Mac monitor calibration for photography

A warm or cool display changes how all the colors appear in your image. While each image looks good individually, they look strange side by side.

Calibrate your display to get it looking just the way you like it

This is where color calibration comes in. By calibrating the white values of your display—and other stuff like brightness and saturation—to the proper neutral values, you will see your images correctly.

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For example, super accurate color is essential when:. If not, then read on. Color calibration is a bit of a scapegoat. The point of calibrating your display is so you can edit with confidence.

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Even if your screen is perfectly calibrated, things will still look off on theirs. It might be even more wrong since, if you edit your image on a Mac or iPhone and send them to other Mac or iPhone users, things will probably look pretty similar. Color calibration is for professionals—or extremely dedicated amateurs.

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  7. You can also quickly and easily recalibrate your display or calibrate any new displays. Both Windows and macOS have built-in tools so you can calibrate your display.

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    How to Calibrate your monitor

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