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For this tutorial I will work on the network card enp2s0 , replace this network card for yours e. We can see on the enp2s0 network card the mac address is dcc:cd while the wlp3s0 wifi card mac address is aaa The first 6 characters and numbers belong to the device manufacturer, in my case dc2 belongs to ASUS. The last 12 digits are the ID number for the hardware and it is unique.

Changing MAC "permanently"?

First of all, to edit our network card mac address we need to disable our network card, the mac can not be changed while the card is being used. To disable our network card run:. To change your mac address fast for a random address simply run:. It seems an existing Japanese Translation exists already.

However, the english version is more up to date.

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We are generating a machine translation for this content. It is just a matter of changing the interface name to the one you have on your system, and restart the networking service. Do you have the journalctl -xe output to see what is happening? Hi GAD3R thank you for the response!

Permanent Mac address change

The result was I did infact have the mac address changed, however only when I wasn't connected to a connection. Whenever I connected to a wifi, it reverted back to the permanent Mac Address.

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When I disconnected from the wifi connection, it would go back to the new Mac Address xx:xx:xx:yy:yy:yy but when I connect again, it used the permanent again. Rebooted and same result.

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The Mac Addresses are changed as long as I'm not connected to a wifi connection. By the way, in the virtual environment, you can freely setup MAC address.

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