Mac os 10.4 to snow leopard

I think they do sell Not really sure what the "box set" is, considering there's only one retail distribution of any Apple OS. There won't likely be any system restore discs for your model, and those are all keyed to specific system types so not like you can just grab one, pop it in, and go. There are ways around it, but it wouldn't be legal in your particular case. Same with downloading It could be done, but it would be a pirated copy and should you choose to pursue that particular course of action then this discussion will come to an abrupt end because that sort of thing isn't tolerated here.

I'd also be a bit wary about trying to put more RAM in the system than it's designed to handle.

Upgrade OS Software from Tiger to Snow Leopard

Especially on an older system, you never know what the results are going to be. I work as an Apple repair tech, and a good chunk of what I do is deal with older systems. They tend to get cranky in their old age. You're of course free to completely disregard that advice and push your luck as much as you want, I'd just wait until you're out of a region that is known for counterfeit goods. Hopefully you didn't buy that iPod in Singapore, because people in that region have been known to go dumpster diving at factories and sell units that didn't pass quality testing for one reason or another that they "liberated" from the dumpster.

Tough as it may be, it might really be best to simply wait until you're somewhere where Apple has a retail presence before doing anything. That way you can be reasonably certain what you think you're buying is what you're actually buying. Okay, but it still doesn't answer the question of how that's magically going to work when just the straight retail OS disc won't.

Especially considering they're going to be exactly the same thing. Pressed at the same facility from the same master image, just put into different boxes. But, if someone thinks there's a difference, then maybe they'd be interested in this bridge I have for sale. Heck of a deal I even recently had an exterminator in to clear out all the trolls living under it! My post told you what it was. For some reason, if you call Apple and tell them that you want to upgrade from However, the OP was not under such an illusion, just the one poster who may have been informed by an Apple Store employee.

It might be that they figure some old incompatible version of iLife would be installed. Or it's just a classic upsell technique.

Living With Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard for 1 Week in 2018

Tell people you need this, and only if they ask if they REALLY need all that, tell them about the cheaper alternative. Which walks a mighty fine line between sleazy but legal and bait and switch.

What computers are affected?

Then again, it might just be that some of the people at the Apple stores are idiots. Let's face it, retail rarely attracts the best and brightest, and if one of those people happens into the job, they're usually out of there as soon as anything even moderately better comes along.

So anyone who comes across this post later via google or something else, will not buy unwanted fluff.

HOW TO: Upgrade 10.4 (Tiger) to 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

I now many people who have done this without a hitch. This by the way is a great place for low cost,high quality RAM: macsales Dot com. Good luck! The post above was supposed to be a rely to cdazzo's post No. Also the online store I mentioned ships all over the world Just about anyway. I've been trying to find the same info.

The RAM does not have to be Mac specific, it just has to meet the Apple specs, just like any other machine. If you have any more questions about what you are trying to do, please start a new thread instead of hijacking an old one. Hi all Please see this site: www. It has an app which scans your computer and in seconds tells you exactly what you can do and what to buy.

Happy girl now!

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Upgrading to Apple's Snow Leopard OS: What you need to know | Computerworld

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