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That being said In stock on July 16, I got this for my husband after the Exact cover he had began to come unglued and show wear on the edges and corners. While this product is also PU leather, it seems to feel and look more like real leather. Hopefully it'll wear better than the Exact. My husband holds his Nook in his lap for web surfing and book reading in the landscape mode. He has found the stand's positions to be ok for that. Love that it fits the computer perfectly, so it isn't sliding around in the bag.

Love that it has a pocket for cords and stuff. While in the backpack it gets an extra measure of protection from any spills or weather. I'd buy it again. I wish I had known about this case earlier.

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I used to try dozen cases in the past several years. Other shells on the market work for what they do, the problem with them is they don't really protect the corner. I can not to just throw it in my backpack and go as the laptop can open and close which could cause damage. I then tried sleeves which does the trick when I'm just transporting the computer but the second it's out of the sleeve, I have to keep track of it and it doesn't protect the machine.

This wonderfully designed case does both! It protects the machine while I'm using it and then I can close it and just throw it in my bag. Furthermore, it does not add so much weight and size to the machine. My product came today and I can't be mad about it. So, I only bought this product for the hardcover case and the fabric case. The hard cover case fits like a glove! It's also the exact color I thought it would be. The fabric case also fits like a glove. This also means that it's a little hard the close, but it's not a big deal. The keyboard cover and screen protector on the other hand, not so great The keyboard cover is so thin that it doesn't stay on the keys, if it was a bit heavier it would be perfect!

The company also includes a mouse pad, which is nice since I didnt have one.

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Would buy from here again if I would ever Loved finally finding a case to fit my MacBook Pro with touchbar. Loved the color!! I messed up my screen protector because I'm an idiot, but other than that I would definitely buy again in another color.

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Case is highly protective. Think Otter box for your MacBook Pro. There is a small clasp in front with the top is closed. Not really necessary. Makes care a little harder to open than required.

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Get it if you want to protect case, but not if you want to retain the machine's sleek profile. The case is very cute! I usually buy similar, non-Apple cases for my MacBook, and I wanted a cute one for my new computer. The design is really cute, and it's a really cute keyboard cover! The cover feels like it will last longer in terms of retaining its colors and not wearing off the design than the other covers I've had in the past, although if it does I guess I'm not the kind of person to worry about it.

I do wish that the keyboard cover had an indent in it for the F and J keys rather than just mark though, as I do often use the little raised marks to find my way on the keyboard when I'm not looking, and it's a little harder without an indent in the cover too. Beautiful soft pink! Hard plastic with matt finish. Snug fit not bulky.

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I am constantly on the go and I often have to eat while I'm using my computer. I love that I don't have to worry about crumbs ruining Add to cart. Thank you!! Currently unavailable.

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Long Indiana, USA. Finally, a product that "fits with good form and function" as depicted. This is my third cover for my MacBook Air - not an easy product to find a decent cover for! I was looking for something that wouldn't add a ton of weight, would be functional, would "fit" close easily , would allow for dissipation of heat, but wouldn't be "slick and cheap-looking" - and THIS IS IT!

It has a nice "rubberized" finish on the outside, easy to hold although it DOES pick up fingerprints easily - but they all do , fits very well on the Air, and protects it well, too! It closes fine stays open a little, but, what do you want, you're putting a cover on it and it "looks good", not like some cheap piece of plastic. You can see the Apple logo through it, See All Buying Options. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Good product as advertised I have a label under mine and it does show very well with the clear one.

Macbook Pro Retina Metallic Pink Cover Case

Only 14 left in stock more on the way. I got this to protect my newly purchased Samsung Chromebook and I love it!! Feels substantial when toting my chromebook around. To my shock I took my laptop in the But my gadgets were, to my surprise, completely dry!!

Highly recommended, inexpensive and are perfect for my needs I have 2!! I l love this case veyr much,the reasons as follows: 1 The case is very lighter,when I loaded it onto my macbook pro This is a good case to have for my 13in MacBook Air. I chose it over others because it came with a mini case for my charger. Unfortunately the whole charger doesn't fit inside the small case, but I'm able to fit the shortened portion. That aside, that the case has a soft, fur-like interior and a protective exterior. It does what it's meant to do and I can't really complain!

I purchased this with my own money, I was not paid or giving this item for free for a review. First off I love this case. It's a beautiful shimmering rose gold. It matches my iPhone 6s plus in rose gold. It comes with a matching keyboard and the text are aligned perfectly. It comes with a screen protector.

I like how the seller package each peice of the case separate so it arrived with out any scratches. My only con is this covers up the apple icon.