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If you have a smaller hard drive on the Mac, or your hard drive is frequently running out of space, this is probably not going to be an option for you. Full Mac backup: It is absolutely critical that you have a full backup made prior to beginning this process, you can set up Time Machine for backups on the Mac if you have not done so already. Before beginning, back up your Mac completely with Time Machine or otherwise, do not skip creating a full complete backup of the Mac hard drive.

More info is available here if needed.

Installing Windows 10 with Bootcamp On MacBook Pro A1502 MacOS Mojave Issues and Fixes

Boot Camp allows you to choose the operating system you want to boot up to use during system start, selecting either Windows or Mac OS as desired. You can also change the boot drive from the Mac OS system preference panel for Startup Disk, though most users will probably rely on the Option key during system start and restart. If needed, you can reset Windows 10 to factory settings within Boot Camp, and you can also reinstall Windows 10 within Boot Camp too.

Create a Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive on a Mac | Twocanoes Software

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Hi, Am I correct in reading that File Fault 2 will not work with a bootcamp win 10 install? Meaning it cannot be run in the apple partition if you have a bootcamp install….

I have the USB stick formatted correctly. Any thoughts?

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Thanks for the reply. Bootcamp is actually leading me down the external device road. Lots of googling for drivers. I did manage to get everything working though. I have been trying to install windows 10 external SSD. However, there are random BSOD frequently.

Part 2. How to Create A Bootable Windows 10/8/7 USB on Mac without Bootcamp

Any tips you can help? Many readers would appreciate an article about this topic. Good luck. I ran into a series of problems getting Windows 10 installed onto my late MacBook Pro running I hope the author has actually performed this process because it is by no means as simple as what is posted here. In short, the full process is nothing short of a nightmare with Apple to blame for each of the problems along the way. But there are some helpful, more realistic descriptions of what it takes to get everything to work elsewhere on the net.

It is definitely possible to do it, but expect trouble. The hardware is great. The drivers work really well. In fact you can just install Windows only on Apple hardware and it runs great.

Install Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp Assistant

I am only using Windows for games, which I keep on an external drive, and for about 5GB of combined apps and documents. In this hands-on step-by-step walkthrough, we show you how to install Windows 10 on your Mac using an external drive. Watch our video inside to see how. Subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube for more video tutorials. Next, select the desired language, and click Confirm.

How to install Windows 10 on Mac

This is a Windows executable that will be used later in the VM environment. Choose Desktop for download location and click Save. Step Once the download process is completed, you will be asked to enter your administrator password to complete the process. Step Connect the external drive that you wish to use for Windows on your Mac. Keep in mind that everything on the external drive will be erased, so ensure that anything you wish to save is backed up before proceeding. Step Select the external drive under the External list on the left-hand side.

Be sure to select the correct drive!

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Click the Erase button, and use the following settings:. Click Erase to confirm. The disk will be erased and formatted, which will prepare it to be used in later steps. Close Disk Utility. VMWare allows for a day trial period. Step On the Summary page, click Finish and click Save to save the virtual machine instance. This will commence the Windows 10 installation. One of the benefits of using VMWare is that the Windows installation is fully automated. Windows should automatically begin the installation process, and will reboot a couple of times during the installation.

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  • Once the installation is completed, you should be at the Windows desktop. Select Connect to Windows. Step Find your disk, which should be broken up into two partitions.