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It is normally next to the clock. See the screen sample below. Click on the flag to change it to the Vietnamese flag. Each program will have its own flag.


If you select the US flag for a particular window, you will be able to type in English in that Window. If you select the Vietnamese flag for a particular window, you will be able to type in Vietnamese in that Window. In your word processor, select the Vietnamese flag. After you select the Vietnamese flag, you will use the number keys and bracket keys to write the following Vietnamese characters and tones:.

The keys shaded in light green are tone marks. The tone mark is added to the prior vowel. Hold the option key to disable the Vietnamese translation and force the key to be interpreted as an English letter or symbol. Hold the option key and the shift key to enter the characters above the numbers such as! We have just released our first official translation of OpenOffice. I've done very little translation for Mac, because I hadn't met anyone else who used it for Vietnamese. There is SpamSieve , however. This caused all sorts of problems, it took me months to debug it. However, if you have installed Tiger So you shouldn't have any of those problems in Carbon programs where the base vowel and the diacritic are shown separately.

In one program, I even had the diacritic following my cursor around the page! Additional Vietnamese keyboard layouts for OSX: If you have several of them, the odds are you have installed, at some stage, the package maintained by Gero Hermann. If you haven't updated it recently, go and get the most recent package 1. Extra cool. I need to know that before recommending any workaround. So, if I cannot type correctly with the Vietnamese-VNI keyboard while you can, it's not due to my settings, just the java that is on my computer? I have tried all other versions of the Vietnamese keyboards that I find on my computer and only the Vietnamese Unicode works correctly, i.

I can type 2 vowels consecutively.

Vietnamese VIQR Keyboard Layout for Mac OS X – Minh’s Notes

The rest of the keyboards shows the same problem of a vowel appearing only if I type a space bar after. I wonder why it happens only to those keyboards and not to the unicode keyboard.

Anyway, what do you think I can do? Will a haxie help or another type of java? Clytie wrote:. I am really delighted that Vietnamese people are starting to use OpenOffice. That makes all the effort and frustration worthwhile. I am one big smile right now. Thankyou to Patrick for drawing my attention to this post.

I will try to keep an eye on the forum from now on, to support Vietnamese users.

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I have been following your efforts, and contributions, on the OOo lists and have great respect for your efforts. It's exciting that you are finding other Vietnamese users. Don't know how many users have downloaded it. Hope so. Philip Trying to help the whole OOo community, one question at a time! You Da MAN! Clytie, Sorry, I meant the "general OpenOffice. Maybe if I get some free time I can start following www.

I only wish I had more time to give to NeoOffice. Hopefully I will in the future. The OpenOffice.

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I'm so honored to have 3 architects of Neooffice help me out. Thank you Patrick for having been very patient. I am a recent mac user 1 month and do not know OS X well. I didn't download it from the Herr website. I don't know though why it doesn't appear in my Applications and why I don't try using it with Neooffice writer.

Vietnamese Typing - Gõ Tiếng Việt Online

I try so many things that I don't remember much of what I have done. But that explains why I have those 9 Vietnamese keyboards in the International window. The rest is from downloads. I was thinking that if they were downloads, I can uninstall them because they were from Unikey and download the package from the Herr website. My reasoning is that since Patrick didn't have any problem, I wouldn't either.

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It seems to me that the problem arose from the Unikey download. Unfortunately, I don't know how since Unikey does not appear in my applications. Clytie, It's so great that you take the time to help Vietnamese users. You seem to know the language very well. Therefore, it's better that I write in English.

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Also, users in other languages who have problems similar to mine might benefit from the posts. Patrick, Yesterday, when I wrote you with the Vietnamese-VNI keyboard, the last character in a word did not appear if I didn't use the spacebar. However, today, while I am using that same keyboard the problem is no longer there. I was so happy that I tried to see if it also works in a Neooffice writer document, but it didn't. Can you make any sense out of all this? Thank you all for your assistance.