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However I have seen nothing convincing about this being done successully under OS X. Apr 30, AM. Apr 30, AM in response to woodmeister50 In response to woodmeister Looks very much like its going to be a windows box solution which is a shame as in all other respects the mac mini is ideal. Jan 6, AM in response to grahamhighdefaudio In response to grahamhighdefaudio. I know this thread is a little old now, but I've been wondering the same thing myself - so I googled it and came up with this thread.

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I've just bought a new 7. Up until now I've not been able to try this sound format out as my current Mac Mini only sends audio through the Optical Out, so the best I can get is Dolby Digital 5. I was quite happy with this arrangement, until I get around to buying a blu-ray player. Therefore out of curiosity I decided to download a couple of HD demos from demo-world. I tried opening them up in VLC media player version 2. To my amazement it worked!! I need to spend a bit more time testing this out - but it definitely works, and it definitely plays in surround from all my available speakers I have a 5.

Jan 6, AM. Thank you for this report it does sound encouraging especially as many other packages use the same software libraries as VLC. Would you be able to try the same test using Kodi? Kodi was formerly called XBMC. This requires having a full copy of the Blu-Ray disc rather than just a m2ts file.

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Yeah sure I'll give this a go when I get a moment. I've been deliberating whether to ditch my Mac Mini setup and go for a Blu-ray player instead or upgrade it if I can achieve a setup I'm satisfied with.

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I must admit, I'm losing the will to live with playing content through iTunes. I want to get surround sound over HDMI. Klas Mellbourn Klas Mellbourn 2 2 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. A couple of things to check Sometimes what is considered sides in 7. Secondly, what are you playing back from? Apps like VLC sometimes have to be switched to "Built-in Digital Encoded Output " before they will correctly transmit more than stereo. Ok, I managed to 5. Medical School or Games Industry? Now that Mac is notoriously difficult to setup into multi-channel and given your complex cabling, unfortunately you're on your own there.

This is the part where you break the envelope and wings start to tear off. What I'd recommend is to look for a new amp what would simplify your setup a lot. Hello I cant seem to locate the Audio Devices panel you're showing on this how-to the only panel I can locate that is the same is the Sound panel please help Comment 1. Not "Audio Devices". Hi, Thanks for the good post to solve the problem.

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I just bought EOL mini couple of days ago and I was very disappointed when noticed that multichannel sound is not working. Setup is Denon X, mini, and Optoma projector.

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All connected with HDMI. Mini - Denon - Optoma. I have exact same issue you had the solving goes exact same way except my setup is not yet working correctly. I changed it back 8chbit integer and I am able to get the test sound from speaker configuration for each speaker correctly. I finally downloaded VLC and 7. It works fine. All channels are working correctly. At least some hope for this setup to serve as media server.

Hi, I have the exact same setup. The new mac mini connected to my YamahaRx-V receiver that is connected to my samsung tv. But when playing something that is 5. Any help? Comments 2. As I tried to say in my blog post, that I cannot make my Mac Mini 5. It seems to live a life of its own and nobody knows the rules. I see I'm so disappointed with this One last doubt. What the mac mini shows for you now, connected to the TV Samsung or to the receiver? My Mac still insists, that it is connected to the TV.

However, 5. You have to reset audio mini again when is on.

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If you close amplifier or reboot it goes back to 2 channel stereo, it does not keeps the setup. It is uncomfortable to set it again and again but it works, you can choose up to 8.

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What I also did was change the Sony TV's audio settings to play through "audio system" rather than "tv speakers" and the final destination of the audio seemed to change and I got 8 channel afterwards. My TV is always on audio system. I didn't fiddle with that setting, though. I could make the difference here. This used to work great for me, but I fiddled with some settings in the Audio Midi Setup utility, and now it doesn't work. Also tried TOSlink, no dice. I think the Mac has decided not to send encoded audio no matter how I set it.

Any thoughts? Not really, no. The only thought that comes to my mind is, that getting the audio working is kind of black magic.

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I have not found any repeatable steps or logic about it. I have a mac mini late model and I used a hdmi via the mini display - however get no sound.

Is there a way to get mutichannel sound on a mac mini model? Thanks DK Comment 1. I think you can get multichannel audio by using an USB-soundcard. As you pointed out yourself, there is no native hardware support available. My box is a mid , so I has 8-channel sound. Mac's are sensitive to what they hooked to.

You are replying to a pretty old post, over 4 years to be exact. Given the time, I don't even remember which OS X was running in the box at the time of me writing it. Just looking at the release list, I'd have to guess After all those years, I still have the Mini, the HDMi-cable is same, but everything else around it has changed.

The version of OS X is now Now that I managed to lure the Mini to output multi-channel sound, it has remained to do so. I assure you, the cables I have around the house are of decent quality and the Yamaha amp s I've run it with have been configured for multichannel. Also, the amount of feedback I got for my post indicated that there was something going on at the time.