to do so. Using similar keyboard shortcuts, I can fling the window to another monitor as well.

BetterTouchTool will take some time to set up but once done it will be your setup.