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The All tab shows you all of the Kindle books you have purchased through the Kindle store from your Amazon account.

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Click All , and find a book you want to read. When you click the book, a pop-out menu appears with options, including download. You can give your book Collection tags, which can make it easier to sort and find your books as your library grows.

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This is especially handy to have when the flight attendant asks you to switch to airplane mode. There's no way to purchase books from the Kindle app, but you can explore titles with the Kindle search function. You can even read the first chapter for free.

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  • After you've checked out, Amazon will ask you if you want to download the book to your Kindle device. If you don't see the book in your Kindle app, press the Sync icon to refresh and collect your book. To open the book from the Kindle library, simply tap on the book, and the pop-out menu lets you select Go to Last Page Read or Go to Beginning. Once your book is open tap the Aa icon at the top of the screen to see options for adjusting the font size and colors of the page.

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    Once you've finished a book and good for you, by the way and want to remove the book from your Mac, open the Downloaded tab, go to the Library tab , at the top left and go to the Downloaded section. Find the book to remove, and click on it to see the pop-out menu. Select Remove from Device. Before you worry, removing a book from your Mac does not permanently delete the title from your Kindle Cloud library. The book will be stored on Amazon's cloud servers so that you can re-download it again.

    The drawbacks of using a Kindle reader for Mac is mostly being restricted to. For years, the Kindle reader for Mac has been avoiding the idea of bringing hyphenation to the platform, which makes text lines more uniform and easier to read.

    Have Your Mac Read eBooks To You [OS X Tips]

    Without a doubt, the iBooks app now called Apple Books is convenient simply because it already comes pre-installed with your Mac. You can use it to buy any book in the Apple Book Store, which carries nearly all the popular titles. Unlike Kindle, Apple Books is the best ePub reader available on the market, although it also does support other formats, most notably PDF. You also have more adjustment options, particularly, hyphenation works much better in the iBooks app than it does on Kindle.

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    The third popular book reader app is MarginNote. While it supports ePub and PDF just like iBooks, its unique features lie in advanced annotations, mind-mapping, and flashcards that allow you to better absorb all the reading material. Annotations let you highlight text and make quick notes on the margins, whether to explain certain concepts or to save ideas for later use.

    Finally, you can export all your notes into Evernote, Anki flashcards, iThoughts mind-mapping, or print.

    Reading your personal documents on a Kindle has never been easier

    In the end, no matter which app you choose for reading, you should hope for a good, distraction-free reading experience, where you can focus on one thing at a time. HazeOver is a lightweight Mac utility that allows you to automatically dim everything on your screen but the currently active app. It lives in the background but is always available in your menu bar in case you need to adjust some preferences, such as the level of dimming. So when thinking about the best book reader app for your Mac, lean towards Kindle only if you already have a large library of.

    How to Use the Kindle App for Mac

    Otherwise, choose the iBooks app for lighter reading materials and MarginNote when you really need to dive into something worth contemplating. So let me clarify matters a little. Yes, the Kindle has a USB port. A new volume, called Kindle, will appear on your Mac. You can open it up and see the files inside. The key folders inside the Kindle volume are audible , documents , and music. The audible folder is where audiobook files from audible.

    Giving your Kindle App a Voice

    But the most important folder is documents : this is where all your books, newspapers, and magazines live. Copy the file to your Kindle's documents folder to add it. Kindle only reads books in the Mobi, PRC, and plain-text formats. Kindle does a bad job with PDFs. The good news is, Project Gutenberg and many other ebook resources offer downloads in a Kindle compatible format, usually Mobi.