What is my private ip address mac

Other devices connected to the local network will be able to access your Mac, and if you set up port forwarding, certain services running on your Mac will be accessible to the outside world.

What is my IP address?

You have successfully set a static IP address for your Mac. Now the other devices on the private network can access your Mac by using the static IP address you assigned it. Just remember to switch network locations if you start using a different network - others may not take kindly to you using a static IP address on their network. A former ghost writer for some of Apple's most notable instructors, Cone founded Macinstruct in , a site with OS X tutorials that boasts hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month.

You can email him at: matt macinstruct.

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What’s the difference between external and internal IP addresses?

This will allow you to use the static IP address for certain networks and not others. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences. Select Network. The window shown below appears. From the sidebar, select an active network interface. In this example, I'm connected to a wireless network, so I'll select Wi-Fi.

How to find your internal IP address

Make a note of the current IP address assigned to your Mac. Each device on a network must have a unique identifier.

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  6. As you would use an address to send a letter in the mail or an email, computers use this unique identifier to send data to a specific device on the network. An IP address has two main functions: location addressing, and network or host interface identification. The IP address of your computer is very important for your online presence. There are online sites like XMyIP. When a computer is connected to a router, the router will assign a local IP address to the computer automatically, unless the default settings of the router have been changed.


    The local IP address is only used inside a private network. It is normally not necessary to know the local IP address unless a game or web server is being set up. The local IP address or private IP address can change when other devices are connected to the same network. Most network routers assign IP addresses starting at This is called a static local IP address, and if this is configured, a device will always receive the same local IP address when it connects. When a webpage is requested, the browser sends this IP address as part of the request.

    The ISP uses this to determine which computer requests which webpage.

    How to find your public and private IP address | TechVine Tech Support Blog

    Any website that is visited will also have access to this IP address. When the domain name is typed, e. Domain names are user-friendly names that point to computer-friendly IP addresses. An IP address is needed to connect a computer to the Internet.

    If the computer is however connected to the Internet with a router within a private network, the computer gets a private IP address from your router, and the router receives the public IP address from the ISP.