Data analysis toolpak excel 2011 for mac

Upgrade now to Pro version and get over 70 features and multi-platform compatibility. StatPlus:mac is most affordable solution for data analysis on Mac with Excel. You will benefit from the reduced learning curve and attractive pricing while enjoying the benefits of precise routines and calculations.

Only in StatPlus:mac Pro. Available in free LE version.

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Free Download. Upgrade to Pro StatPlus:mac Pro allows Microsoft Excel for Mac users to perform all forms of data analysis from the very basics to complex analysis, including as non-parametric and regression analysis, survival analysis, and a wide variety of other methods. Register For More Benefits Register now with no obligation and learn more!

Register Now. Standard Solution Universities, scientific centers, public agencies and research institutes worldwide have already chosen StatPlus:mac as a standard statistical tool and are now reaping the benefits of it versatility, reliability, speed and compatibility with the popular Microsoft Office environment. Requirements StatPlus:mac requires macOS Looking For More? Free or Premium?

Install the Excel Data Analysis Tool Pack

Features Comparison — StatPlus:mac Pro vs. Priority support. Bug fix warranty and free major upgrades during your maintenance period. Access to Windows version. Basic Statistics Detailed descriptive statistics. One-sample t-test.

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Two-sample t-test also includes Pagurova Criterion, G-Criterion. Two-sample t-test for summarized data.

Fisher F-test. One-sample and two-sample z-tests. Correlation coefficients Pearson, Fechner and covariation.

Welcome Mac Users. Solver is Now Included in Excel 2011!

Normality tests includes D'Agostino's tests. Cross-tabulation and Chi-square. Frequency tables analysis for discrete and continuous variables. Three-way analysis of variance. Data Classification Discriminant function analysis. Rank and percentile.

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Chi-square test. Cochran's Q Test. Regression Analysis Multivariate linear regression. This version of Excel is basically a different product from Excel for Windows, with a very different look and feel. Admittedly, Excel for the Mac is better. Its ribbon structure is very much like Excel for Windows, although it still has a menu bar that is largely redundant, given the ribbons.

StatPlus:mac LE

However, some of the features in Excel for Windows, notably quick analysis, flash fill, and Power Pivot, are simply missing in Excel for the Mac. These missing features are apparently being added through time, but who knows when they might appear.

Bottom line in my opinion : If you want to use a Mac and get the most from Excel, you should install Windows emulation software. Unfortunately, a number of things simply do not work, and there is virtually no help available. So until the support for VBA on the Mac improves a lot! All new copies of our books except for VBA for Modelers should give you access to the Palisade suite. If you have purchased used books and your access code has already been used, you can purchase electronic resources at www.

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