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You can also the specific language of music play. You can use the playlist made by experts. Spotify is a commercial music application where you can stream music and provides digital rights to the content in the application. Pandora provides you the unique songs and special application to listen to the music. You can also search by different categories like Singer, Playlist, Language, and much more. Google Play Music is a free application available for all the users and even you can download this application on many other platforms like iOS and you can also use as the Web application.

SoundHound is one of the greatest applications available for music lovers and you can et almost all the music list on this application.

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Available for Android, Windows, iOS, and as the web platforms. You can download all the applications on your device and listen to your favorite songs. Songza Alternatives for Windows. Android Apps iOS Apps. We need basic cookies to make this site work, therefore these are the minimum you can select. You can always change your cookie preferences in your profile settings. To homepage To homepage. Use Play Music or play your purchased and uploaded music. What I am doing wrong? Share Tweet Share Share. The Songza playlists have been integrated into Google Music for some time.


I've got the same issue. When I initially added my partner's Google credentials to the Sonos app using 'Add Music Services' , and then tried to browse her account within the Sonos app selecting Google Play Music in the sources panel , I got the same error you're seeing: "Play Music's free radio isn't playable on the Sonos app.

This didn't require any payment but did require her registering a payment card with Google Play - this may vary by territory, and I'm not in the US.

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Once my partner's GPM account was opened like this, then back in the Sonos app that error you mention went away and she could see the "expected stuff" within her GPM account. As I said, I'm outside of the US and free GPM accounts here only have limited functionality currently, so in her case the "expected stuff" did not include any Songza stuff, just My Library and I'm feeling Lucky mix, but my guess is that in the US you'd then see or should see a fuller set of free GPM stuff appearing Once you have, that Sonos app error you're seeing may well go away.

So I'd try that first and then take it from there Yes, Songza is shutting down in January, but it's full functionality has been integrated into Google Play Music. With Sonos, music lovers have never had it so good. Did the device activation as instructed but still getting the same "Play Music's free radio isn't playable on the Sonos app" message.

What I described worked on my partner's account, so I'm at the limits of my knowledge here If still no joy, I'd be calling Sonos Customer Care for input. Good luck! There seems to be a bunch of different Songza threads; before battling further with login issues you should read the Sonos statements in them There are workarounds see the 2nd thread linked to above that don't require GPM subscriptions, and if you're an Android device user it's a good one.

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Thank you. No 'I'm feeling lucky I'm in Canada, maybe it's geo specific? I sent an error report to Sonos and am waiting to hear. Ho Ho Ho As a non-subscriber, if you ever get past the GPM login issue within the Sonos app which should be fixable Reading between the lines of Sonos staff comments in those other threads, it sounds like it's possible this could change in the future, but this must have been a Google decision to not expose this functionality to Sonos users who aren't also GPM subscribers, so it's probably not under Sonos's control Meanwhile, there are workarounds to get the Songza stuff playing on Sonos without needing to subscribe to GPM, so take a look at that 2nd thread and see if they're any of use to you.

If you're an Android user, you're in clover; otherwise, trickier. I haven't seen anyone complain about the fact that with some of these paid subscription services Google Play Music, Apple Music , you can only play on 1 device at the time. My kids listened to their favourite children's music while I rocked out to whatever, all using the single Songza account under my name.

When I signed up for the GPM trial, that possibility came down crashing hard as I kept getting messages on my Mac that said that I was already playing GPM on another device and it would finish playing the song, then stop playing the next. This is the arrangement GPM has with the music studios and artists in a legal agreement.

When you sing up to GPM, you actually agree to this 'limitation' as well, according to them. Google may record and store the unique device identifier numbers of your Devices in order to enforce such limits. I've been reading about alternative ways to hook up a pair of headphones to get SONOS this way, but this seems either expensive or cumbersome to set up. Any advice or tips in this area would be appreciated, though!

A Review of Spotify Free and Songza: Take the Music with You

Use Play Music or play your I have confirmed I am signed into Sonos with the same email address as what I have registered with Google. I have read through these responses and it's unclear how to actually get GPM on Sonos.

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I used to listen to Songza daily so frustrated. Thanks, but now I am even more confused.

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  5. Essentially I want the same listening experience as Songza This is the message I have received as well!! Ryan S. You'll need to create a Google Play Music account if you haven't yet. Songza as a service is gone and their accounts aren't valid anymore. This is only available if you haven't used a trial of Google Play Music within the last year and you will need to put in credit card information. Unfortunately the free tier of Google Play Music doesn't have access to the Songza stations on Sonos yet, we're working on that. Mark good posts by pressing the like button, and select the best answer on questions you've asked to help others find solutions.