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Those not interested or involved in that sort of thing might just want the graphics out of a Shockwave file for something like wallpaper for their cell. EXE files? Thanks in advance! One of those is a stand-a-lone player that lets you save Shockwave files you've opened as an. As far as why you would want a decompiler, its only really useful fro people who build in Flash to begin with.

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Let's say you find a flash file that you think is really great, and want to understand how they did it. By decompiling, you not only have the ability to see how the layers and objects were constructed, but you have the ability to substitute sound or graphic elements of your own and utilize existing scripts to create new flash files. I think its best use is to help builders understand how to achieve certain effects by reviewing the work of others. Thanks for the info 10, Patrick! This program seems to be great! I'm going to download it now! I made the mistake of updating it and all of a sudden I was back to the 30 day trial.

I didn't have the original activation key so I didn't try that, but If I did would it have worked? To 7 "dummy", hi there, I didn't see anyone else answered your question so I thought I would! This should automatically overwrite your previous version so long as you install it to the exact same directory and partition on your hard drive.

For example, if you have a C: and a D: partition and your old version is on C: and you install this one onto D: then doing so will give you 2 copies of the software in different sections of your computer. I used it maybe once or twice, and tbh I really like it. Seeing as how I don't use it quite that often though, is it worth it to uninstall the old one and install this one? Not exactly difficult IMHO? Indeed not difficult at all and thanks for your reply. In the meantime I'm not any wiser on that subject.

I will have to make some time to get into FLEX. Besides, I'm not the only one puzzled by the developer's description, and, as I mentionned, the 'How to' or 'Tutorial' pages there don't give any insight. The Decompiler 'tutorial' is identical to the Recorder 'tutorial'. One would expect them to be appreciably different. I'll have to take out some time to search for a good one as well.

Today's giveaway is more suited for someone that already knows how to develop in flash and shockwave. If you really want to learn how to use this application then read a book or take a class in flash development. Understanding how this program works isn't about being a "computer geek" it's about knowing how flash works and having a need to decompose 10 is right, flash isn't assembled into executable binary, it's interpreted by flash player on the fly flash or shockwave or any other format of file supported by today's giveaway.

About a year ago when this was last offered, the browser component wasn't compatible with the latest browser update. The SoThink people said that they'd provide an update and to monitor their blog. Just mentioning this to recommend caution with promises from this developer. The package installs well and works great. Notably, the browser component is available for Firefox only, but it's very useful. Have you tried a search term of tech acronyms? Works fine for me. The first 4 results are lexicons, and I stopped there. C'mon, people, do a little homework before you want everything just handed to you.

Sothink, has great software, I use most all of their software. It's quite extensive. Typically these programs are compiled into SWF files which are what your web-browser loads when visiting a website with Flash on it. It is by far the best in its class. I just tried to install this on my XP bassed laptop and was asked for my Windows Admin account password, even though I am logged on as Admin. When I didn't enter it the install cancelled. I am not implying there is anything wrong with program.. ActionScript is the 'programming language' for those.

The 'Flash' file format was devised to produce entertaining animations easily such as many animated ads. This took about 5 minutes to confirm, using Wikipedia. But I do have one question of my own: will today's offering 'decompile' self-executing SWFs i. I sense that this is a great programme but like a lot of these programmes I have no idea what it does. They write the description up in such a way that if you are a computer geek you might understand it. They need to describe these programmes in a better way, then they would read more people and sell more product.

It might be that this would be perfect for my use in some way but I don't know so I avoid it.

Haven't had a complaint yet with SoThink software, so I'll definitely be downloading this one. Thanks, GAoTD! I'm getting lost in this world of acronyms, I'm drowning in an ocean of letterwords. Not just in this citation but everywhere I look. The number of filename extensions e.

It looks as if "standard" and "standardization" has become meaningless, however many organizations, committees or expert studygroups there are. But this is not really "our" problem here, is it. To the point What's the use of great software if I don't understand what it is all about? The developers tutorial pages have given me some idea, but no "insight" : Thanks for any helpful info or "pointers" to it! Adobe released the Flex compiler as open source 2 years ago. Patrick 10, Joji 4 and john connor 8: Right - and SWF file is the compiled flash movie and an FLA is the uncompiled elements that are used to make the movie.

A lot like pulling the source code from an executable. Why would anyone want this? Well it can provide many elements from the original Flash movie that Flash developers or website designers can use. This includes the actual vector images, regular JPG or BMP images, sounds, fonts used, and for the more technically inclined the raw action script code which can then be modified or used in your own flash movies.

Everything by SoThink is worth it! Good solid software! Two thumbs way up. So a quick question; would this give code for the. I am disappointed that it won't decompile a simple FLV flash. So what exactly does this do? The use of the term "decompiler" may be a bit confusing, especially for someone who mostly uses it in a programming context "compiler" as opposed to "interpreter", e. Perhaps "decomposer" would be less confusing. As far as I understand it this program decomposes a flash movie into it's various elements, i.

I have to admit though that this explanation is pure guesswork on my part, so I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong or incomplete ;- Shinerunner 4's "now if I could just find a free compiler I would be happy" seems to indirectly support my explanation. Having both a decompiler and a compiler would make it possible to compose really fun stuff from a collection of elements "ripped" from different movies.

Convert SWF to FLA/FLEX/HTML5.

For creative people that may be the equivalent of "heavan on earth" ;- So, Shinerunner, submit your request to GOTD in the section dealing with this. Mark, you don't have to install software informer. The final activation screen gives you an option with "Install Software Informer" on the bottom left, and "Close" on the bottom right.

Just click close.

Sothink SWF Decompiler Crack

Always read the menus when installing free software. Many often "offer" to change your homepage, or install superfluous software. FTR, this giveaway still gives you an activation screen where you have to opt out of Software Informer. The txt file serial doesn't bypass that "feature". I've the previous version of the software, how can i install this one? Do i need to uninstall the older one and then install this or? Thank you for helping. Excellent program! Definitely one to use Anybody can offer a tip to avoid that? Great application, comparable to Flash Decompiler trillix if not even better.

Good to have a play around with what is inside all those SWF files even if you are not a developer.

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I was using the past version offered here before and it's a great piece of software. You can start by extracting videos, audio files and images embedded inside flash files as well as vector images and action script. There is a learning curve to this application but it's very rewarding and a fantastic product for free and even good at the the regular pricing. The previous version crashed when exporting text from files so I'm rather glad this update came along. I don't get it All rights reserved. Patent Pending. No, thanks Yes, I'd like to.

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Sothink HD Movie Maker. Sothink swf Quicker. Adobe Flash Player. Developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe Audition. Yes indeed, it is our loved Jim Carrey. He was born in sunny Niger and his hobby was cracking and hacking. He got his master degree in computer science at University of Pittsburgh and became one of the most popular reverse engineers. Later he moved to Norway and continued cracking software and at the age of 14 he finally cracked the protection system of Sothink.

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At the moment he teaches at University of Bristol and doesn't forget about reversing art. Download Sothink. PRO So download Sothink. There are no viruses or any exploits on this site, you are on a crack server optimized for surfer.

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