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Even among the good ones, most of the file comparison tools I've seen involve some kind of compromise. I lost track of how many times I've said one of the following:. So, we're unveiling SourceDiffMerge 3. I'm not sure we've hit the target, but we've come very close.

Highlights include:. If you're using our newly-released Vault 4.

Git Tutorial 7: Diff and Merge using meld

For everybody else, regardless of whether you are a SourceGear customer or not, I invite you to download DiffMerge and give it a try. Did we create the best diff and merge tool in the world? Let me know. If you are in need of contract software development services, I would appreciate your consideration of SourceGear. Sorry, the word "free" is another one of those words that is mostly useless, so I'll explain more: DiffMerge is "free of charge", or as some folks say, "free as in beer". Why does the world need another diff tool? Because we thought ours could be one of the best.

I lost track of how many times I've said one of the following: Yep, that's a great diff tool, but it doesn't do merging. Yep, that's a great diff tool, but it only runs on Windows. Yep, that's a great diff tool, but it's really expensive. Yep, that's a great diff tool, but it has little or no editing capabilities. It is not great, but the FileMerge bundled with the OS can be launched from the command line as opendiff a.

DiffMerge from Sourcegear is simple and free.

There’s no comparison.

Kaleidoscope is great too, and has a beautifully designed UI. It's also worth mentioning if you're doing programming that Xcode 4 has visual diff tools built in now too.

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There's also DeltaWalker. Can be installed using Homebrew via command: brew install meld , but probably it won't work. Can be installed using Homebrew via command: brew install kdiff3. Can be installed using Homebrew via command: brew install tkdiff. Check also Comparison of file comparison tools at Wikipedia for the full list. There are a great many comparison tools available. Many do directories and files. Some even perform as merge tools 2 and 3 way.

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Of these some have already been mentioned in other answers and your choice will depend on what features you require, and how much you are prepared to pay for the tool. There is a good Wikipedia page with a comparison of many of the better known ones.

12 Best Free File Comparison Tools for Windows 10

It works really nicely. Download it here for Mac and Linux. Visual diff of an image:. It has been maintained and enhanced with productivity and friendliness oriented changes, with effort focused on making a first-class, maintainable tool for today's active developers. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What file comparison tool can I use under OS X?

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See my answer to your other question. Ditto anthonyg's recommendation. As a long time user of Beyond Compare over 10 years , I could say that the only thing that I was missing from my old Windows period was BC. Now orangebreeze will get a lots of votes as there is nothing so good as BC and I tried most tools. Both terminal and GUI version. Ross III. For anyone using MacPorts kdiff3 , meld , tkdiff , listed above, as well as xxdiff are all available through port install. I tried meld via Macports and a huge number of dependencies were required. I have since shifted to using TextWrangler's diff.

This does directory comparisons and you can merge changes line by line. It doesn't do three way compare though. FWIW meld is also available via brew. P4Merge is free, very nice, can be used as both a diff and merge too, doesn't need to be downloaded with a perforce client anymore, and can even visually diff images!

Thank you so much.. TextWrangler is realy easy to use. Jason Salaz 17k 15 15 gold badges 83 83 silver badges bronze badges. To find FileMerge assuming you have XCode Came here to find out how to open filemerge i always forget!