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Note: see downloads for a pre-packaged Ubuntu package. If you use python 2. The python-xdg module is not useful on Windows, so you can skip it. Note: see downloads for a pre-packaged Windows installer. You can run Zim on Mac if you have the proper dependencies installed. I get No module named libxml2 error on gtk-doc installation - Any idea? No idea. You should probably ask those responsible for the brew package of pygtk, brew itself, or pygtk itself, depending on if you can find out where the message came from. Does not work. By the way, I just talk it to run the sm.

macos - Install Python Gtk using Mac Ports - Super User

CharlesB CharlesB Thanks CharlesB! There is now a stable release at macpkg. Thanks, updated post. How can I tell it's more stable?

How to install pyGTK on Mac?

I tried Py3GTK3, but in python command line, when i do: from gi. Did somebody succeed with it? Can't upvote this enough. I managed to install, but it's still not found. Where does is install the package? Worked for me as well.

Part 1: How to get Inksmoto 0.7.0 to work with Mac OS X with MacPorts

If you're just trying to use the system python, this is all you'll have to do. Sneakyness Sneakyness 3, 3 3 gold badges 28 28 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges.

Installation : OS X

Yeah, tried that before, I think rsync is a protocol blocked by our org's firewall. They didnt teach anything in school, just C and ASM back in my day.

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Sorry to have offended you. Compadre tu explicacion no sirve!!!!! Attempted using apple-python25 but failed misserably to build py25gtk. Would you know how to make the theme switch work for su as well?

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  8. If I open a GTK app using sudo, it goes back to the original theme. Not sure if this is because I am getting Python 2. Your article in general is very helpful! Some searches showed that you should now switch like this: sudo port select python python I have installed pygtk on snow leopard. Now I am wondering whether any of gtk2 installed as a dependency variants has to be installed or not.

    How to install pyGTK on Mac?

    The following is the information I got after I typed "port variants gtk2. Thanks though, I will just have to let my macbook sit here for a while, running all sort of useless flop tests. Let's just hope it works, I just needed it for 'meld' the directory diff program of which I don't even know if it is any good.

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