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Microsoft Word’s Notebook View: A new way students note take in the classroom

All Devices Chromebook. OneNote is a member of the Office family you already know.

Collaborate with anyone

Shape notes with points pulled from Outlook email, or embed an Excel table. Get more done with all your favorite Office apps working together. Bring students together in a collaborative space or give individual support in private notebooks. And no more print handouts.

The Worst Thing You Can Do As A Human Is Use Microsoft Word To Take Notes

You can organize lessons and distribute assignments from a central content library. It definitely helps me stay organized.

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  • Not many of my professors have told me specifically to use the Notebook Layout, but I feel like it is the easiest way to take notes on a computer. Madison Smith, a sophomore English literature major, considers herself a traditionalist when it comes to writing notes.

    How To Record Audio and Take Notes With Microsoft Word

    She prefers to do it by hand. However, Notebook View appeals to her because of its audio feature.

    What Is Microsoft Word for Mac?

    With the Notebook View, users have the option to record audio notes to accompany their written notes. The audio notes were extremely beneficial for Smith during her Media Writing course last semester. As a student in a class that heavily relies on students to attend speakers and write articles, Smith liked the audio feature, so she could get accurate quotes and keep up with the information during lengthy speeches.

    One of the great things about Notebook View is that if it recognizes words in your typed notes and matches them up with the words it recognizes in the recordings.

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    • So it makes it super easy to find certain parts in a longer recording. Use the Tab key to indent; use Shift-Tab to outdent.

      The Worst Thing You Can Do As A Human Is Use Microsoft Word To Take Notes

      Think of each level of indenting as a Note Level. No indenting is Note Level 1; the first indent is Note Level 2, and so on. Note Levels are styles, so you can see and set them in the Style tab of the Toolbox as well as on the Ribbon. Learn More.