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Plagiarism will be detected by Copyscape. All rights reserved. You will see the Presentation Gallery which allows you to set all attributes of your new presentation, such as a preset Theme or template. Make selections or just click Cancel in this gallery to open a blank presentation with a new slide -- PowerPoint users can change the slide layout of this slide to Blank by selecting the option Layout Blank within the Home tab of the Ribbon. Within the Home tab of the Ribbon , click the Shape button to view the Shape gallery that you can see in Figure 1.

Where is the drawing toolbar in Office for Mac 2011’s Excel?

Select the Lines and Connectors option within this galley, and from the resultant sub-menu, select the Line shape refer to Figure 1 again. Figure 1: Line shape selected As soon as the Line shape is selected, the cursor changes to a cross hair as shown in Figure 2.

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Figure 2: Cursor changed to a cross hair Move the cursor to the point on the slide where you want to establish the starting point of your line. Then hold down the left mouse button, don't release it yet, and start dragging the cursor to the point where you want the line to end as shown in Figure 3. As you can see in Figure 3 below, the tool tip displays the length of the line you have drawn so far.

Draw a picture by combining and merging shapes - Office Support

Figure 3: Straight line being drawn on the slide When you have completed drawing the line, release the mouse button to establish the ending point of your line. Your line will look something like what you see in Figure 4. The line has handles at both ends, these handles are used to resize or to move the line. Figure 4: Completed straight line Click anywhere on the slide to deselect the line. See here for a complete list of diagrams that you might do with PowerPoint. You can create a blank canvas by opening the Slide Layouts Gallery and selecting a blank slide.

If you have started from a new presentation with a title slide as the default , it will convert the current slide to a blank one.

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You can change the size of the "canvas" by changing the size of the slide layout. This icon triggers your "selection" tool -- a cross-hair to capture the item you want to edit or move. PowerPoint has special tools for creating certain types of diagrams, such as Venn Diagrams, Flowcharts, process drawings, hierarchies and so on.

To edit what the diagram is saying you can either click on the [Text] or you can click on the black box in the upper left corner. For help from Microsoft: Click Here! Jump to: navigation , search.

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