Theta on a mac keyboard

Keybindings in DrRacket are often sensitive to the window that has the keyboard focus, so the contents of the window that Show Active Keybindings opens will depend where the keyboard focus was when the menu was selected. C-f : move forward one character. C-b : move backward one character. M-f : move forward one word.

Menu Commands

M-b : move backward one word. C-v : move forward one page. M-v : move backward one page. C-a : move to beginning of line left. C-e : move to end of line right. C-n : move to next line down. C-p : move to previous line up. M-C-f : move forward one S-expression. M-C-b : move backward one S-expression. M-C-u : move up out of an S-expression.

What is the keyboard shortcut for greek letter theta on a mac? | Yahoo Answers

M-C-d : move down into a nested S-expression. M-C-p : match parentheses backward. M-C-left : move backwards to the nearest editor box. A-C-left : move backwards to the nearest editor box.

Amaya keyboard shortcuts for Mac OSX

M-C-right : move forward to the nearest editor box. A-C-right : move forward to the nearest editor box.

Greek Letter Shortcuts Mac OS X 10.8

M-C-up : move up out of an embedded editor. A-C-up : move up out of an embedded editor. M-C-down : move down into an embedded editor. A-C-down : move down into an embedded editor. C-C C-Z : move the cursor to the interactions window. C-F6 : move the cursor between different windows usually the interactions and definitions windows, but also the search window and other editable portions of DrRacket.

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C-d : delete forward one character. C-h : delete backward one character. M-d : delete forward one word. M-DEL : delete backward one word.

How to do theta on keyboard mac

You'll have a new status item to the right of the menu bar. From there, you can open the following:. Keyboard Viewer lets you see all the characters you can press using your current keyboard layout.

Can't Find the Degree Sign? Here's How to Get It

Character Viewer shows you all? Select a character and click Insert , or double-click the character to insert it in your current text box. If you have the Input Sources menu item in your menu bar, you can switch to a Greek keyboard layout. Then, you can just type without the Option key and you have access to the full alphabet. Depending on the complexity of your equations it might also be an idea to have a look at LaTeX and in specific the free application LaTeXiT which can provide a system-wide shortcut via the "services" menu to typeset formulas though LaTeX and insert them e.

This has been a lifesaver for me when I had to typeset sophisticated equations into Keynote and PowerPoint presentations! CajunLuke mentioned the input sources menu. It makes throwing a few greek letters into a sentence very quick and easy, once you've learned which keys map to which characters -- no need to open a viewer window or bring in the mouse. Just hit the shortcut, type in Greek, and hit it again to switch back. For this math format Type this from your keyboard On a tablet or smartphone, open the Numeric keyboard to enter.

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  8. Special functions acos, acot, ascs, Use radians for arguments of trigonometric functions, unless asked to answer in degrees. Numeric keyboard to enter and. Numeric keyboard to enter [ and ]. Numeric keyboard to enter -.