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This should only occur in modded games, or saves where a save disk has been moved too close to a pool table. The exact cause of this glitch is unknown, however it causes some missions to either refuse to start or crash the game when starting. This glitch is present if you are unable to use gym equipment and receive the message "You have worked out enough for today, come back tomorrow!

Recommended: "Yes" if you experience glitch. This attempts to fix a complex glitch that causes the game to crash when the player approaches the San Fierro docks. Recommended: "Yes" if detected and you are experiencing this crash. This option allows you to change the save name that appears in the game's save slot menus.

Save names can be up to characters long. GXT color codes are allowed.


Be aware that non-standard characters can cause glitches in the save menus and may not display correctly. Choose the slot you wish to download this file for. Every link is the same file, but for different save slots. Collectible Map.

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Enabled IPLs. Download Save Modifications Click to expand. All Off These modifications are applied at download and do not affect the original file. Standard 2. Unmodified v2. IPL Flags No detection available. No Yes. Fix Erratic Traffic Glitches No detection available. Fix Gym Workout Glitch Glitch not detected.

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Custom Save Name. Slot 1. Slot 2. Misleading in-game selector. Automatically enabled with frame limiter [14]. In-game frame limiter is mandatory to prevent a huge amount of glitches. Start and exit the game. Open fov. Notes 1. Download and open Nvidia Profile Inspector. Select the game profile. Set Antialiasing compatibility to 0x Set Antialiasing - Mode to Enhance the application setting. Notes For better performance, decrease aforementioned settings to 2x or 4x.

Can be further adjusted with hardware mouse plugin link down and sensitivity fix , both fixes however require an ASI loader. Only X-axis by default. Use SilentPatch to tie both axes. Very basic support. Native in the Steam version. Use GInput otherwise. Basic XInput support in the Steam version. Use GInput for improved XInput controller support. DualShock and Xbox prompts require GInput. For Wii prompts use this GInput addon. Open GInputSA. Run Rinput through the shortcut.

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Download Y-axis sensitivity is a constant value, while X-axis sensitivity can be adjusted from options. Up to 7.

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Widescreen resolution can be used to toggle behavior [23]. Fan translation, download. Official translation, download. Install Language Loader [25] 1. Extract LanguageLoader.

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Drag the right languages. Co-op See Local play. See Multiplayer mods. Use Fraps workaround To not need going into the game menu for turning on frame limiter every time you need, you can start recording with Fraps on Half-Size, 30 FPS and frame lock set in the program. Use FramerateVigilante project [36] [37] The project is currently in beta stage. It is developed especialy for memory intensive mods.

EU executable: make sure you have all 5 translations files inside text folder [ citation needed ]. If this happens only with older save: convert it [ citation needed ]. Restart the game. It may be also a random crash. Since you did that and it is still not working and since we are not Mac support, I suggest going online to Aspyr. There they handle all of the Mac support. I just got off the phone with Aspyr. They told me that they would not handle support for the Grand Theft Auto series.

We have received reports, from some of our players, about extreme frame-rate issues in GTA for Mac with certain hardware configurations and we are looking into this issue. To help resolve your issue please follow the troubleshooting steps below. If you are still seeing issues or have any other questions please get back in touch with us and we can assist you further. It appears that we are waiting for information from you so that we can diagnose and provide a resolution for this matter.

Unfortunately, if we do not receive the requested information, we will be unable to provide any further assistance in this matter. Please send us the following if you would like us to continue working on this:. Without this information, we cannot help you any further with this problem. We await your response!

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Thank you for sending in that file, unfortunately there seems to be an error with that type of file extension. If you could, please run another system profile report, but this time when you are saving the file, set it from the default file type XML to any option that presents you with a Text file extension and send that along.

The file is in fact an XML file, although the extension was missing. Please try again with the fixed file extension as provided within this ZIP archive. Thanks, JP. After looking at your forum, the problem seems to be very common among OS X users and has been unsolved for quite a while I am asking you to either provide me with a data when I can expect a fix or give me a refund on the purchase. Thank you very much for your support. We will respond to your question by email. Hello Jean, Thank you for contacting Steam Support.