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The Future of Email Email is how we get things done. Before we begin, you should note that Outlook will sync contacts from Address Book, and you can sync e-mail accounts with Mail. Outlook also does not support CalDAV. Setting up Sync Services for Mac: 1. Before turning on Sync Services inside Outlook , be sure to turn off all other 3rd party sync services you may be running in the background.

Once Outlook has completed its initial sync with Address Book, you may turn these services back on again. As a precaution, make a backup of your Address Book contacts. This way if there are problems you can erase and import the clean backup file. Outlook does not yet support sync for iCal. Select the accounts you would like to sync, i. Address Book or MobileMe. Note that Outlook does not support MobileMe calendar or tasks sync at this time. Troubleshooting Sync Services for Mac: The above steps are really quite easy, however, many users have complained that syncing does not occur after following these steps.

Important: Be sure to back up your Address Book and Outlook Contacts before testing any of these Troubleshooting steps. Turn on iSync 1. Open preferences window in iSync Application Menu 3. In this case, wait for iSync to complete the sync process and then the option will be available again.

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Reset Sync History. Important: If you are using the new MobileMe Calendar, resetting sync data is not an appropriate troubleshooting step to solve calendar sync issues. Instead, please see Troubleshooting new MobileMe Calendar issues. Delete Plist Files 1. Force quit all applications currently running. Start Outlook 6.

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Force Quit Outlook 2. Highlight this process and click Quit in the upper left 5. Close Activity Monitor 6. Yes No. Doesn't seem likely. Outlook Mac does sync with Google Contacts indirectly. This works fine. However, there does not seem to be a way to sync Outlook's calendar with Google Calendar or iCal at this point. I just got off the phone with MS Support, they will not be supporting this functionality.

I am not a tech expert. Hope this post saves people a lot of time trying to figure this sync process out.

I tried the solution suggested by mhostrow last week after installing Office for Mac It worked fine the first time, and correctly showed all Outlook contacts in my Android phone contacts. But, after a day or two, with no changes to any contacts, I keep getting a huge number of "Synch Alert changes" to be applied back from Google via Apple iSynch. Whatever you do, don't accept this - it will totally modify your Outlook contacts and create considerable headaches.

The only solution I've found so far is to delete, then reload the entire Outlook contact list from a backup, and start over again - not an appealing, efficient, 21st century way to synch to a mobile device. Since I only change my contacts in Outlook for Mac, never in Apple Address Book or with my Android phone, I have no idea why this is happening, other than software issues.

I called Verizon tech support, MSoft Office Mac tech support, and spent several hours with each on this problem last week, trying to figure out how to get synch to work, to no avail. Last but not least, if you don't use Microsoft Exchange think middle size to large companies , I understand the synch, calendar and other features in Outlook and Contacts tabs Organization and Details show error messages, and are not supported. My plan is to turn off the Mac Outlook to Apple Address book synch, and the Address Book to Google contacts synch, and rely on a weekly upload of contacts using a csv file to Google Contacts from Outlook to keep my Android phone contacts updated.

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