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If you happen to be in a computer farm, it is very useful to use distributed complation to speed up the build of Qt. About IncrediBuild , more details perhaps will be updated in the future. See also qtrepotools: publish ibmake. But Ubuntu is more popular one. I just use Ubuntu as example here. For an application on OS X, the Info. But could we embed it into the binaries?

One example is the. And today I read an article: Gimmedebugah: how to embedded a Info. Dragging this into AppCleaner does nothing. Please could you tell me exactly what I should be dragging into the AppCleaner window? Running ls on the packages produces a massive array of files — am I supposed to uninstall these individually? It seems very dangerous to just delete any folder with SANE files in it.

fixed : use unsupported scanner in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion

The major disadvantage of the Apple Installer is that there at the moment is no unistall option implemented in it. However, there is nothing that prevents you from removing the installed files manually. The id of the packages are the long identifiers for the installed components: se. List the contents of the receipts directory for a complete list of installed packages.

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So to remove these packages you need to remove the installed files and directories manually from the Terminal. Simply remove the files in the list obtained from lsbom as described above, and the directories in the list if they are empty. Do not forcefully remove any directories if they are not empty, since then you will remove files installed by other packages. I myself have the OS X The only thing one has to keep in mind is to set the dimensions in inch rather than cm because — it seems to me that — at least for me, setting values in cm often results in distorted scans pdf.

I could very well imagine that having the software from canon installed alongside with the SANE drivers might interfere and leading to not working solutions for both softwares. I barely ever need to scan, so I was hoping to not have to spend another 40 or 50 bucks, and your walk-through did the trick perfectly. And if I click the scan button, a message by PS is displayed:. Some ideas?? I have exactly the same problem under OS X I can preview but cannot select the format and scan.

Did anybody solve it? Interesting enough I can scan with terminal. Since you are using OSX Well, here we are at OS X Any chance for a solution here? If not, you might want to try and uninstall the SANE-driver and its supporting files completely please see other comments on this for more detail , and then reinstall the OSX FYI : I have also contacted ellert. I have been reading and trying lots of different possible solutions to get my hp scanjet c working again There are no other files anywhere.

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Perhaps this is somehow related? Any clue or suggestions would be much appreciated! This tutorial and the links to the drivers is excellent. Thank you. I have an issue with my Mac running All lower resolutions are distorted as though the scanned image was shifted to the side as it went. I have not used rotation settings. Any idea as to what I might need to do to correct this? I am happy to have the full resolution, and the resulting images are impressive. This kind of behavior seems to appear when using the SANE-driver sometimes….

Hi MacManus, really thanks, finally it worked! With my OS X Pingback: tip : which scanners are compatible with OSX I have Problems to install Twain Sane on Mavericks. Your problem probably has something to do with OSX Could it be you are using additional software for scanning that is not Intel-compatible, but needs the Rosetta-feature?

The upgrade form MacOSX It might also be you erratically downloaded the OSX Any other advice? Hi MacManus, I would like to thank you for helping all of us in bringing our scanners back to life! Thank you very much, Roberto. Thanks for the feedback! To be able to give helping you a try, please supply the following info : — what version of OSX are you running?


SANE drivers? TWAINbridge app? General idea? Thanks for the info. Version: 1. Any idea of how can I do it? No additional software is needed. I was wondering you you, or anyone else, might be able to throw some advice in my direction regarding my own situation. This is running saned via xinetd, and seems to work ok. On my Mac pro Mavericks Nor does Veuscan find a scanner. All I did was re-install the Very good to hear that the MacOSX I also repaired the disk permissions.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Run it by typing kinectserver in a terminal. That will put a little Greenfoot icon in your top-right taskbar on your Mac. Leave the Terminal window open that it's running in and minimise it.

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Now you just need a Greenfoot Kinect scenario, which you can get in the main instructions. This site requires JavaScript, please enable it in your browser! Remember Me?