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For mail-order the bike will require some assembly when delivered, if you can have any questions about this please call us on We recommend you get the bike set up by a professional mechanic and have it serviced at 1 month and a minimum of each subsequent 6 months depending on use. In store the bikes comes with a multi-point Pre Delivery Inspection, a mandatory 1st Free Service within 1 month and a free check at 6 months.

Mailorder Only. Items may vary slightly from those shown, but will be of equal value.

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Fit OEM 2. The displays must meet the following:. Here are some of the available options for MacBook Pro users shopping for a 4K display that meet the aforementioned requirements:. There are 4K monitors available that meet some, but not all, of my set requirements. Strangely, 5K monitor innovation seems to be lagging behind.

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With this in mind, the 5K iMac, even at full price, is a good deal. It also makes no mention of its MacBook Pro supporting 5K displays with a dual cable setup on its support site , even though such a statement was there previously. Needless to say, there still seems to be some confusion at Apple HQ about what resolutions its machines support. Ultimately, only you will be able to determine whether or not a 4K monitor meets your needs. I realized that although I hated injury, I was interested in the process of recovery. Physical therapy seemed like an interesting option, but there was a small problem -- I would have to go back to school.

I didn't even know if this was possible. In high school, all I cared about was riding. I only went because it was something you had to do.

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And I was never a fan of college. I looked into the process I had to go through to become a physical therapist and figured the only way to find out if I could cut it in an academic environment would be to dive in and take some classes at the local community college.

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To add insult to injury, I didn't receive credit for the "D" grades in Biology and Algebra II that I got in high school over 20 years ago so I had to take those classes before I even arrived at the starting line to my college career. As it turns out, college in your forties is much easier than college in your late teens and early twenties. The basic rules for being a successful BMX rider are similar to the basic rules for being a good student: Show up on time, work hard and don't be an idiot.

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  • BF with an array of Fit and Merritt components. BF checked out the photos, then waxed philosophical about his parts choices and setup options. I've been reluctant to share my journey with a lot of people because it seems like such a long road and until I'm finished, I will have doubts as to whether I can pull it off. Over the past three years I have gradually increased my class load, and this past spring I received an Associate's Degree in Science from Middlesex County College.

    And there is a step three Doctor of Physical Therapy that I won't mention because it causes anxiety for me to even think about. The only way for me to make it through this is to take it one class at a time, one semester at a time.

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    To look at it any deeper than that is overwhelming and makes me want to quit. My goal aside from finishing this journey and finally having an answer to, "What are you going to be when you grow up? They say that if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life.

    Although I've been riding bikes professionally for over 20 years, it has never felt like a job. As my riding days will eventually fade away, it excites me to potentially work with injured athletes and assist them in getting back to what they love and have a passion for.

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